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Yahoo to become Altaba

Under10 Playbook

I've never been a fan of nonsense names but then, my customers are primarily B2B rather than B2C. B2B compares should focus on descriptive names while B2C companies tend to focus on clever names. Assuming the sale of Yahoo's internet products to Verizon goes through, the remaining assets will become known as Altaba. Strive for name that are unique and memorable.

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Lean Meetup: Challenges of Enterprise Product Management

Mironov Consulting

This creates different problems for product managers than with high velocity ecommerce or B2C tech product. Palo Alto’s Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley meetup, led by Dan Olsen, hosted Rich for… What: “ Challenges of Enterprise Product Management “ When: Tues, 23 Aug, 6pm – 830pm. Where: Medallia , 395 Page Mill Rd, Suite 100, Palo.

Product Management for Dummies

Product Bookshelf

Product Management for Dummies has a lot of detail regarding product launches, which is a critical step in the process for B2C and B2B products. Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone. Whether you’re new to product management, want to add to your skills, are hiring product managers, or creating a product management process this book has something for you. The Whole Product.

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What makes effective decision making so challenging for product managers?

Mind the Product

Making a decision without knowing the impact on our core customer segments (B2C) or our biggest customers (B2B) means we will be at risk of delivering something that is perhaps irrelevant or irritating. How can a product manager make effective decisions about the direction of their product? The pressure is on to get it right. It’s a question of responsibility:-. The theory’s great, but….

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Virtual reality and your product development process

Mind the Product

While gaming and entertainment are the first obvious applications of VR, the more interesting applications – and the ones we focus on here – are in B2B and B2C products and services. After years of false starts and incremental improvements, 2016 is the year where virtual reality (VR) has finally arrived. Investment and interest in virtual reality. According to Digi-Capital, $1.1

You Don’t Know Jack (or Jill)

Tyner Blain

While the concept of identifying intent-based personas is easy to describe in terms of individual consumers (B2C), it applies just as effectively when companies are your customers (B2B). You’ve got some shiny new segmentation data about prospective customers; how much they earn, where they are located, how old they are. How does that help you make decisions about your product?

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You can’t do product marketing without product

Under10 Playbook

In a recent discussion I was shocked by a claim made by a product marketing manager: "Product marketing in B2B is harder than B2C because we can’t use the product.". That’s crap. Yes, I agree it is hard to market products that you don’t understand. But why don’t you? You simply can’t do product marketing without knowing the product. You simply can’t do product marketing without knowing the product. Tweet this ]. In my free ebook , I describe four types of expertise : product, market, business, and domain. Oh, yes, and "branding." Is it laziness?

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How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation; Upcoming Product Management and Product Marketing Events

Good Product Manager

Product Management for the Enterprise; great post by @BlairReeves on how #b2b #prodmgmt is different than #b2c How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation. My colleague Rachel Young and I have been conducting research for the past year on how b-to-b organizations understand customer needs and apply them to product innovation. We will be unveiling this research at SiriusDecisions Summit in May as part of our presentation The Art and Science of Identifying and Prioritizing Customer Needs. Upcoming Product Management and Product Marketing Events.