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May, 2022

Product management meets UX design by Tanmay Goel, Emi Kwon, Simran Kaur

Mind the Product

In this #ProductTank Tokyo panel discussion, Emi Kwon and Simran Kaur discuss how UX design and product management are intertwined and the need for collaboration between the two disciplines. Product Design User Experience (UX) Video UX design

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Keeping the focus on the interplay of universal design and UX


The post Keeping the focus on the interplay of universal design and UX appeared first on TryMyUI Blog. Musings UX Industry Design Thinking User Experience UX UX Design

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Usability vs User Experience: What is The Difference?


Usability vs user experience – what’s the difference? As a UX designer , you aim to create app designs that facilitate the best experience. Usability refers to how easy it is for users to interact with your product’s UI and complete a specific action.

Tips for getting your product manager onboard with UX research


For software-based products, the world of user experience (UX) and product management are very close. If you want your customer to be happy with the product, a product manager needs to be on board with the UX design process.

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What Is a Product Operating Model?


Customer-centric organizations focus on understanding their user and buyer personas, learning about their challenges, and building solutions to address those challenges.

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Conducting prototype usability testing on Figma designs


How many of you have considered if it's possible to design a digital product that gives a positive customer experience? Practicing UX Research TryMyUI Prototype Testing prototype usability testing User Experience UX Design UX Research

12 Must-Have Qualities of a Good SaaS Product


Product excellence is a framework that relies on user feedback to inform product strategy and roadmap for faster delivery of products. Successful products satisfy user needs. Value Proposition Canvas can help you decide what features to develop to provide value to users.