Part #1: Implementing an Agile Sales Framework

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By their very nature sales people are agile in their approach to selling products and services. The combination of an ‘agile development frame work’ and a ‘ sales agile framework’ is akin to a combination of "business sense and technical sense" – it’s just common sense.

Part #4 Agile Customer Support

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That’s agile customer care for you. The agility of all technical staff meant that the company had a great reputation for customer service and therefore won repeat business and experienced greater ROI year on year, that's got to make good business sense! Agile Engineers ROI

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Part #2: Agile meetings run by an agile chairperson

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Sprint meetings which are an essential part of the agile scrum framework. Sprint meetings are not too different from many typical management meetings that we attend – ironically, these meetings are not conducted in an agile way or form part of an agile framework.

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Identifying Agile Organisations, Functions and Roles

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There currently seems to be a strong move towards agile software development. departments are adopting one agile method or another. However the conversion of software teams, to agile, does not naturally result in the other areas of a company adopting an agile method of working.

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Part #6 How Everyone Can Get Involved in Agile

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I was adopting scrum (an agile development frame work). I’m currently using SharePoint 2007 as an interim solution before we implement Team Systems. Agile Product Manager Scrum ScrumMaster stakeholders

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Part #8 Tips on being an Agile Manager

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The agile manager must be able to constantly inspect and adapt in order to keep pace with a changing environment and capitalise on the changes as they occur. Here are 6 tips on ways in which you can inspect and adapt in order to improve the agility of your management and/or Product Management.

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Part #5 How to adopt Agile Product Marketing

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The Agile Product Manager works closely with the engineering and technical teams working with in an agile framework such as scrum. The adoption of an agile methodology means that new features will get delivered incrementally every 30, 20 or even 10 days.

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Part #10 Justifying Time to Research with Agile

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Agile Research I worked for a company that designed and manufactured niche signal processing equipment for the broadcast industry. Agile Developers Engineers Innovation Product Development

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Part # 7 Points to watch out for when converting from waterfall to agile testing

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Agile can be a challenge for the Test Analyst who has been trained and is accustomed to working in the traditional waterfall, Prince 2 environments or using the V model. Agile process being well implemented- everyone understanding the business benefits of agile.

Agile people working in a non-agile world

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Implementing an agile development frame work , such as Scrum , does not solve your company’s problems but helps identifies them. My current company has implemented the scrum agile management frame work. The implementation of an agile frame work had certainly helped in delivering software incrementally to the end users but has at the same time exposed a number of cross company issues and bottlenecks that could threaten return on investment (ROI). Agile Product Management ROI

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Part #9 The role of the Product Manager in Scrum

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See also: How Agile is your Product Management What do Product Managers do? How everyone can get involved in agile. Agile Agile Manager Product Management Product Manager

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What is the job of a typical on-line Product Manager?

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Depending on which functions are being discussed a representative from Sales, Product Marketing, e-Marketing and Usability may be in attendance - after all good Product Managers get everyone involved in the agile process. Agile Tips Your Career

Part #3 How to run an agile training course

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The agility of the trainer was quite refreshing and the participation from the attendees was second to none. A real agile approach to a training course. how it was for you" - point the training to this article and suggest they adopt training the agile way. AgileWe’ve all attended training session which were death by power point.

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Pain without gain (ROI) or pleasure with gain (ROI).

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The symptoms of agile are pretty much the exact opposite: short daily focussed, stand-up, meetings involving all stakeholders. Agile Product Management Product Manager ROI waterfall

Product Management and Knowledge Sharing

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It will also aid in the new agile scrum methodology that we are adopting. The implementation of scrum (an agile development method) also promises to improve knowledge sharing as product owners meet for sprint planning and sprint review meetings.

Business Sense + Technical Sense = Common Sense

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As I mentioned in a previous article we are currently implementing an agile development framework know as Scrum. Common sense = ROI (Return on investment). Getting the right balance between technological innovation and business acumen is critical for successful product development.

