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What is a Digital Product?

Roman Pichler

But when it comes to digital products, this definition has only limited applicability. Product Management 101 Product Strategy minimum viable product product definition product lifecycleProduct. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell. Take the search function on your company’s website. Is that a product? Or is the entire website the product?

Can Product Managers Bring A Product Back From The Dead?

The Accidental Product Manager

After having giving it some thought, the AT&T wireless product managers came up with a plan to change their product development definition and win over DirectTV customers to the AT&T wireless service: bring back the dead unlimited wireless data plan. We all need to change our product development definition because everything in the future Right? Killing products.

Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Roman Pichler

Product managers used to do the upfront market research, product planning, and requirements definition work. As you may know, the product owner originated from Scrum, where the role is responsible for maximising the value the product creates. This sounds like a text-book product management responsibility to me. How come? Having two different product owner roles makes the confusion worse.

How aligning product and marketing teams improves customer experience

Mind the Product

I personally experienced this kind of friction on a product where there was a clear disconnect between the marketing and product teams’ definitions of an engaged user: Marketing. I believe the same synthesis of skill sets is occurring between marketers and product managers, but all too often, they’re treated organisationally as separate disciplines, broken up into siloed teams. Signed up.

Why This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams Work

Product Talk

It’s this latter part of his definition that most intrigues me. This advice definitely falls into the obvious camp, but it’s harder than it looks. I’ve found a visual aid that is profoundly changing the way teams work. It’s working so well that I feel compelled to write a book about it. But that’s going to take time and I want you to have it today. Or you will be left wanting more.

The Importance of a Product Management Framework

280 Group

In order to understand what a Product Management framework is, it’s helpful to understand the literal definition of a framework: a basic supporting structure that underlies a system or process. What is a Product Management Framework? Why is a Product Management Framework Important? continue reading]. Product Management Best Practices Framework Optimal Product Process

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

bpma ProductHub

The definition of “strategic” is about results: delivering solutions that have strategic value to the customer, which in turn delivers strategic value to your organization in the form of growth, profitability and competitive position. Contributed by John Mansour. Before your mind wanders too far, let’s set the record straight. Tactical – The Surrogate User/Job Expert. Here’s the deal.

Outcome-Driven Innovation for Product Managers

Mind the Product

This kind of thinking roots the definition of the market firmly in the customer need and away from specific products. Tony Ulwick is the pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory, the inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) process, and the founder of the strategy and innovation consulting firm Strategyn. Start with the need. The alternative is needs-led innovation.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

Roman Pichler

Hold the team accountable and expect that people do a good job–that commitments are kept and agreements respected, that sprint goals are delivered, that the team adheres to the definition of done and creates software that works, is documented, and tested. Manage the Product, not the Team. Focus on your job as the product manager or product owner, and manage the product, not the team. Provide guidance on the product, including its market, value proposition, business goals, and key features. While this may hep you in the short-term, it’s going to hurt you in the long run.

New Product Management For Dummies Book Now Available

280 Group

The definitive guide to Product Management and a must-read for any and all Product Managers. Our New Product Management For Dummies Book is Now Officially Available We are proud to announce the release of the brand new Product Management For Dummies book, written by Brian Lawley and Pamela Schure of the 280 Group. The Product Management For.[continue continue reading].

Minimum Valuable Problem

Tyner Blain

I’m on a team in the early discovery and definition phases. These views of the problem space help us assure that we are solving a valuable problem – which is my preferred definition of a viable product. Defining and building a good minimum viable product is much harder than it sounds. Solving for both the outside-in needs and the inside-out goals is critical. larger ].

Product Manager Certification: What, Why, How

280 Group

Extending this definition, we can.[continue Advancing your career by earning a Product Manager Certification can be a highly-effective strategy. This article discusses the benefits of certification and what you can expect to gain by becoming certified. It also discusses the options that are available so that get you the most benefit for the time and money you invest. continue reading].

Ask Steve: How to deal with tiered pricing

Under10 Playbook

The team license however includes the ability to share documents; for example, one product manager can use another product manager’s persona definition. A2A: In a typical tiered pricing scenario, buying 101 seats in Tier 2 is cheaper than buying 100 seats in Tier 1. How do you deal with the edges on pricing tiers? Yes, there is always have some way to game a pricing system.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Disney About Pricing?

The Accidental Product Manager

If you said “Disney”, then good news – roughly a billion dollars of advertising over the years has done its job in creating a solid product development definition. If it is like most products, your product development definition called for a middleman to be involved. Will Disney still have magical pricing if they make changes? Image Credit: Tallapragada sriram. billion.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

Tyner Blain

This view marries both the time-horizon and the problem-definition notions of context, from the perspective of the person doing the work and understanding the “why” of doing the work. Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments. Why and What and When. ” #prodmgmt.

