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How aligning product and marketing teams improves customer experience

Mind the Product

I believe the same synthesis of skill sets is occurring between marketers and product managers, but all too often, they’re treated organisationally as separate disciplines, broken up into siloed teams. In doing so, I’ve witnessed the benefits gained when a cosy relationship develops between marketing and product teams, especially in fast-moving start-up environments. Signed up.

Pros and Cons of Market Research Tactics

Mind the Product

As the product manager survey results that we published on Mind the Product suggested, listening to the market doesn’t happen enough among enterprise software designers. This is probably the most common means of gathering market feedback by product managers, and with good reason. That’s only a tiny sliver of your addressable market. Survey the Market. Join Sales Calls.

Launching Complex Products in International Markets

Mind the Product

If you’re planning world domination, they recommend designing a “cookie cutter” plan from the start based on the following principles which you can then adapt to a range of unique markets. Different markets will have different needs based on culture, regulations and the current market. To what extent is your business model governed by local regulations?

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

High Octane Product Management

This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. Second, there may be people in product marketing roles that don’t meet the requirements. B2B Product Marketing Job Description. Add these criteria to your next product marketing job posting and see what happens. A big part of the product marketing job is cheerleading – keeping the salesforce energized, inspired, motivated and proficient at selling solutions that will always and forever have shortcomings. Related Articles on the Product Marketing Role. Don’t sweat it.

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The Secret Marketing Power of Evolutionary Psychology

Nir Eyal

Nir’s Note: Gad Saad is a professor of marketing at Concordia University and the author of The Consuming Instinct. In this interview with Max Ogles, Saad discusses the role of evolutionary psychology in modern marketing. The post The Secret Marketing Power of Evolutionary Psychology appeared first on Nir and Far. Behavior Design In Action marketingHe’ll be speaking at the upcoming Habit Summit in April. You can register here!) Q: Let’s start with a simple […].

Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products

280 Group

Can Agile Marketing give you an edge? The past five years have witnessed a sea change in marketing methodologies and processes at a rate that continues to accelerate. Marketers have always been under pressure to demonstrate results with scarce resources, but now those results must be driven by marketing automation and validated by supporting metrics. continue reading].

Agile Marketing Using Scrum

280 Group

Agile Marketing With Development Using Agile innovation for software development may help accelerate and optimize completion of a product. But if marketing is.[continue The post Agile Marketing Using Scrum appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Marketing Agile Customer Needs Research WebinarThis is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset.

Sales & Marketing: Till Death Do Us Part

Pragmatic Marketing

The alignment between sales and marketing is one of the most critical components of successful revenue growth. In this podcast, Bertrand Hazard , vice president of marketing for TrustRadius, shares his insights into why alignment is critical, how to tell if you’re out of synch and what you can do to get the relationship back on track and delivering more revenue. But far too often, the relationship more closely resembles Athens and Sparta than a happy marriage. Along the way he shares some great tips and case studies. Listen now! Got an idea for an upcoming podcast?

TEI 079: Cross the chasm using the target market model – with Chasm Institute’s Michael Eckhardt - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

The third edition was released last year, with updated examples of how companies successfully increased the market for their new products. The book introduced me to the “target market model,” which had a significant impact on how I thought about the relationship between product growth and market segments. Target Market Model. Target Market Model.

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The (Really) Big Picture of Online Lead Generation Marketing

bpma ProductHub

There’s more to generating online sales leads than meets the eye — even the eye of an experienced marketing professional. Those engaged in product marketing may find it beneficial to ponder the biggest element of the infographic, the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon. The company website makes or breaks any lead generation marketing campaign (e.g., Contributed by Brad Shorr.

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Bar Code Scanner Product Managers Find A Way To Grow Their Market

The Accidental Product Manager

Caption: Bar code scanners have been around for a while, how do you grow your market? The post Bar Code Scanner Product Managers Find A Way To Grow Their Market appeared first on The Accidental Product Manager. Image Credit: Unitech. Product managers for bar code scanners have it pretty good these days. Why Are Product Improvements Needed? The U.S. What All Of This Means For You.

The Importance of Market Segmentation

The Product Bistro

One of the core responsibilities of Marketing in an organization is to effectively define and track the marketing segments. Often the temptation to be everything to everyone is great within the organization, yet, the wise marketer and product manager knows that targeting key segments makes for a much greater chance of success. Understanding the strengths of your offering, and how it relates to the segments of your market allows you to better guide your investment strategy. Future posts will discuss how to segment your markets, giving some tips to get started.

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What Will Product Management Be Like In 5 Years?

