The Accidental Product Manager

Game Product Managers Get Ready For Mobile Phones

The Accidental Product Manager

The next big market for games will be on mobile phones Image Credit: Vain Shame. At the end of a long day, many people like to go home and spend the evening losing themselves in playing video games on their home entertainment systems. Games for these systems have grown into a big business.

Walmart Product Managers Struggle To Provide A Grocery-Delivery Service

The Accidental Product Manager

Walmart product managers are encountering food delivery challenges Image Credit: Mike Mozart. You would think that if you were a product manager at one of the world’s largest retail companies, getting into a new line of business would not be all that hard to do.


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Product Managers Struggle To Come Up With A Better Drink

The Accidental Product Manager

Drinks are easy to make but hard to market Image Credit: Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash. You would think that being a product manager for a hot new start-up beverage would be a great job, right? Somewhat surprisingly, you’d be wrong.

Amazon Product Managers Struggle To Move Upscale

The Accidental Product Manager

Amazon wants to be the place where people go for luxury Image Credit: Ron Mader. There is no question that Amazon is a successful company. If you were a product manager who worked at Amazon you would be under a great deal of pressure to find ways for the company to make more money.

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

As B2B companies pivot to keep pace with a quickly changing marketplace, a data-centric approach to lead generation can be the difference between remaining competitive or being left behind. Get real-world examples and inspiration from leading B2B businesses in this whitepaper.

Can Product Managers Use Social Media To Market Forbidden Products?

The Accidental Product Manager

Can product managers successfully promote e-cigarettes using social media? Image Credit: Lindsay Fox. When you think about all of the products that product managers are responsible for, there are a number of them that come to mind as being “difficult” products to successfully manage.

Small Cosmetic Brand Product Managers Are Changing The Business

The Accidental Product Manager

Cosmetic product managers are going after millennials Image Credit: Albert Lugosi. You would think that a business as well established as the cosmetic business would not see a lot of disruption.

Product Managers Prepare To Go To Battle Over Fried Chicken

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers have to provide their customers with what they want Image Credit: Thomas Hawk. You would think that being a burger product manager would be a fairly simple job: you get the burger, you make the burger, you sell the burger.

Video Game Product Managers Struggle With Pricing

The Accidental Product Manager

How much to charge and how to charge for it are video game questions Image Credit: Thomas Hawk. Can anyone besides me remember back in the day when you wanted to play a video game and you’d stuff your pockets with quarters and head on down to the video parlor ?

Product Managers Know Kids Want Some Buzz With Their Soda

The Accidental Product Manager

Why just drink soda when you can get soda with a kick? Image Credit: Person-with-No Name. Product managers who are responsible for selling alcohol are in a bit of a bind these days.

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

Gucci Tries To Bounce Back From A Product Mistake

The Accidental Product Manager

Image Credit: * Nono *. Just in case you didn’t know it, Gucci is a one of the largest and most successful fashion brands out there. Everyone wants to both own and be seen wearing Gucci apparel.

A Clever Product Manager Saves A Bookstore In The Era Of Amazon

The Accidental Product Manager

: It is possible to both survive and thrive even when you are facing Amazon Image Credit: darwin.wins. If there is one job that most of us would agree that we would not like to have these days, it’s any job in which we would be going up against Amazon.

Product Managers Start To Go Directly To Their Customers

The Accidental Product Manager

Ad product managers think that they have found a new market Image Credit: United Nations Development Programme.

Product Managers Practice Magic To Fill Shelves

The Accidental Product Manager

Product shortfalls are forcing product managers to use magic Image Credit: Andy Oakley. Every product manager wants their customers to be able to buy their product when they decide to make a purchase.

How to Run Your Business Like a CPO: Product Management From a Pro

Speaker: Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight

Join Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight, to discover key insights from a CPO perspective on how product teams can make an impact on their organizations, even in today’s economic climate.

Facebook Product Managers Go Looking For More News

The Accidental Product Manager

Facebook product managers just can’t find enough news to use Image Credit: Megan Trace. The product managers at Facebook are facing a serious challenge. They have to find ways to expand their product development definition and make Facebook more interesting and relevant to their visitors.

Mall Product Managers Discover The Value Of Gyms

The Accidental Product Manager

Gyms can make malls a go-to destination Image Credit: Chun Kit To. If you’d like to sign up for a challenging product manager job, then perhaps you’d like to look into what it would take to become the product manager for a mall.

How Can Product Managers Capture Frugal Customers?

The Accidental Product Manager

When customers cut back on spending, product managers have to go to work Image Credit: The arrival of the Covid-19 virus has upended the lives of most of our customers. Many people have lost their jobs and just about everyone has been forced to stay home.

