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The Four People Addicting You to Technology

Nir Eyal

Recently, the Pokemon Go phenomenon has reigniting the question of technology’s role in changing behavior. To put things in perspective, I wanted to share the main points of an article I published on the topic titled, Who’s Really Addicting Us to Technology?, The post The Four People Addicting You to Technology appeared first on Nir and Far. Putting Technology In Its Place addiction bad habits distraction Facebook Habits technology triggersin a slide presentation below.

The Unbelievable Future of Habit-Forming Technology

Nir Eyal

In this interview with Max Ogles, McGonigal discusses impact of future technologies on behavior, habits, and the way […]. The post The Unbelievable Future of Habit-Forming Technology appeared first on Nir and Far. Nir’s Note: Jane McGonigal is a game designer at The Institute for the Future and bestselling author of Reality is Broken and SuperBetter. She’ll be speaking at the upcoming Habit Summit in April. You can register here!) Behavior Design In Action

How to Build Technology that Feels Like a Friend

Nir Eyal

The post How to Build Technology that Feels Like a Friend appeared first on Nir and Far. It’s impossible to ignore all the buzz about AI bots. Last month, Facebook’s David Marcus announced that over 30,000 bots have been built since the opening of its Messenger app to bot developers in April. Other companies like Google, Amazon, and Slack are welcoming bot-building developers to their platforms with open arms. Using Bots and the Conversational User Interface bots conversational UI CUI Design UX

The Future of Talking to Technology

Mind the Product

Talking with Technology’ is an engaging and thought-provoking talk about how Artificial Intelligence is changing the interface between humans and machines. Conversational AI applications like these will become the human face of technology in the not too far future, meaning less and less involvement between you and the people using your products. Hello, How Can I Help?”.

Your World is Full of Placebo Buttons (and That’s a Good Thing)

Nir Eyal

The fundamental reason we use technology of all sorts, from stone tools to the latest iPhone, is to make us feel better. Building Better Products Triggers That Move People emotion placebo technology UXAll products and services, everything we buy and use, have but one job—to modulate our mood. To prove the point, consider how perception of relief is tantamount to actual relief. Consider the so-called placebo […]. The post Your World is Full of Placebo Buttons (and That’s a Good Thing) appeared first on Nir and Far.

Why Our Tech Obsession Might Be a Work Obsession

Nir Eyal

This interview was part of a Heleo Conversation on the topic of technology obsession, work-life balance, and challenging assumptions in order to change behavior. Changing Your Habits Putting Technology In Its Place addiction workNir’s Note: Below is the transcript of an interview I did with David Burkus, an award-winning podcaster and author of Under New Management: The Unexpected Truths about Leading Great Organizations. I hope you […]. The post Why Our Tech Obsession Might Be a Work Obsession appeared first on Nir and Far.

Your Ability to Focus Has Probably Peaked : Here’s How to Stay Sharp

Nir Eyal

Changing Your Habits Putting Technology In Its Place distraction focusHaving a hard time focusing lately? You’re not alone. Research shows interruptions occur about every twelve minutes in the workplace, and every three minutes in university settings. In an age of constant digital interruptions, it is no wonder you’re having trouble ignoring distractions. In their new book, The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech […]. The post Your Ability to Focus Has Probably Peaked : Here’s How to Stay Sharp appeared first on Nir and Far.

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How to Build Great Products in the AI World

Mind the Product

What does technology do to society? When technology and human ingenuity gets together, everybody in society profits. Overall though, technology makes everyone healthier and richer. At this point in our society’s history – technology has never been more important to the global economy. The most important thing in technology is AI. AI is a blanket term.

Conquer Distractions With This Simple Chart

Nir Eyal

Upgrading Yourself addiction distraction technologyIs the world more distracting? Sometimes it seems that way. With our digital devices buzzing, world events demanding our attention, and more things to entertain us than ever before, it certainly seems harder to focus on what’s really important. And yet, focus is exactly what it takes to get things done and get ahead. Distraction […].

Technology-Powered Disruption


While my focus is primarily on technology-powered software products, services and devices, I’m also very interested to find other industries where the techniques of modern product are used to disrupt their spaces. Of all the amazing technology achievements of the past decades, I personally find this one the most impressive. Whether it’s transportation, entertainment, health care, or any other industry, I fully expect we’ll see new companies and teams emerge that apply the techniques of technology-powered products to disrupt their industries.

How to Make Sense of IoT Hardware

Tech Product Management

Getting Started - Intro to IoT IoT TechnologyHardware decisions impact your IoT product’s cost, user experience, application capabilities, and more. But only about 20% of IoT Product Managers have experience managing hardware. In this post, I demystify IoT hardware to help you understand how a smart device acquires, processes, and communicates data to the Cloud.