PM Hardcore

Product management today has these characteristics: Primary focus on is product and features, not market problems and solutions. Lip service paid to “product/market fit,” but it’s often considered something you do after you have a product. There is some lack of care when talking about customers, markets, prospects, problems, and solutions. CC 2.0 by PunkToad). Or managed to!).

The life of a Product Manager – Learning by Doing

Mind the Product

Marketing should not be an afterthought. Originally Osama’s team had less than 1% of the money and time going into the marketing plan. The product is the whole experience including the marketing, not just the software. In developing markets, literacy and digital literacy is low so they wanted to build a product that is very easy to use. Plan for improvisation.

The Challenge of Managing – and Communicating – Customer Insights

Mind the Product

Be they user researchers, data analysts, market researchers, or customer service agents, every team is fighting to legitimise their job role (and livelihood). User interviews are also common practice among User Experience teams to understand market behaviour. Sometimes, marketing can conflate survey insights with user-generated opinions. Alter the Egos. Size Up Your Sources.

Drive Additional Inbound Leads With These 4 Rules for Mobile Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing

When 80 percent of Internet users own smartphones, it is no surprise that mobile marketing has quickly become one of the leading sources for generating inbound leads. Traditional outbound marketing efforts, such as cold calls, snail mail and trade shows have decreased in their effectiveness while inbound marketing campaigns have provided new growth opportunities.

Moneyball marketing

Under10 Playbook

As I read it, I couldn’t help but find parallels between the folklore of baseball and that of marketing. Many today rely on similar marketing folklore: the value of trade shows and events; the need for programs to generate sales leads; the value of advertising. Yet most amateur marketers and sales people insist that trade shows are critical events.

Powering to Success as a Product Manager

Spice Catalyst

Newsletter Dave Product Management Product MarketingPowerful Product Manager Keys. The post Powering to Success as a Product Manager appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

FIR B2B Podcast: How Product Managers and Marketers Can Work Together

Mironov Consulting

David Strom and Paul Gillin co-host a weekly podcast called For Immediate Release: B2B , with a focus on B2B marketers. We talked about the importance about researching markets and not generalizing from a single case study or customer. Marketers will do their job better if they have some idea of what customers are doing with their products.

Productize Conference, Lisbon Oct 19,20,21

Spice Catalyst

Building Insanely Great Products Business Acceleration Business Development Courses Market Research Marketing Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Product PlanningI will be presenting a 1/2 day workshop [ ] The post Productize Conference, Lisbon Oct 19,20,21 appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

Podcast Double Header: Product Marketing and Product Management Metrics

On Product Management

Leadership Metrics PM Metrics Podcast Product Management Product Marketing Saeed Strategyby Saeed Khan I had the pleasure of being interviewed on two podcasts recently and wanted to share those episodes with you. The Everyday Innovator The first was on Chad McAllister’s The Everyday Innovator. Chad and I discussed Metrics and Successful Product Management. Chad and I discussed the Product Lifecycle, both how the focus of […].

Taking a Product from Conception to Delivery

Mind the Product

Find a Market You Can Win. Rather than focusing on competing against all of the world to attract the world’s customers, find a market that you can win. Put on your product marketing hat and start to identify smaller undeserved markets to plant your flagpole – world domination can come later. Chances are you’re the little guy. Communicate Expectations.

Apple’s Product Portfolio Management

Spice Catalyst

Business Acceleration Business Development Innovation Market Research Marketing Product Launch Product Life Cycle Framework Product Management Product Marketing Product Planning The Product Management Role apple Product Portfolio ManagementGood product portfolio management means a company has products at each stage of the product lifecycle:Risk, Revenue Maximization, Revenue Smoothing and Competition Blocking. The Apple Watch announcement months before shipment might have been for competition blocking and image polishing reasons).

Building High-Growth Products Using Jobs-To-Be-Done

Mind the Product

If these metrics are important to customer, but not satisfied by current solutions in the market, they are unmet customer needs. In order to win in your market, you need to understand how you can use unmet customer needs in the job-to-be-done to identify and exploit your competitor’s weaknesses. Turn Theory into Practice. But what is a customer need?

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Serve Fewer Markets. Win More Deals.

bpma ProductHub

Reprinted with permission from the Product Management and Strategic Marketing Blog. The top challenge most product companies face is finding the best market for their product. Some succeed, but most often companies go after too many markets and fail to create a strong foothold in any particular one. In both scenarios, companies should not expand too quickly into new markets.

Memo to Boss: May I Change My Title, Please?