Product Managers Learn That It’s All About The Packaging

The Accidental Product Manager

It all about the experience Image Credit: Praveen. So product manager, what does your product look like? No, I mean when your customer first has a chance to get their hands on their version of your product, what does it look like? Does it show up in a nondescript cardboard box?

Better Learning, Better Results: A Guide for Product and Project Leaders

Continuous improvement is the differentiator that can drive your team to the next level. Download our 4-step guide to collaborative learning and position your team for success.

Busy Food Delivery Product Managers Search For Profits

The Accidental Product Manager

Just because they are busy does not mean that they are making money Image Credit: GotCredit. So product manager, how do you measure how successful you are being?

Product Managers Discover How To Make More Money From Food

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers are learning how to get more money from food products Image Credit: Mike Mozart. Product managers for food products are facing a couple of different challenges right now. The first is that the cost of making food is currently rising.

Cigarette Product Managers Make A Bet On The Future

The Accidental Product Manager

Cigarette product managers see change coming and are trying to prepare Image Credit: Lacey Krusmark. Just imagine if you were a cigarette product manager. You are responsible for a product that is both addictive and reviled.

Grocery Product Managers Start To Think Small

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers start to bet on smaller grocery warehouses Image Credit: BG Montifar. Grocery product managers are starting to face a real problem. More and more of their business is starting to be driven by customers going online and ordering food and then expecting it to show up at their door.

The Benefits of Infused Analytics for SaaS Applications and Companies

If you want to be successful, you need the best technologies, and the best technologies come from having the best embedded partners. See how infused analytics can take your SaaS applications to the next level.

Product Managers Deal With The Problem Of Too Much Sand

The Accidental Product Manager

It turns out that there’s too much sand for fracking Image Credit: Andy Arthur. Being a product manager in a growth industry is one of the best jobs that any of us can have. Everyday things seem to be rushing forward faster and faster, it’s all that we can do to keep up.

What To Do About Baby: Product Managers Rethink Baby Products

The Accidental Product Manager

Johnson & Johnson has fallen behind, can they catch up? Image Credit: Chi (in Oz). Anyone who has a baby can tell you that they spend a lot of time giving their baby baths. When they do this, they require special products – things like baby shampoo.

Product Managers Prepare For The Next Step In Making Payments

The Accidental Product Manager

Facial recognition may be the next step in payment systems Image Credit: Jeff Hitchcock. In order to make sure that people want to buy their products, product managers have to stay on top of changes in the technology that people use to make payments.

Product Managers Discover The Power Of Shelves

The Accidental Product Manager

It turns out that even in this modern age, store shelves are still important Image Credit: Marcus Johnstone. Product managers are starting to discover that something that we may have stopped thinking about in this digital age is still very, very important.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Freezer Product Managers Become Popular Because Of Covid-19 Vaccines

The Accidental Product Manager

It turns out that Covid-19 vaccines need to be kept cold Image Credit: proteinbiochemist. The life of a freezer product manager is generally fairly boring.

Airbus Product Managers Focus On New Smaller Airplanes

The Accidental Product Manager

Airbus has given up the big-plane market and will now focus on smaller planes Image Credit: Joao Carlos Medau. So what’s a product manager supposed to do when your biggest product has been discontinued? This is the challenge that was facing the Airbus product managers.

Product Managers Give Clear Drinks A Try

The Accidental Product Manager

The products may look like water, but they taste like something else Image Credit: Marco Verch Professional Photographer. Think about your favorite non-water drink right now. What color is it? When you pour it into a glass, it looks the way that it should – you can recognize it.

Health Care Product Managers Deal With Privacy Issues

The Accidental Product Manager

Product managers have to deal with patient data privacy laws Image Credit: Stock Catalog. Every product manager wants to be in charge of a product that customers want.

Scaling Agile With Collaborative Learning

Speaker: Yuval Yeret, Enterprise Agile Coach, AgileSparks; Aryeh Sivan, Senior Director of Engineering, Akamai Technologies; and Yuval Zach, VP Customers, Shamaym

Continuous learning is a new addition to the Scaled Agile Framework. Join us for a panel discussion with Akamai, AgileSparks, and Shamaym sharing successful strategies for scaling Agile and practical takeaways for your team.

Can Amazon’s Product Managers Make Videogames Successful?

The Accidental Product Manager

So far, things have not been going well for Amazon’s video games Image Credit: Josar Photos. It almost goes without saying that we all know about Amazon – the book seller who has turned into the seller of just about everything.