The Accidental Product Manager

Product Managers Discover The Power Of Shelves

The Accidental Product Manager

It turns out that even in this modern age, store shelves are still important Image Credit: Marcus Johnstone. Product managers are starting to discover that something that we may have stopped thinking about in this digital age is still very, very important.

Freezer Product Managers Become Popular Because Of Covid-19 Vaccines

The Accidental Product Manager

It turns out that Covid-19 vaccines need to be kept cold Image Credit: proteinbiochemist. The life of a freezer product manager is generally fairly boring.


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What Can Amazon’s Product Managers Do About All Of Those Boxes?

The Accidental Product Manager

Is there any way that Amazon can ship fewer boxes? Image Credit: Harlem Photograpy Inc. Ok, so I’m willing to make a confession here. I get a little thrill each and every time I come to the front door and see an Amazon box sitting there waiting for me to bring it into the house and open it up.

What It Takes To Be A Pop-Up Product Manager

The Accidental Product Manager

Pop-up product managers have to be quick on their feet Image Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York. As product managers we are always being told that we need to better understand our customers.

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Netflix’s Streaming Product Managers Get Ready For Battle

The Accidental Product Manager

Netflix will have to do battle for subscribers for the first time Image Credit: Brett Taylor. I am willing to bet that just about everyone who is reading this is currently a subscriber to the Netflix video service.

Drugstore Product Managers Try To Solve The Last Mile Problem

The Accidental Product Manager

CVS wants to find ways to cross the last mile to get to their customers Image Credit: Mike Mozart. One of the things that every product manager would like to have would be a guaranteed customer base.

Product Managers Bring Food Delivery To Small Towns

The Accidental Product Manager

Now food can be delivered no matter where a customer lives Image Credit: Paul Townsend. One of the most hotly contested markets right now is the home delivery of food. In just about every major city, you can see multiple options for getting food delivered to you when you enter any restaurant.

Health Care Product Managers Deal With Privacy Issues

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers have to deal with patient data privacy laws Image Credit: Stock Catalog. Every product manager wants to be in charge of a product that customers want.

Product Managers Work To Get Mining Vehicles To Go Electric

The Accidental Product Manager

If product managers can make mining vehicles electric then there will be many benefits Image Credit: benketaro. How would you feel about taking on a challenge? Yes you say? Well good – I’ve got one for you. A very big one.

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What’s The Secret To Being A Successful Meal Kit Product Manager?

The Accidental Product Manager

Meal kit product managers need to find new ways to be successful Image Credit: Alyson Hurt. The world that we live in is changing and what this means for product managers is that we need to find ways to change with it. One area that is undergoing dramatic changes is how we go about fixing dinner.

Produce Managers Deal With A Sandwich That Is Too Popular

The Accidental Product Manager

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is going to return Image Credit: The dream of every product manager is to be responsible for a product that is so popular that it flies off of the shelves.

Amazon’s Product Managers Struggle To Make Food Delivery Successful

The Accidental Product Manager

Amazon’s food delivery service is not living up to customer expectations Image Credit: Mike Mozart. If there is one new product that is currently red hot, it would be food delivery.

Can Starbucks Grow Bigger By Getting Smaller?

The Accidental Product Manager

Starbucks is closing some stores to boost its growth Image Credit: Nicholas Smale. Oh man! How great would it be to be a product manager at Starbucks? I mean, they are the largest coffee chain going. It sure seems like there are new Starbucks stores popping up all over the place.

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How Independent Book Store Product Managers Survive In The Age Of Amazon

The Accidental Product Manager

Bookstores can not only survive, but they can thrive in the age of Amazon Image Credit: Peretz Partensky. If there is one job that most product managers would not want to have these days, it would to be a product manager for an independent book store.

Books 70

Product Managers Attempt To Deliver Food Fast

The Accidental Product Manager

Food can be delivered to your house, but is anyone making any money? Image Credit: Telefood Telefood. One of the fasting growing areas in retail right now has to do with the home delivery of food.

Product Managers Are Bringing Robots To McDonalds

The Accidental Product Manager

Soon you’ll be waited on by robots at McDonalds Image Credit: Mike Mozart. Pity the poor product managers at McDonalds!

Product Managers Try To Sell Shots As A Way To Stay Healthy

The Accidental Product Manager

Wellness shots are supposed to be good for you even if they taste bad Image Credit: stupid systemus. As product managers, one of the most important things that we do is to use our product development definition to create products that our customers are going to want.

