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OKRs in Product Management

Roman Pichler

OKRs in a Nutshell. OKRs are a method for setting and tracking goals. An objective describes what is to be achieved. The key results state how we accomplish the objective. Let’s say, for example, that the objective is to “increase engagement.”

Lessons and Learnings from Launching a New Product with a Remote Team

Mind the Product

Mira is in the final stages of launching their new product, Mira Plus. While the planning began well before COVID, the final stages have been overseen by teams that are not only located in different countries, but also filled with employees working remotely for their first time.

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Building Successful Product Development Teams, by Simon Colmer

Mind the Product

Simon Colmer (at the time of this talk, the Head of Development at Access NFP Websites) spoke to ProductTank London about a developer’s perspective on what it takes to build a successful product development team.

Trust vs Commitments

Ask Benny

Consider getting rid of time estimations The never-ending battle. Time estimations are one of the major points of conflict between product management and development teams. It takes a lot of time to make good estimations and even then they are usually wrong.

Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

The Infinite Game of Customer Success: Why Gainsight Partnered With Vista


[TL;DR: We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Vista Equity Partners, valuing Gainsight as a “unicorn,” to take the Customer Success movement to new heights. And I’m personally all in as CEO for this next phase. If you want to read the boring version of this story, see our press release here.

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Why Very Few (If Any) People Are “10x” Developers—Or Managers

Johanna Rothman

Steve, a software development manager, thought John was a “10x” developer. He explained that John could: Coded faster than anyone else. Write and release full applications over a weekend. “Mind-meld” with the users. No one else in Steve's group could do this.

3 common product ops pitfalls, and questions you should be asking

Mind the Product

Product operations (Product Ops), the product management discipline’s latest way to track and understand the inputs that drive product strategy, is important.

TEI 311: Portfolio Management and the PDMA Body of Knowledge for Innovators and Product Managers – with Steve Atherton

Product Innovation Educators

What product managers need to know about selecting and managing projects. This is the next episode in the series on a product management body of knowledge I’m doing every-other-week.

No-code development platforms to create your own mobile apps: A Collection.


Always wanted to create your own apps, but struggled with coding? Worry not. We have compiled a collection of NoCode platforms that help you create your own apps.

Digital Trends Report 2020

As part of our goal to continue helping our community during these times, we wanted to share with you this critical data on the state of digital products across industries and provide context on how businesses are responding to the changing winds.

71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Imposters

The Product Coalition

If you are looking to fill a position for a Product Owner in your organization, you may find the following 71 interview questions useful to identify the right candidate.

13 Copywriting Tools For More Effective Writing You Should Start Using Today


Whether you work in UX, marketing, or anything digital really, you cannot avoid writing copy anymore. Copywriting often feels like a struggle though, so a lot of us are always on the hunt for tools that’ll make it even just a little bit easier.

Demo 56

November Roundup: Prioritisation, Hiring and Development, OKRs and More

Mind the Product

This November, our membership content covered topics like prioritisation, hiring and development, and OKRs. But members were also treated to the month’s #mtpcon Digital keynote talks and more.

Best of #WhatsNewWednesday: the year’s most popular product upgrades


Here at Mixpanel, we aim to listen to our customers just as we encourage you to listen to yours. That’s why we shipped 92 product upgrades this year alone—and high lighted many of our favorite ones on our social media channels via our popular #WhatsNewWednesday series.

Demo 52

Testing at Every Stage of Development

Up to 80% of new products fail. The reality is harsh and the reasons why are endless. Perhaps the new product couldn’t oust a customer favorite. Maybe it looked great but was too hard to use. Or, despite being a superior product, the go-to-market strategy failed. There’s always a risk when building a new product, but you can hedge your bets by understanding exactly what your customers' expectations truly are at every step of the development process.

Complicated vs. Complex: the human factor in project management

CONTACT Software

Classic, agile or hybrid project management – what do I choose in a project? The Stacey Matrix (after the organizational theorist Ralph D. Stacey) can provide a decision support.