A Product Management Framework for the Internet of Things

Tech Product Management

Featured Posts Getting Started - Intro to IoT IoT and Big Data IoT Security IoT Technology IoT User Experience (UX) The Business of IoTIn this post, I share the IoT Decision Framework I developed to help Product Managers tackle the complexity of IoT products. Product Management for an Internet of Things (IoT) product can be very daunting and […].

How to Reduce Cost and Boost Quality with an IoT Platform

Tech Product Management

IoT Technology The Business of IoTNews flash: If you’re building your own IoT infrastructure, you’re wasting time and money, and jeopardizing the quality of your product. In this post, I discuss how you can reduce cost and boost quality with an IoT platform, how to choose the right platform, and debunk myths about the benefits of building your infrastructure in-house.

What does a Product Manager do? Take 1.

Product Manager in Heels

Product Management is a unique mix beween business, technology and UX. Business intersection job job description Product Management responsibilities technology user experienceStarting a new role forces product managers to think of the basic principles the guide product management. While many of us answer this with "what doesn't a product manager do?!", it's useful to define this.I

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

Whenever you are faced with an agile, dynamic environment—be it that your product is young and is experiencing significant change or that the market is dynamic with new competitors or technologies introducing change, you should work with a goal-oriented product roadmap, sometimes also referred to as theme-based. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits. 2 Do the Necessary Prep Work. 4 Keep it Simple.

Rising to the top. as a female in technology

Product Manager in Heels

It's become painfully evident to me in recent years that there is a gender gap not only in technology but in the workplace in general. In technology, I am one women out of a team of five. Sure, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg are doing great things for women in technology (and everywhere) but they are so few and far between that it seems almost unattainable. In every class.

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Roman Pichler

You may not fully understand the value it should create for its users and customers, the features and user experience (UX) it should provide, the business goals it should serve and the business model it should use, and the technologies that should be used to develop it. Are the architecture and technologies fit for purpose and stable? When is Scrum Most Helpful? Mix and Match.

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How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision


Sales, operations, technology… all of it should be working toward a common vision. While you might “own” the product, your product’s vision should be coming from the top of the house. It should be driving everything in your organization, not just product development. So, if the vision isn’t the responsibility of the product team, what is? Source.

Ignoring Innovation: Lessons from Kodak

Melissa Perri

It was called the Business, Science, and Technology Initiative (known to the cool kids as BSTI). In 2007 I joined an innovation swat team at Cornell in the Johnson Graduate School of Business. We were working with Kodak to come up with a completely new product that would appeal to our age group, the early 20s. For the next two years our team of […]. lean lessons learned

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

If we look at the same history, we can see that with each technology, with each methodology, we are starting to answer different questions earlier in the process. Product management is evolving quickly. The days of gathering requirements from business stakeholders and documenting them in long product requirements documents are vanishing. The full video, show notes, and transcript are below.

The Best Product Management Events Happening in 2017


There are plenty of fantastic ways to keep your product management skills sharp and keep up with evolving industry trends and new technologies. There’s no shortage of product management blogs, podcasts, and reading lists out there to keep you in the know. Source. Product Management

Interview: A Chat with BPMA Mentor and Edx CTO, Mark Haseltine

bpma ProductHub

I want to see Boston continue to be a hub of technology innovation well into the future. In addition to a technology focus, I often need to be more involved in the business or product side. It broke down many of the existing barriers between product and engineering while requiring them to be far more involved in the technology. How did you get involved with the BPMA?

Machine Learning for Product Managers – Bringing the Donuts 07/27/2016

Ken Norton

Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” How do you get started with machine learning? -. Arthur C. I remember that every time I search for an old photo in Google Photos, filter an image in Prisma, talk to my Amazon Echo, or select a Smart Reply in Gmail. Machine learning is changing the face of

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

bpma ProductHub

Contributed by Greg Geracie. Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack. Over the last five years our surveys, coupled with regression analysis by an independent statistician, have helped us to identify over 25 statistically significant contributors to success on product teams. Download here. What do we mean by success?

Building a challenger bank the Monzo way – Ole Mahrt (ProductTank London)

Mind the Product

They hoped to kick-start technological innovation within the banking industry through increasing competition. Technology Shouldn’t be a Bottleneck. Ole describes the dire state of technology within existing banks in 2012. The majority of an existing bank’s technological costs go into, Ole says, “ keeping these big spaghetti ship floating ”.

4 Traits of Successful Product Leaders


Leading a product management organization is a unique role in modern technology companies, and one that was quite uncommon until fairly recently. Product managers may or may not be the “CEOs of product,” but how do you boss around a bunch of CEOs? This largely uncharted territory comes with some unique challenges. there’s really no magic metric for product management.

AI, Autonomy, and the Build Trap – Announcing our first three speakers for #mtpcon SF

Mind the Product

Aparna has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, as a computer scientist, engineer, and product leader, starting with helping build the world’s first content delivery services at Akamai technologies. Tickets go on sale tomorrow – the early birds sold out in mere minutes so don’t miss out! Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Product Management, Google.

