Chapter 15/17 :?—?Managing Product Development

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Managing Product Development [Prev : Chapter 14?—?How Product Management 101 ] There are several methodologies to develop a Software Product. Traditionally, Waterfall model was used as an SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Methodology. Iterative v/s Incremental Development.

Agile Transformation: How to Leverage Product Management

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Steering an Agile Transformation should not be confused with simply adopting Agile software development principles. Rather, it is about transforming an entire organization—Product Management, Development, IT, Customer Support, Sales, etc. Adoption of Agile software development practices by the Development organization is often the catalyst to look at the whole organization. Why Agile Transformation? How to Kick Off an Agile Transformation.

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Agile Product Management – You Asked, We Answered

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Bugs are traditionally not estimated because most of the time in fixing a bug is the root cause analysis. General Use of Agile – My perception is that Agile is being? How extensively is Agile being used for non-software products? Agile, which is really empirical process control, has been embraced well beyond the software world. You can read about it here: Are You Agile Enough for Agile Management? Agile Product Management

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How we Developed a Talent Growth Plan at Almundo

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So, it was natural that we should want to develop a talent growth plan for our people. All of them are accountable for a squad (about five developers and one user experience professional). Expert Analysis and Benchmarking. Team execution and development.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Customizing embedded analytics in this way means thinking about packaging and pricing early in product development cycles. Teams of agile developers race along the product. Develop your user classes by interviewing a representative sample of users within your customer mix.

4 Development Pitfalls to Avoid with an Agile Growth Strategy

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Throughout his career, Al has focused on helping companies develop and execute digital strategies to grow their business and stay ahead of the curve. Developing a mobile product is a daunting task. If you wait until days before an app launches to implement your growth stack, engineers may need to re-develop the technology and/or take shortcuts to properly pass data back into the different elements of the stack.

Scrum Development Team Anti-Patterns

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TL; DR: Development Team Anti-Patterns After covering the Scrum Master and the Product Owner, this article addresses Development Team anti-patterns, covering all Scrum Events as well as the Product Backlog artifact. The Role of the Development Team in Scrum According to the Scrum Guide, the Development Team “consists of professionals who do the work of delivering a potentially releasable Increment of “Done” product at the end of each Sprint.

The Potential of Agile

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When an executive, too far removed from what makes creating products hard thinks of “agile” as a silver bullet it becomes difficult to manage expectations. The business practice of agility (small a) – specifically when an organization, and not just a technology team, adopts the practice – has a lot of potential. It is precisely that potential which inspires not-yet-informed executives to learn about how agile could help them.

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A quick start guide to running user research in Agile


This is a guide for UX and research practitioners who have either newly joined an organization that’s using the Agile methodology, or their current product development is adopting Agile for the first time and they’ve been told to “make UX research happen in this new fangled process immediately please!” . In this article, we’ll discuss: What is Agile? What are the benefits of Agile? Why user research has traditionally struggled in the Agile environment.

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Principles For Scaling Your Product Development

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As companies scale their agile product development practices they can struggle with the complexity of managing multiple interdependent products, teams & components. Clearly define ‘what’ products exist in your portfolio & assign each an owner, agnostic of agile teams. However individual agile teams often view a product as the subset of features or components they work on… prioritising & solutionising accordingly.

Agile Movers & Shakers (4): Dave West, CEO of

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TL; DR: The Agile Movers & Shakers Interview with Dave West of Welcome to the Agile Movers & Shakers interview series. He led the development of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and then worked with Ivar Jacobson running the North American business for IJI.

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How to include user research in early product development


According to our recent State of UX in the Enterprise survey , ‘including research within the product development process’ is now the #1 challenge faced by UX teams in 2019. For me it is crucial to be part of the roadmap creation when developing the UX strategy.

SDLC Phases and Examples – What Is Software Development Life Cycle

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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process of building software, using 6 phases – Analysis, Definition, Design, Coding, Testing and Deployment. The acronym also stands for system development life cycle. People use it interchangeably with software development life cycle. The system development life cycle phases are also the same as the software development life cycle phases. SDLC Analysis Phase. Agile Model.

Remote Agile (Part 6): Sprint Planning with Distributed Teams

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Remote Agile (Part 7): Sprint Review with Distributed Teams TL; DR: A Remote Sprint Review with a Distributed Team We started this series on remote agile with looking into practices and tools; we explored virtual Liberating Structures, and how to master Zoom. We had a look at common remote agile anti-patterns, and we analyzed remote Retrospectives and Sprint Plannings based on Liberating Structures. a member of the Development Team or one of the stakeholders?—?and

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How to Prioritize Agile Stories


This is crucial to agile planning. Solutions are developed for problems that do not exist. Agile goal setting relies on tapping into your business goals above that of just stakeholders, customers, and team. Prioritization and an effective agile process becomes much simpler when goals are understood. Doing audit and competitive analysis on the current landscape of your product is crucial to understanding what needs to be built.

