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Locked-In Syndrome: What we can learn from Boeing’s 737 Max decisions

Radical Product

The 737 was Boeing’s best-selling product. Airlines knew the product well and bought it year after year. The common product disease , Locked-In Syndrome, had begun to set it. To get around this, they developed an automated anti-stall system (MCAS) to point the noise downwards when the plane risked stalling. It’s not just big, successful products and organizations that catch this disease?—?your your product could be catching this disease right now.

What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution have to do with your product?

The Product Coalition

Since then, I have been also working with the development of digital products and, being pretty enthusiastic about both, I can’t help seeing a strong connection between them. We, as Product People, are fascinated by growth and the impact of our work. This is just a quick and kind of obvious connection that can be made, so in this post I want to dig deeper into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the products we develop are strongly related to it.

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