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Gamification in UX predates what we thought of as its beginnings. Even though the term “gamification” made its appearance in 2008, it didn’t gain popularity until 2010. UX” falls in the same category, as Donald Norman mentioned the term “user experience” for the first time in 1993 (when he changed his title from User Interface Architect to User Experience Architect). So why still treat the subject gamification in UX? Other Web App UXWhat a buzzword, right?!

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Interview: Stephen Apap on the role of UX research at Betsson


Stephen Apap , Lead UX Researcher at Betsson Group, has been with the online gambling company for over 5 years now, delivering actionable insights and recommendations based on the voice and behavior of the consumer. How did you get into UX research? Now we have UX-specific roles.

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Secrets of successful product management?—?Q&A with Marty Cagan

The Product Coalition

The first edition of Inspired was hugely successful when it was published in 2008. You talk about what happens when some of the product team are brought into the process too late to really get full value from them, including UX designers and software engineering/development.

AI, Hype, And The Future Of Humanity | Rick Nucci, Guru | BoS USA 2018

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The other thing that’s played a huge role I’m not trying to coin a phrase here by saying enterprise UX, what I’m talking about is we used to go to work and we used to think “Oh yeah, the tools I use at work suck, but that’s my job, so it’s kind of I deal with that and the stuff I enjoy using is like my Spotify and the things I use like on my own time” and that’s changing now. Over-invest in UX.

Why cross-cultural design really matters

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Look at the example of the world-wide famous Starbucks when expanding to Australia: the northern american chain decided to open their business in Australia in 2000 and by 2008, it had 87 open stores. A challenge for UX design (and human hands).

Janice Fraser: Knitting at the Edge of new

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We didn’t have UX, product management, none of those things existed. She says it became very commercial very quickly in the late 90s and post the 2008 recession has been very aggressively commercial. Not many product people can claim to have coached staff at the White House. “It’s

The Six Essential Books that Every Product Manager Should Read

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Published in 2008, Cagan continues Cooper’s work by instructing his readers to focus on their customer’s misery, rather than technical solutions. Buly’s book does an excellent job of articulating both the goals and progression of UX research and design activities. I always tell the participants of my workshops that as a Product Manager you should be voraciously curious about what’s happening in the field.

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Product Management Journey?—?Developer to Consultant to Product Manager

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in Computer Science) in 2008. Work on your weakness, work on mastering the UX, design process, understand how to work with developers and business team. Product Management Journey?—?Developer Developer to Consultant to Product Manager If you asked me 5 years ago, I didn’t even know what Product Management was. I received a lot of questions recently on how to transition into a Product Manager role.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): The Complete Guide for SaaS


in 2008 found that the 11-point scale that Reichheld advocated isn’t actually the most effective measure. The post Net Promoter Score (NPS): The Complete Guide for SaaS appeared first on Thoughts about Product Adoption, User Onboarding and Good UX | Userpilot Blog.

5 Questions with Blake Sirach, CPO at WillowTree


WillowTree began in 2008, on the day that the iOS SDK was first released. We built a whole UX research lab in our office, complete with an observation room, two-way mirror, and testing room with multiple cameras and microphone configurations. This is the first post of our Modern Product Partners series in which we interview prominent product and growth leaders from today’s forward-thinking digital agencies.

Top 10 FinTech Software Development Companies 2019

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Besides Fintech software development, its services include UX Strategy & Design, Android & iOS Mobile Development, Web & App Development, Marketing, QA & Deployment, DevOps, CRM & Hosting, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

How to Take Part in a Product Bootcamp and Revitalize a Product Department

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Bruno actually had his first Product Management experience back in 2008. We teach product management, data analytics, coding, digital marketing, UX design and product leadership courses in 20 campuses across the US, UK and Canada and the world. We tend to reflect the careers of aspiring tech professionals who aim to complete the transition to Product Management. There are, however, other alumni who take the course even though they already are Product Managers. It is very simple.

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Turning Software Into Money | Paul Kenny, OceanLearning | BoS USA 2017

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I appreciate it’s an egotistical thing to put a picture of yourself and I wouldn’t normally do it but that youth up there is me back in 2008 and right here my first BoS conference. And you know how it’s funny, we were talking about the butterfly – I did have a thing, as I stood up for that conference in 2008, I had a little moment of panic because this whole market was new to me and I started thinking as I was walking down to take the stage, how the hell I got here?

Make Something People Will Buy

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With this paradigm you'll find yourself, as I do, thinking as much about ARPU and TAM as UX and traction. I find myself going through the mental exercise to challenge myself to think through how Facebook and Twitter, the stars of 2008, could develop a revolutionary monetization strategy as Google once did with its AdWords and AdSense products. Y Combinator is famous for its well known motto " Make Something People Want."