How to Survive the Product Zombie Apocalypse

Mind the Product

And definitely don’t build stuff your customers don’t want, even if you think it’s a great idea. Survive the product zombie apocalypse with Lisa Long, product Manager at and co-founder of Six To Start (the company behind the game Zombies Run ). She also dives into how to identify the living dead and the steps you need to safely kill them off. Prevention is Better Than Cure.

Car Maker Product Managers Face An Apple / Google Threat

The Accidental Product Manager

What this means is that there is always the possibility that the need for our product may go away because the product development definition changed and because of the arrival of a different and better product. Yes, every car needs a navigation system, but from whom? Image Credit: LotPro Cars. I am more than comfortable admitting that I become lost very easily. However, I rarely get it out.

Amazon Product Managers Prepare To Do The Unthinkable: Open A Store

The Accidental Product Manager

However, all of this success may hid a key product management fact – Amazon product managers always have to be looking for ways to update their product development definition and grow the business. For that matter, love is a big business and nowhere is it bigger than the exploding world of creating a product development definition for online matchmaking sites.

Why you Need a Product Analytics Playbook

Mind the Product

Without a meaningful definition, your daily/monthly active user metric is nothing more than a stock vanity metric. When it comes to successfully implementing a data-informed approach to product analytics, it’s easy to find lists of tips and tactics. It’s much harder to put together a strategy you can return to time and again. Every product is different, of course. Creators.

Why Women Make The Best Product Managers


It requires a form of patience, but definitely not acquiescence. Recently I gave a keynote address to the Mind The Product Conference in London , and in that talk I wanted to illustrate, by example, the essential role that very strong product managers play for their team and their company. Most people noticed that all six of my examples were female. I didn’t call that out explicitly during my talk because my view is their performance speaks for itself. Is there something bigger to learn from these women? As a final disclaimer for those that don’t know me, I’m male.

What Should Tesla Product Managers Do When Your Customers Try To Break Their Product?

The Accidental Product Manager

Unless you’ve been living with your head under a rock, you’ve heard about the Tesla motor company and their quest to create a product development definition that will allow them to build all electric cars. Caption: Customers are trying to break Tesla’s auto drive feature Image Credit: randychiu. What should a product manager do? Tesla Autopilot System.

Bar Code Scanner Product Managers Find A Way To Grow Their Market

The Accidental Product Manager

However, this is not good enough and the product managers are planning some radical transformations for their product’s product development definition. Not completely due to bar code scanners, but definitely helped by them. Caption: Bar code scanners have been around for a while, how do you grow your market? Image Credit: Unitech. Why Are Product Improvements Needed? The U.S.

Good Enough

Tyner Blain

Our customer owns the definition of good enough. We hear a lot about building products which are “good enough” or “just barely good enough.” ” How do we know what “good enough” means for our customers? No one really tells us. Different Perspectives of Good Enough. ” Determining good enough informs the decision to ship or not. Finally.

Becoming a Product Leader with Win/Loss Analysis

Product Beautiful

Every company has their own definition of the steps in the funnel, but a typical funnel might have these steps: Qualified Lead (from Marketing). Nearly every product manager I speak to desires to be a leader in his or her organization. Everyone knows that as a member of the Product Team, you must exercise soft skills like influence to nudge your product towards success. Demo of our solution.

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

Folding Burritos

They result from misalignment and even when you can’t change your entire organization, you can definitely affect change around your product. No matter how much we’d like for our Product Management role to be solely focused around building great products and making customers happy, the reality is that we need to work inside organizations. The Cause: Misalignment. 1997 by George H. Rosansky.

Virtual reality and your product development process

Mind the Product

As soon as we move to detailed definition and development of the product things change quickly. We can borrow from both our experiences in traditional products and 3D gaming products, but neither is definitive in terms of navigating a VR product that is focused on delivering value to an end user. Investment and interest in virtual reality. According to Digi-Capital, $1.1 Wrapping up.

You Won’t Believe What These Five Lenses Can Show You About Your Product

Tyner Blain

Aligning your organization around a definition of the product strategy, given the company’s objectives and perspective on the future. The definition of right things is a function of product strategy. While laudable, these objectives are too abstract to be actionable. That’s where the five lenses come in (I could not resist the Buzzfeed-styled title). Really works.