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Product Management is More Important Than Ever

Mind the Product

And the job itself has evolved – from traffic managing releases, through a dark period of just writing agile stories, to a more enlightened and collaborative role that brings together the best of user experience, business, and technology. Product Management as a role has moved on in leaps and bounds during my career. So problem solved right? Not so fast.

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

PM Hardcore

And oh, yeah: Building a solution – addressing the customer’s problem effectively with technology, with enough differentiation that it’s possible to sell successfully. Tools For What We Do. As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. I deal with: Customers – finding their problems and listening to their product feedback. Markets – my segments, their problems, and how to reach them with my solution (and if they are big enough for me to make money). Roadmapping – how my solution will be shaped over time.

Getting Developers’ Buy-In on Build versus Buy

Mironov Consulting

I often see development teams that have built some side technology that’s not core to their product’s mission, and which could (should!) But deciding to replace some homegrown technology has some additional psychological challenges: We’ve been investing in this for a long time, and are emotionally committed to the good work we’ve done. How About An Example? And so it goes. Sound Byte.

Your Product is Already Obsolete – How to Survive by Des Traynor

Mind the Product

No technology is the centre of a system, but rather a constellation of bodies under the influence of each other. The needs don’t go away – what happens with new technology is that you can change how you meet those needs. All startups go through three distinct phases – birth, growth, and survival. Your product is already obsolete. And these things happen fast.

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

bpma ProductHub

As the managing partner of Proficientz, John has worked with more than 2000 organizations that span high technology, business services, telecom, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and many others. John served as the chairman for the Technology Association of Georgia’s Product Management Society from 2006 – 2010. Contributed by John Mansour. Here’s the deal.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

Roman Pichler

Respect their UX/UI and technology decisions and their right to determine how much work can be done. To help your product create value in the future, the team requires time to learn their skills and to investigate new technologies and tools. Manage the Product, not the Team. Focus on your job as the product manager or product owner, and manage the product, not the team. Provide guidance on the product, including its market, value proposition, business goals, and key features. While this may hep you in the short-term, it’s going to hurt you in the long run. Learn More.

Story: Career Advice and Growing in Product Management

bpma ProductHub

The exciting part of this role was that I was in a technology start-up environment and would have the opportunity to wear many different hats: product, design, data analysis, marketing, customer support, project management, in addition to ordering office supplies and being tasked with grabbing coffee or lunch at times. Cait Porte , Vice President of Product Management, Zmags. She was right.

The Rise of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

This worked reasonably well when the role technology played within an organization was to service the business. Technology teams did little to test their assumptions about what the business needed, which resulted in solutions that didn’t quite work. I love that Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton have long been advocates of dual-track development. ” – Tweet This.

Behind Every Great Product


Those were the technology-powered innovations that enabled the new, much more desirable business model. Kate would be the first to credit a pretty amazing team, including some exceptional engineers, and the vision and courage of the founders, but I would argue that without a Kate driving for the technology-based solutions that could actually power this business, there’s a good chance Netflix as we know it never would have happened. They’ve been around for nearly 100 years, but they embraced technology and the Internet relatively early. In 1993, Word 6.0 SUMMARY.

Five Essential Steps for Getting into IoT Product Management

Mind the Product

To succeed in this new technological era, companies from small startups to huge enterprises are realizing they need a solid IoT product strategy and they need product managers to help in this area. Understand the Full IoT Technology Stack, and be an Expert in at Least one Layer. That’s because there are five layers in the IoT technology stack. What skills do you need?

Why Women Make The Best Product Managers


When I first started working on the keynote, I realized I had a unique perspective having had the opportunity to work with such a large number of technology product teams for over 35 years. While females are 50% of the general population, it is not at all representative of the technology product manager population, or of corporate America in general. Anyone that has ever been involved in technology product efforts, especially in larger companies, knows that they are their own sort of marathons. Most people noticed that all six of my examples were female. Table Stakes.

How to Build an IoT Product Roadmap

Tech Product Management

Building an IoT product roadmap is hard—much harder than building roadmaps for “normal” technology products. To create a working solution, all layers of the IoT Technology Stack—device hardware, device software, communications, cloud platform, and cloud applications—need to work together. Let’s face it. That’s because IoT products are complex systems.

Innovation, SaaS, and Enterprise: Announcing the First Three Speakers for #mtpcon London!

Mind the Product

Barry is Founder and CEO of ExecCamp, the entrepreneurial experience for executives, and management consultancy Antennae – his mission is to help purposeful technology-led businesses innovate at scale. Mind the Product London 2017 on September 8 will be better than ever, with more workshops, more networking, and more fun than ever. Scott Berkun, Author. More speakers to come!