Spice Catalyst

Newsletter Dave Product Management Product MarketingInstead of your title being product manager and resulting in nobody knows what you do, here is a suggestion of a title that says what you do. The post Memo to Boss: May I Change My Title, Please? appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

Productivity vs. Responsiveness

Mironov Consulting

One pattern that’s emerged: Sales and Marketing teams usually tell me that Engineering is unproductive, inefficient, or just not working hard — and they attribute this to a lack of motivation. “ If Engineering just understood how important these enhancements are to our customers, they would get them done.”. These include extensive interviews with a range of internal stakeholders.

Dec 15: Market-Facing Skills for Product Managers/Owners

Mironov Consulting

Topic: Market-Facing Skills for Product Managers and Product Owners. In the absence of deep market and customer insight, these are empty exercises. Product managers (owners) need to drive market acceptance and actual user adoption, not just on-time software delivery. These efforts call for essential market-facing skills and activities. Where: San Francisco (venue TBD).

MRDs – How Much “Market” Is In Your Market Requirements Documents?

High Octane Product Management

Most B2B organizations use a M arket R equirements D ocument (MRD) for driving new solutions to market. How much of the content in those MRDs should be pure market requirements versus product requirements? A good rule of thumb — 100% market and 0% product. If MRD’s are supposed to reflect the needs of the market, they should be market specific not product specific. A typical MRD pays good lip service to market needs but many are more product centric than market centric. What’s wrong with this sample market requirement?

Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers

Mironov Consulting

As product managers, we worry about market results – not just successfully shipping stuff on time , but growing our product’s revenue, user base and engagement. Innovative customers push us out of our comfort zone and find ways to expand our market. It’s a market we should pursue.”. The VP Marketing , who sees customer dissatisfaction reflected in social media.

Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description

Spice Catalyst

Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Product Planning TrainingThe post Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

Selling Vs. Learning

Mironov Consulting

That’s great, and helps push the current-quarter revenue needle, but is IMHO a terrible way to learn about general customer needs and broader market trends. That leads us to mis-prioritize the needs of the (big) few over the many mid-tier users and broader growth markets. Marketing tends to echo what Gartner and Forrester say, which is a delayed reflection of the largest buyers.

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers by David Cancel

Mind the Product

They were marketed to US consumers on the promise of security, but to quote business news outlet Quartz: “The US’s transition to chip cards has been an utter disaster. For example a “how do I” question means that the customer already knows that something is possible with your product, so it’s not a product marketing or education issue, it’s a user experience issue. billion.

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

Whenever you are faced with an agile, dynamic environment—be it that your product is young and is experiencing significant change or that the market is dynamic with new competitors or technologies introducing change, you should work with a goal-oriented product roadmap, sometimes also referred to as theme-based. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits. 2 Do the Necessary Prep Work. 4 Keep it Simple.

It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

Product Beautiful

This month, Pragmatic Marketing’s bloggers are going to be writing a lot about various Sales tools and ways we can enable Sales teams. Events Leadership Misc (and Just for Fun) Product Management Product Marketing Working with Sales behavior comp compensation demo marketing roadmap Sales sales tools sales trainingImagine a Fortune 100 company: large, established, incumbent.

The DIY Illusion

Mironov Consulting

But partner portal vendors compete with each other for the next market-relevant innovation or feature. So commercial customers will probably get deal registration, marketing fund management, lead sharing, contest creation tools, and a Partner Advisory Board invitation template. And they are forever chasing (or being chased by) the next market-relevant feature. Do It Yourself.

April 5/Dublin: Product Managers, Product Owners, Scalable Agile Product Models

Mironov Consulting

How to navigate them and bring product to market. Agile Events 2017 Lean Market Thinking Product Management Strategy agile leadership lean market input product owner strategy success metricsWhat: Product Tank Dublin. When: April 5, 630pm. Where: dogpatch/CHQ , Dublin. Registration. A lot to cover!

Is product marketing the same as marketing? (I say no)

Under10 Playbook

I’m often asked to differentiate product marketing from marketing (or marketing communications, if you prefer). This effort gets confusing for most because of the term “marketing.” ” I’ve long been uncomfortable with the term “marketing.” ” For many of us, marketing is a philosophy. Their focus is on markets.

TEI 074: Content Marketing for Product Managers – with Jerod Morris - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

The topic for this episode is one I have wanted to explore for a long time – the connection between product management and content marketing. If you look at a recent marketing textbook, you’ll see sections that address product management and likely some coverage of content marketing as well. They have been writing and teaching about content market for several years.

Project Management Institute Silicon Valley Chapter offers Social Media Demystified Workshop

Spice Catalyst

Newsletter Dave Product Marketing Social Media Marketing BootcampSocial media workshop offered April 29 in Silicon Valley. The post Project Management Institute Silicon Valley Chapter offers Social Media Demystified Workshop appeared first on Spice Catalyst.