Organizing a Large Product Backlog

Folding Burritos

On the other hand, this sort of multi-dimensional thinking is definitely the right way to imagine a backlog. If they clearly aren’t important enough to be done, then they definitely don’t belong on the backlog. Trying to organize a large product backlog is a tough thing to do. As times goes by, and the product grows, what was once a simple list of prioritized items gets unwieldy.

First Things First: How Does A Product Manager Start?

The Accidental Product Manager

As we all know, there are a ton of things that you could do including creating a product development definition, but where to start? Product managers need to know how to get things started Image Credit: Andre Chinn. So you are in the process of starting your brand new product manager job. Congratulations. Now what? What is the first thing that you are going to need to do? of a product.

Top 10 Product Guest Posts of 2016

Mind the Product

Suzie’s practical guide to CD and DevOps, aimed at opening up and demystifying these practices with definitions, examples, easy to understand diagrams, and suggestions for further reading. 2016 has been a year when the craft of product management grew, evolved, and matured at a staggering rate! So without further ado… 5 Things To Stop Doing if You Want to Innovate. We asked C.

Who Owns Design?

Product Beautiful

For now, let’s turn to “Paul’s Pragmatic Definition of Design”. One of the most frequent questions I receive is “Who owns Design?” Should the designers report to the Development or Engineering team, should they report to Product Management, or perhaps Marketing? Or, should Design be its own group? The answer might surprise you. It’s doesn’t have to be harder than that.

The best way to support sales teams

Under10 Playbook

I see product management involved in three major aspects of product: definition, delivery, and sales enablement. It seems that many sales people are hired for reasons other than their industry expertise. We typically attempt to hire “closers” and “elephant hunters.” ” But without industry expertise, these sales folks will need lots of technical support.

Demo 74

TEI 096: Conjoint analysis for product managers- with Brian Ottum, PhD - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

The scale is: 1=Definitely Not Buy, 2=Probably Not Buy, 3=Might Buy, 4=Probably Buy, 5=Definitely Buy. This episode is about market research – what’s in your toolbox for conducting consumer and market research? Does it include Conjoint Analysis? Well, if not, it will after you listen to this episode. He went on to earn a PhD in Market Research. It helps you pick. Thanks!

Why Do The Walmart Product Managers Need Their Own Payment System?

The Accidental Product Manager

In order to make this happen, they are planning on changing their product development definition and offering their own way for their customers to pay for their purchases using their smartphones. The Walmart product managers want to make it easier to give them money Image Credit: Mike Mozart. Hopefully everyone already knows that Walmart is a huge company. The Walmart Mobile Payment App.

Devolving From Good To Bad


Sure, but these people are in very short supply and there is definitely lots of strong talent at other companies. Lots of people have written about the challenges of managing growth. Especially about the importance of working hard to maintain staff quality as you scale the organization. There is little question that most organizations become worse in their ability to rapidly deliver consistent innovation as they grow, yet most people attribute this to staff quality and also process and communication issues of scale. Some believe that this is unavoidable. No real problem so far.

Can 7–11 Product Managers Make People Visit Their Stores More Often?

The Accidental Product Manager

More specifically the 7-11 product managers are changing their product development definition and adding lockers that get filled with all of those packages that you and I are always receiving from Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and other firms. 7-11 product managers want you to visit their story for more than slurpee Image Credit: nist6dh. No matter, we all have an image that would appear in our heads.

Amsterdam product managers: who we are and how we work

Mind the Product

Women are still definitely in a minority, but we think the number is rising every year. Since 2012, our friends at Mind The Product have done multiple surveys on the facts and figures of the product community. We at ProductTank Amsterdam have always looked with a lot of interest at these and have wondered for a while how those numbers would compare to a local investigation here in Amsterdam.

Agile Through a Matrix Lens

Tyner Blain

There may be as many definitions of agile as there are teams practicing agile development. ” From conversations I’ve had with many team leaders, they seemed to think that getting to the lower right corner was the right definition of “done.” “Agile” is something most teams do wrong*, without realizing they’re doing it wrong. Living in Boxes.

Agile 25

Progress, Not Products

Product Bookshelf

It occurs in a circumstance of someone’s life; context is critical to its definition. Use empathy and active listening to discover “jobs to be done”, the progress customers want to achieve in specific circumstances in their lives. Jobs provide the causal factor to explain why customers choose one product over another. Three attributes of jobs to be done. Finding jobs.

Why Write Requirements

Tyner Blain

Teams that start building without knowing why they are building will, by definition, build stuff that isn’t needed. Teams that ignore opportunities to get smarter about changing needs will also, by definition, build stuff that isn’t needed. There is a lot of advice out there for how to write requirements. There is not as much discussion about why to write requirements.