The Beauty and Brains of Actionable Data: How to Go From Concept to Reality

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Facebook Product Managers Launch A New Way To Pay

The Accidental Product Manager

Facebook is making a bet on serving customers who are unbanked Image Credit: Antana. The product managers at Facebook have real problem on their hands. The company is so large and so successful, that in order to make it larger and more successful they have to come up with really big ideas.

How Can LaCroix Product Managers Keep Their Product’s Fizz?

The Accidental Product Manager

The LaCroix product managers have to deal with new rivals Image Credit: Mike McCune. When you are thirsty, what kind of drink do you reach for? A lot of us will grab a soda, a water, or maybe even a coffee or a tea. However, just a few years ago a new option showed up: favored bubbly water.

Product Managers Deal With New Wrinkles In Marketing Skin Care Products

The Accidental Product Manager

Botox product managers now have to face new rivals Image Credit: Leslie Nguyen. Good news for product managers – nobody likes to get old! In fact, nobody really likes to look like they are getting old.

Product Managers Start To Use Robots To Deliver Groceries

The Accidental Product Manager

Delivering groceries using robots may be easier than creating self-driving cars Image Credit: Photo by Sagar Sawant on Unsplash. When it comes time for you to get some groceries, what do you do? If you are like most of us, you jump into your car. Drive to the grocery store.

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Can Department Store Product Managers Use The Internet To Save Their Stores?

The Accidental Product Manager

Department stores are becoming where online products can be found Image Credit: m01229. In this wonderful modern age in which we are all living, just about anything can be purchased online. However, there is a downside to this. You can’t touch online products.

Demo 70

Amazon’s Product Managers Take On Health Data With Alexa

The Accidental Product Manager

Do customers want to trust Alexa with their health data? Image Credit: Jeff Eaton. The product managers at Amazon have a bit of a problem on their hands right now.

What Can Domino’s Teach Product Managers?

The Accidental Product Manager

What does the future hold for Domino’s? Image Credit: Mr. Blue MauMau. Anyone who went to university knows all about Domino’s. After a late night of studying, they were the ones that we’d all call to have a hot and tasty pizza delivered to us.

Can Product Managers Use Data To Make It Through A Pandemic?

The Accidental Product Manager

Is it possible that new sources of data will help product managers in hard times? Image Credit: Wonderlane. Let’s face it: pandemics suck. Your best laid plans for how you were going to boost the success of your product at the beginning of the year got turned on their heads.

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Is This An Amazon Product Manager Failure?

The Accidental Product Manager

Amazon is abandoning its restaurant delivery business Image Credit: ulterior epicure. I’m pretty sure that by now we all know who Amazon is.

Can Amazon’s Product Managers Deliver The Goods?

The Accidental Product Manager

Amazon is preparing to do battle with UPS and FedEx Image Credit: Mike Mozart. As just about everyone knows, you can order anything from Amazon. However, where a lot of us get a bit confused is just exactly how what we order actually gets to our doorstep.

Ticketmaster Product Managers Prepare For New Competition

The Accidental Product Manager

Ticketmaster now has some competition for selling tickets Image Credit: rhoadeecha. So if you want to go to a concert, a monster truck show, or a circus, who do you buy your tickets from? If you are like most of us you would go online, go to a website run by Ticketmaster, and purchase your tickets.

Forget Social Media – Product Managers Are Focusing On Email Again

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers who want an audience, are going with an old standby Image Credit: Photo by Anete L?si?a a on Unsplash. Welcome to the era of Google and Facebook. Product managers have had to learn to live in a world that is dominated by these firms.

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How Can Product Managers Convince Millennials To Buy Jewelry?

The Accidental Product Manager

How can product managers get millennials interested in jewelry? Image Credit: Kris Fricke. Being a product manager for a high-end jewelry company would be a pretty good job to have. You really would not have to sell all that much of your product in order to have a good year.

Product Managers Move Grocery Stores Online During A Pandemic

The Accidental Product Manager

The pandemic is allowing grocery product managers to make changes Image Credit: Gilbert Mercier. Grocery product managers have gone a long time without having to make any big changes. However, in the past few years their job has become more and more challenging.

McDonald’s Product Manager Prepare To Introduce Meatless Burgers

The Accidental Product Manager

Soon customers will be able to get a burger at McDonalds that has no meat Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson. When we think about burgers, one of the things that comes into just about everyone’s mind is the golden arches of McDonalds.

A Breakfast Bet That Went Bad For Product Managers

The Accidental Product Manager

Product Managers bet big on breakfast and Covid-19 has changed everything Image Credit: sstrieu. I don’t know about you, but I sure do like betting on a sure thing. You know what I mean, it’s when you place a bet that you know is going to end up being a winner.

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