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The Best Books on Product Development

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Here are four product development “schools of thought” and the best books to read on each of them. The Waterfall Method Waterfall describes the traditional, linear product development method: idea, prototype, testing, launch. Product Design and Development ? —?Karl This is a textbook, so it’s not going to be super interesting to read, but it’s a very clear overview of traditional product development. It’s product development 101. from waterfall to agile.

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Cosmos versus chaos. Brief guide to development methodologies that improve efficiency.

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Software development is rarely linear. If the team is unable to successfully manage those processes, it could cause chaos during development, and the customer will face sharp increase in development time and poor quality of work. As a result, planning the workload becomes easier, and the development work itself becomes more transparent and adaptable for both the team and the customer. The development work consists of iterations, called sprints, and proceeds in stages.

Breaking The Walls Between Business and Agile Teams

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Managers and product managers are often frustrated by the apparent lack of care the development team is showing for the needs of the business. It’s tempting to think that the developers?—?engineers, Departmental goals and incentives further push developers towards building robust, scalable, elegant software. Agile Development Things don’t necessarily get better with agile development. Agile dev did away with project waterfall?—?Specification

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Is Agile Really The Best Way to Manage All Projects? A Story of Agile Implementation

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As a business analyst and expert, I have been involved in various Agile projects. However, one of them was so exceptional that made me doubt if Agile is really the best way to manage all types of projects. The team followed the Agile approach to project management and had experienced Scrum master. I can learn how to organize the work the best way in a true Agile environment”, I told everyone who asked about the project. The development process was slow and inefficient.

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Key Product Manager Goals For Successful Product Development

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In the world of SaaS (software as a service) it usually comes down to one person who devises a strategy for developing and unraveling a perfect product. This requires product managers to maintain a well-organized, streamlined process of product development. Establish specific long term and short term goals While goals differ from one product/project to another, there are some things that are universal to all good product development teams. Agile and Scrum.

Product Manager and Product Owner; SiriusDecisions Webcasts; BPMA Competitive Analysis Workshop

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As more organizations adopt and look to optimize agile development approaches, one of the questions that is most pressing relates to roles and responsibilities — specifically, about how the role of product owner compares to the role of product manager. In my post on the SiriusDecisions blog — appropriately titled Product Manager vs. Product Owner in Agile: One Person or Two? — This is an area that is on the minds of many product managers working in agile environments.

The Cannoneer Formula

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Three essential factors that make or break software projects Every second software project is doomed to fail Your development project has a 50% survival and success rate, according to Standing Group. If you don’t get this right, the development team and product managers will have an extremely hard time to make the project a success. If the goals and requirements are not clear or plain wrong, project management and development efficiency need to be extremely strong.

Storyboarding and Flow Diagrams

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We will take a close look at the Competitive Analysis Matrix and its uses, advantages, and disadvantages in the product development process. Agile Business Analysis Innovation Product Management product manager Product Marketing Product Owner Product Teams Project Management Take Charge Product Management User Experience actuation consulting flow diagram greg geracie product development product owner product team storyboarding

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True North: Managing Long-Term Roadmap Needs with Agility

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So, how do you reconcile the needs of projecting a long-term product plan with the reality of a constantly changing market, especially when you use an agile approach like scrum? Agile Loves Roadmaps and Plans. Agile and scrum don’t discourage the creation of a product roadmap. To quote the agile guru Mary Poppendieck: “Agile hates plans, but loves planning.”. Managing the unknown requires agility. 5 Tips for Managing the Agile Product Roadmap.

The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

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While software development teams have been moving toward agile methods for years, many product managers are only now becoming aware of it. An agile approach applies collaborative and continuous improvement concepts to software development. There is no single, definitive “agile method.” Agile teams tune practices and processes for themselves to create a method that is unique to their environment. It seems that agile teams do everything in a new way.

Product Manager and Product Owner; SiriusDecisions Webcasts; BPMA Competitive Analysis Workshop

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As more organizations adopt and look to optimize agile development approaches, one of the questions that is most pressing relates to roles and responsibilities — specifically, about how the role of product owner compares to the role of product manager. In my post on the SiriusDecisions blog — appropriately titled Product Manager vs. Product Owner in Agile: One Person or Two? — This is an area that is on the minds of many product managers working in agile environments.

