6 Brilliant Talks From BoS Conference USA Online Speakers

Business of Software Conference

Read on below to find great talks about: How to position your product to make it obviously awesome. How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome – April Dunford (Author, Obviously Awesome) at BoS USA 2019. In this talk from #BoS2019, April Dunford shows how important positioning is to your product and how you can be doing yourself a great injustice just by positioning incorrectly. This Year: Launching A New Breakout Product.

Customer Development Guide For Product Managers

The Product Coalition

It was launched in 2011 and went broke in 2013 because people didn’t buy the product. The authors relied on their intuition or professionalism, and didn’t account for the most important factor in product creation?—?the the product/market fit. In this situation, it doesn’t matter who creates the product, whether it’s two fellow developers or a corporation giant like Google?—?or There’s always a chance the product will fail. Position your product.

6 Reasons to Get Excited About Gainsight and the Next Decade of Customer Success


In the last 12 months, we booked a ton of new customers and expansion deals, we’ve dramatically accelerated our product, grown our global employee base by 23% (now 668 Gainsters worldworldwide), our R&D team grew by 26% and is now a team 255 gainsters, and we hosted a sold-out conference for more than 5,000 people. It’s amazing to see usage stats and metrics, along with information about the in-product experience and engagement in the same portal.