Tue.May 09, 2023

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To PLG or not to PLG

The Product Coalition

To PLG, or not to PLG? There’s lots of writing about Product Led Growth (PLG). What is it exactly, what are the benefits, and how to get it right. Yet I’ve read relatively little about the key question: when should a startup even try to take the PLG route? And I’ve heard many misconceptions about it. As a PLG founder myself (quick plug for tagbox.io), it wasn’t at all an obvious choice, and I was personally surprised by so many aspects of it over the past couple of years, I wanted to jump into t

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Is a product-led approach right when budgets get cut? by Dave Martin

Mind the Product

In his column, product leader Dave Martin explores adopting a product-led approach during times of turbulence. Read more » The post Is a product-led approach right when budgets get cut? by Dave Martin appeared first on Mind the Product.


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The Process Behind Building a Private Blockchain Network!

The Product Coalition

Blockchain technology has been a game-changer in the field of finance and business. It offers secure and transparent transactions without intermediaries, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations. While most people associate blockchain with public cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there are also private blockchain networks that are used by businesses to improve efficiency and security.

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5 Trends in Product Management for 2023

Gocious Blog

Every industry sees trends that come and go, but sometimes there are trends that stay for the long term and eventually become the norm. While it's interesting to pay attention to short-term trends, it's more important to recognize when a lasting shift is happening in the industry. In the field of product management , there are trends that come and go.

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Beyond the Basics of A/B Tests: Highly Innovative Experimentation Tactics You Need to Know

Speaker: Timothy Chan, PhD., Head of Data Science

Are you ready to move beyond the basics and take a deep dive into the cutting-edge techniques that are reshaping the landscape of experimentation? 🌐 From Sequential Testing to Multi-Armed Bandits, Switchback Experiments to Stratified Sampling, Timothy Chan, Data Science Lead, is here to unravel the mysteries of these powerful methodologies that are revolutionizing how we approach testing.

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Innovatemap Announces Corporate Partnership with Ivy Ventures


Today, Innovatemap announced a corporate partnership with Ivy Ventures , an operator-based venture capital firm that provides founders with resources to grow and scale early-stage companies. Innovatemap provides a strategic advantage to this newly launched $20 million operator-based fund, bolstering the traditional VC firm model. Ivy Ventures’ portfolio companies partner with the digital product agency to ensure products being invested in are marketable, valuable and usable.

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Why Google Sheets and Slides Roadmap Templates May Not Be the Best Solution for Product Management


Explore why Google Sheets and Slides are not the best option for creating and sharing your product roadmaps. Learn what to look for in a roadmapping tool and bonus tips for leveraging it.

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