Go Agile With Market-Driven User Stories

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For some product people, agile makes articulating requirements even harder. And so I believe that agile is an opportunity to connect to the market, strengthen product requirements and get buy-in. This activity will give you qualitative data that you can validate quantitatively through surveys and market analysis. Prior to development, we spent months interviewing potential and existing customers to discover the problems with our existing tool.

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Adapting to Agile with John Feeley – Masters of Product Management

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All companies want to act with agility and compete more aggressively in the battle for the hearts and minds of customers. Yet, large companies that are shifting to rapid or agile development continue to struggle with complexity, role definition, and adaptation to agile methods. In this episode, Steven Haines speaks with John Feeley , a product director who has insights to share about agile transformation.

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Problem Scenarios as a Device

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This method focuses on the people who may use the products being considered for development. Business Analysis Innovation Marketing positioning statement Product Management product manager Product Marketing Product Owner Product Teams Project Management Take Charge Product Management User Experience Agile greg geracie problem scenario product development product management product teamLast week we looked at Personas as a means of product concept investigation.

Pursuing the Right Product Ideas or Features

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How does the estimated cost of development compare to the size of the. Business Analysis Marketing Product Management product manager Product Marketing Product Owner Product Teams Project Management Scrum Take Charge Product Management Uncategorized User Experience Voice of the Customer Agile product development Product ideas product management project managementWhether your product team is large or small, you have a limited amount of resources.

Combining Classical and Agile Product Management

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I was asked to present, at an interview, on how I see the role of the product manager working in an agile scrum environment. The key areas that I highlighted were: Scope and responsibilities of the product manager in scrum Typical product management activities in scrum A typical day in the life of the agile product manager The agile product management framework A case study – the benefits See full presentation below. Agile PM interviews Product Manager

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The Slippery Slope of Sales-Led Development

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But it’s easy for B2B/enterprise companies to fall into a sales-led development model where the majority of work is for individual customers – starving the core product of innovation, new features, quality improvements and technical resilience.

Good Enough

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With the current mind share enjoyed by Lean Startup and minimally viable products (MVP), there is far too much shallow analysis from people jumping on the bandwagon of good ideas without fully understanding the ideas. MVP is an experimentation process, not a product development process. There is also the valid question of if a particular design – to which the developers are writing code – is good enough.

10 Best Data Visualization Platforms for Product Managers

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Tableau is the perfect choice for a data-driven team with some proficiency in data analysis. Plotly’s Dash platform is designed for data science teams who want to build analytic apps without relying on developers. Klipfolio Another great choice for those new to data analysis, Klipfolio keeps things simple. QlikView / Qlik Sense Perhaps suited to those more adept at data visualization/analysis, QlikView can be a little tricky to figure out. What is Data Visualization?

From Customer Interview to Business Breakthrough

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As head of product management at UncommonGoods, I have used the wish list redesign and its success to demonstrate the value of customer feedback, data analysis, and iterative development. At UncommonGoods, we had allowed ourselves to slip into a development culture of “build it and forget it”. With the wish list, we broke that habit, and I continue the story of the development beyond the initial redesign.

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Product Backlog Management – 10 Tips for Product Managers

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A product backlog is an essential component for your Agile development team. It is a set of requirements received from business and formulated into development tasks. For more information on how product managers and product owners collaborate on the backlog, check out Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners Training. The higher priority an item is, the sooner a developer team will work on it. All product backlog items are estimated by developers.

Technical Debt and Product Success

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To understand if and to what extent your product is affected by technical debt, talk to the development team, for example, in the next sprint retrospective. I find that development team members usually have a good understanding where issues in the architecture and code are. There are a number of code analysis tools available that collect the appropriate data and show how adaptable the architecture and how clean the code is. [2]. Why Technical Debt Matters for Product People.

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To 10x Your Profits Start With Retrospectives

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So I share this little bit of research with them: In a meta-analysis of 46 studies on debriefs (also called after action reviews or lessons learned), Scott Tannenbaum and Christopher Cerasoli found that when appropriately conducted, debriefs can lead to a 20-25% average improvement in performance. Improving the effectiveness of the development team can impact four of those five. Agile Rules of Thumb Tools agile business benefit retrospective20% is boring.

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Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban (STATIK) for Scrum Teams

Agile Velocity

Initial Skills Matrix developed). While these techniques are most commonly associated with forming new teams, I have worked with many existing teams that have never done this sort of analysis and benefit from it as well. . Agile Agile Technical Practices Kanban Scrum Team

Effective Agile Product Management Through Automation - Webinar

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Sometimes it seems that agile development is an end run around effective product planning and market analysis. Yet the benefits of a more responsive and productive product development team are too significant to ignore. Watch "Effective Agile Product Management Through Automation". It also can undermine product positioning and roadmapping.