Why Your New Development Methodology Didn’t Fix All of Your Problems

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I’ve had too many Agile conversations where executives confused “we want to build better software faster” with “we hope that some new processes will instantly catch us up on years of slipped deadlines and missing features.” Nearly every software development team would like to be more productive, ship better products and be innovative. Business needs are pressing, so there’s no option to halt development for a radical retooling.

Customer Development Guide For Product Managers

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And Google Wave is a universal communication platform that appeared in 2010 and was closed in 2012, as nobody could understand what it was or how to use it. It’s obvious that these tools were developed with little or no customer participation. Ever heard of Everpix?

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Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

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Backlog refinement prepares your backlog for development. We find that Product Owners and development teams need advanced skills and training in backlog refinement. Refinement assumes that the product owner collaborate with the development team to order the backlog based on value.

Vision 195

How JustGiving Crowdfunding Went From an Idea to £100m in Five Years

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In 2012, when I was working as part of the JustGiving team responsible for innovative products and disruptive business models, we decided to test how people could raise money for non-charitable good causes. 2012 – the Inception.

Scrum First Principles

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First Principles Thinking Explained by Elon Musk Many people in the community initially learned about first principles thinking from the Elon Musk interview Kevin Rose hosted back in 2012. Without trust, no one can handle the complexity of product development.

How to Build Products That Transform People’s Lives by Chris Hay

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Chris was part of the development team when M-Pesa launched, he then moved on to run its architecture and redesigned the system to support 400,000 transactions per second. This project took the Kenyan market by storm when it launched in November 2012, with 100,000 new accounts signed up on the first day of operation. Be Faithful to Agile Principles. General Product Development Process M-pesa M-Shwari Mvp personal banking product management

7 Years of Amazing Product Talks

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Owning Agile by Jeff Patton. Product Development Tools by Ryan Singer. Lean Product Development by Brant Cooper & Patrick Vlaskovits. What games can teach us about product development by John Earner.

Reorganizing Product Teams

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And recently, a product leader at Spotify shared that her group (and many others throughout her company) have evolved to very different organizational models than described in Henrik Kniberg’s 2012 Scaling Agile @ Spotify. Product management changes don’t speed up development.

Building a challenger bank the Monzo way – Ole Mahrt (ProductTank London)

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Ole describes the dire state of technology within existing banks in 2012. Ole also emphasises the agility of owning their technology stack in the development these features. In 2013, the Bank of England scaled back the rules and regulations involved in starting a bank.

Katja Borchert & Pietro Romeo from FlixBus present: ‘Don’t guess it, test it!’


The idea started in 2012, and our three founders got the first bus on the street actually in 2013. Development? It’s internalized by the teams, it’s part of the development process. So could be a PO or a developer or a designer or someone working on the project.

STICKY POST: All Talks From Business of Software Conferences in One Place

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Bethany Pagels-Minor: The Many Flavors Of Agile – What’s The Right One For Your Team? Steli Efti: Proven, Honest, Ways to Make Software Sales – Even if you are a Single Developer. Peter Coppinger: From Happy Consultant Developer to Unhappy Product CEO. Jeff Szczepanski: The Developer’s Guide to Running Sales Teams. Greg Baugues: Developers, Entrepreneurs and Depression. Unfinished Business… Talks from BoS USA 2012.

Webinar: What to Do Before and After a Mobile App Launch to Improve Customer Experience


So fundamentally fix problems, to build new products, to take customers who had unfortunate experiences and to solve them, whether it’s customer service and customer care or it’s actually feature development. Getting your app up and running is only half the battle.

Still prioritizing features in a spreadsheet? Here’s why that should scare you.


And when Candy Crush launched in 2012, it took them a mere 15 months to reach that benchmark of 100 million users. As organizations evolve, they develop better systems for collecting quality user feedback and validating their understanding of user needs. They develop pipelines to route insights from sales calls and customer support tickets to the product team for review.