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When I built products the stupid way

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In 2007, ProductRepair (name changed), a market leader in its industry, was facing some serious threats: A rapidly maturing business. New Product Development Product Development Product Management agile innovation leanNew “digitally native” entrants with greatly enhanced data collection abilities. A 100% call center based customer service model, with an escalating cost per interaction. Service partners with increasingly divergent strategies.

Product Discovery is a Team Sport

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Here are his definition and criteria all the back from 2007: First, you need to discover whether there are real users out there that want this product. During that phase, we focused on improving our agile processes and making sure our product performed at scale during peak usage.

Digital Transformation

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In accounting this is a shift from capital expense to operational expense, and it is crucial for agility and disruption. Then in 2007 it all changed. On June 29 th , 2007, Apple launched the original iPhone. Agile development and Lean Startup. If you have ever worked in a large business, you would instantly know that they are anything but agile. But agile development on its own is only half the story. “Have you heard the news?

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What causes Product Managers to become disorientated?

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Agile development gives the software product manager a good sense of orientation. Therefore it’s no surprise that when the development team steps away from using scrum or their preferred agile techniques things get a little disorientated. Agile

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What is a Digital Product?

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The ancestor of Windows 10, Windows NT, was launched in 1993, and iOS was introduced with the first iPhone in 2007, for example. Product. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell.

How Are You Analyzing and Adjusting to the Mobile Shopper?

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Just as Steve Jobs reinvented an entire industry in 2007 when he introduced a mobile gadget called the iPhone, retailers have an opportunity to reinvent themselves by leveraging data generated by the mobile shopper. This requires an agile BI and analytics tool to assess, monitor, and adjust.

How to Build Products That Transform People’s Lives by Chris Hay

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Mobile-phone based payment system M-Pesa first launched in Kenya in 2007. Be Faithful to Agile Principles. In this ProductTank London talk, IBM iX engineer Chris Hay highlights how technology can help us truly to change the world. He speaks about his experiences of engineering innovative Kenyan payment systems such as M-Pesa and M-Shwari, and of reinventing how we manage asthma conditions using simple computing tools. The Story of M-Pesa and M-Shwari.

What is the Ideal Product Team Size?


In 2007, Marty Cagan of the Silicon Valley Product Group said you need one product manager for every 6-10 developers, and today the “seven, plus or minus two” mentality is fairly pervasive (which makes sense given the Agile model). Getting the green light to hire product managers is almost always a good sign. It means your company is growing, maturing, or diversifying its offering.

STICKY POST: All Talks From Business of Software Conferences in One Place

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Bethany Pagels-Minor: The Many Flavors Of Agile – What’s The Right One For Your Team? Talks from BoS USA 2007 – Unrecorded :-(. All the talks from previous Business of Software Conferences from one place. Great SaaS & Software Talks. If you want to watch previous BoS Talks, you can access all of the publicly available ones from here, listed by year.

9 Startups to Help You Build Your Virtual Economy

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Let's take a look at the players in this space: Offerpal Media , founded in June 2007, is the most well known managed offer provider, supporting 2.5 Super Rewards is definitely Offerpal's fiercest competitor, launching their product publicly in December 2007. Being small gives them the agility to innovate on a daily basis. So are you thinking about adding a virtual economy to your app or website? The great news is there are a variety of startups out there waiting to help you!

The Rise & Fall Of Enterprise Software | Bill Janeway, Warburg Pincus | BoS Europe 2018

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The cost of writing code the cost of applying Agile technologies and rapid iteration using free tools and running and rent by the function point, rent by the cycle, rent by the megabyte of storage resources from Amazon or Microsoft or Google, that cost has declined hugely but the cost of building and maintaining an enterprise class salesforce has risen enormously. But this is not like the leveraging of the financial system to the ludicrous levels of 2007.