How to Organise a Review of The Year Session for Your Team

The Product Coalition

There’s a lot that happened in 2020 which you’d probably rather forget but you should still celebrate what went well for your team. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management agile leadership collaboration team-building

Agile 92

Here Be Dragons | Randy Silver | BoS Europe 2019

Business of Software Conference

Randy Silver // Motivate Design. How many times have you wondered if your company has prioritised the work that will actually solve your customer’s problems? Not the ones they tell you about – that’s easy. It’s the problems that they don’t talk about that will trip you up every time.

Top Product Design Companies to Work With in 2021


As a leading product design company with over 10 years of field experience, we share our list of top product design companies to look at in 2021. It contains everything you need to know to evaluate, compare, and pick the most suitable product design partner for your business.

How Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Embedding dashboards and reports aren’t enough. Futureproof your application by offering instant, actionable insights that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage.

Leading product strategy and execution

Lead on Purpose

Building software platforms and applications that customers love, and will recommend to their peers, takes extreme focus and hard work.

The 37 Dimension API-as-Product Assessment Framework

The Product Coalition

We’ve developed an API-as-Product Assessment Framework that we’re using to assess public APIs. We’re sharing this framework because you will likely find it to be a useful tool for understanding your own API as a product or set of products.

Innovation Inception: 3 ideas to unlock the minds of leaders


Over the past 50 years, the average life span of companies in the S&P 500 has been cut in half. It is more critical than ever to help leaders increase the resilience in their organization.

Scaling Product Teams: In Defense of Process by Spectra (Adaora) Asala

Mind the Product

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital keynote, Spectra (Adaora) Asala, GM and VP Product, Soapbox at Wistia looks at how you can use process to translate ambiguous challenges into accessible playbooks as your organisation scales. Watch the video to see the talk in full.

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!

How Duolingo grew enormously from 5M to 200M users in 5 years using product-led growth.


The genius of how @duolingo grew from 5M to 200M users in 5 years (!!!) using product-led growth. A long thread. Saddle on. 1/ At volumes of millions, it’s impossible to grow sustainably without ensuring retention. Such was also the philosophy of Duolingo’s then VP Growth, @ginag.

Leadership strategies to improve workplace culture

Lead on Purpose

Guest post by Gabe Nelson Great leaders inspire. Great leaders don’t dominate a room, they motivate it.

How to find your flow in a working from home reality?

The Product Coalition

With all the distractions surrounding us, efficiency and productivity are becoming essentials. You have the power to control your flow! Continue reading on Product Coalition ». working-from-home productivity office-setup psychology flow


When the Customer Is Your Colleague: Product Managing Internal Applications


If you’ve never managed an internal application before, it can feel like you’ve left calmer seas and sailed into a choppy ocean that requires a different set of skills to navigate.

The Connected Journey: Developing your Empathy to Strengthen Strategies for Customer Relations

Speaker: Esther Kieft, Delivery Manager (Group Technology) at Domino's Pizza Enterprises

It is well known that empathy is a key ingredient in creating lovable products, yet not all products offer the best customer experience. From meeting stringent deadlines to insufficient resources being available to carry out customer research, there is a range of reasons why customer empathy could be missing in product development. Join Esther Kieft, as she breaks down using empathy at a distance to evaluate the problems that customers are experiencing during this global health crisis.

How Successful Product People Develop by Shaun Russell

Mind the Product

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital talk, Product Coach Shaun Russell uses real-life examples to illustrate how product people learn and reveals why it is that some product managers develop faster than others. Watch the 37-minute session in full, or read on for the highlights.

Product management is a team sport

Product Warrior

Have you ever heard a product manager say their role is a breeze and they have so much free time? Almost certainly not! Most product managers are busy with schedules packed full of meetings.

The Unusual Signs of a Billion Dollar Company


[link]. Elad Gil’s observations on many of the world’s best known billion-dollar companies and the decision frameworks they used along the way. A startup miracle is the key difficult thing you need to pull off for your startup to work.