Agile Marketing Using Scrum

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Many people in the technology world mistakenly believe that Agile is something new, but it really isn’t. Agile Marketing With Development Using Agile innovation for software development may help accelerate and optimize completion of a product.

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Agile Transformation: How to Leverage Product Management

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Steering an Agile Transformation should not be confused with simply adopting Agile software development principles. Rather, it is about transforming an entire organization—Product Management, Development, IT, Customer Support, Sales, etc. Why Agile Transformation?

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How Product Marketing Roadmaps Drive Sales | Shifting Market, Shifting Strategy | Agile: We’ve Come Full Circle

Proficientz – Product Management University

The B2B Product Manager Magazine August 2018 is now available. This month we explore the value of a product marketing roadmap to sales. It’s not a staple in most B2B organizations but it’s just as important to your near-term revenue as a product roadmap is to your longer-term growth. In This Issue: Blog: High-Octane Product Management. The Value of a Product Marketing Roadmap: It’s Like Deep-Sea Fishing for Sales.

Agile Product Management – You Asked, We Answered

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Are production bugs part of emergent buffer? Bug fixing and production issues just show up in the team’s velocity, which is lower than it would be without bugs and production issues. General Use of Agile – My perception is that Agile is being?

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Is Scrum Agile Enough?

Ask Benny

Too many times people confuse agile and scrum. Agile is a concept with principles that helps us develop software better, validate it as soon as we can, and bring value to our customers faster. Scrum is a valid and very popular framework for agile development.

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Optimal Product Process™ 3.0 Phase Three: Develop

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This post describes the third phase in the Optimal Product Process: Develop. Download the entire Optimal Product Process Ebook 3.0: Using a great plan (whether an Agile backlog with sprint priorities assigned or a more formal plan) the agreed upon product is then developed.

Is Scrum Agile Enough?

Ask Benny

Too many times people confuse agile and scrum. Agile is a concept with principles that helps us develop software better, validate it as soon as we can, and bring value to our customers faster. Scrum is a valid and very popular framework for agile development.

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SDLC Phases and Examples – What Is Software Development Life Cycle

The Basics of Product Management

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process of building software, using 6 phases – Analysis, Definition, Design, Coding, Testing and Deployment. The acronym also stands for system development life cycle. People use it interchangeably with software development life cycle.

Developing a Lean Product Management Mindset – Part I

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In today’s fast pace, hyper-competitive world of product development, a lean mindset is a new skill product managers and product teams need to develop. For product management, the goal is to achieve product-market fit in less time with fewer resources.

4 Development Pitfalls to Avoid with an Agile Growth Strategy


Throughout his career, Al has focused on helping companies develop and execute digital strategies to grow their business and stay ahead of the curve. Developing a mobile product is a daunting task. The new wave of data and marketing tools is based on open API’s rather than a closed ecosystem, which allows the tools in your stack to work together. This can lead to a delayed launch or, potentially worse, releasing your product without a proper stack integration.

The Art of Developing Your Launch Strategy

Actuation Consulting

No matter how awesome your product, without a well-conceived launch strategy, it will likely sputter off the launch pad. Your product launch strategy delineates the approach you plan to take in getting your product to market. However, what you initially plan must evolve as a more details emerge in the later stages of product development. Ultimately, your strategy needs to cover all assumptions about sales and marketing for the product launch.

Is Scrum Agile Enough?

The Product Coalition

Too many times people confuse agile and scrum. Agile is a concept with principles that helps us develop software better, validate it as soon as we can, and bring value to our customers faster. Scrum is just one of the software development frameworks that implement agile and there are many others including Kanban, extreme programming, lean software development and more. Scrum is a valid and very popular framework for agile development.

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How to Maintain Your Product Agility with Non-Agile Stakeholders

The Product Coalition

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay “We are not agile enough”, she told me. If you work at a large company, or in a relatively traditional industry, you probably know the feeling: You are a big believer in agile and lean. Agile can be scary for someone who is not used to it.

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How to Organize Information Technology (IT) & Digitization Roles

Spice Catalyst

Digital teams are responsible for developing, testing, and implementing a strategy to reach and engage target audiences through digital channels like web, mobile, and social.

What Does the Agile Roadmapping Process Look Like in Practice?


In today’s article, we’ll discuss the agile roadmapping process. We’ll start by reviewing the objectives of roadmaps and planning for agile teams, then share some special considerations for agile roadmaps. Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D.

Why Simply “Allowing” Mistakes is a Dead-end for Agile Companies

Mind the Product

Managing culture can quickly become one of the most complex challenges for companies that seek to scale agile practices. Scaling agile practices [1] in a company requires strong cultural foundations, as you build understanding and trust, between – and within – teams. If culture is the cornerstone of agile companies, it’s also what can make agile fail, especially when it pertains to how companies value success and failure.

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Developing A Product Vision and Strategy

Actuation Consulting

Over the past few weeks we’ve considered a number of key product management tools. Today we will look at two of the most important: the Product Vision and Product Strategy documents. Defining a Product Vision Document. The Product Vision document looks into the future. It presents a 30,000-foot view of what you plan for the product to be in the future and its anticipated value. The Role of the Product Strategy Document.

The Best Books on Product Development

The Product Coalition

Here are four product development “schools of thought” and the best books to read on each of them. The Waterfall Method Waterfall describes the traditional, linear product development method: idea, prototype, testing, launch. Product Design and Development ? —?Karl

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Customer Development Guide For Product Managers

The Product Coalition

It was launched in 2011 and went broke in 2013 because people didn’t buy the product. It’s obvious that these tools were developed with little or no customer participation. the product/market fit. Everpix and Google Wave didn’t satisfy the market.

Help your Whole Company by always writing crystal clear User Stories for your Product or Service

The Product Coalition

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Breaking The Walls Between Business and Agile Teams

The Product Coalition

Managers and product managers are often frustrated by the apparent lack of care the development team is showing for the needs of the business. When a long-awaited product or feature finally launches, it often comes well short of the needs. Development ?

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Help! I’m a secretary to development

Under10 Playbook

Or, Why a developer can’t also be product manager. In small companies—and in some not-so-small companies—the development lead often serves as the product leader or product manager. In your team, who is responsible for persona or market definition, requirements, acceptance testing, and feature prioritization? Product features should be prioritized based on market need and not on available development resources.

Part #5 How to adopt Agile Product Marketing

All About Product Management

The Agile Product Manager works closely with the engineering and technical teams working with in an agile framework such as scrum. The adoption of an agile methodology means that new features will get delivered incrementally every 30, 20 or even 10 days.

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The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

Pragmatic Marketing

While software development teams have been moving toward agile methods for years, many product managers are only now becoming aware of it. An agile approach applies collaborative and continuous improvement concepts to software development. What is a product owner?

Five Steps to Positioning Your Product

Mind the Product

If building products is hard, positioning your product is harder. No matter what you build and sell, how you position your product dictates what you do. How you prioritize, marketing campaigns, sales strategy, it all changes based on how your product is positioned.

What does the agile roadmapping process look like in practice?

The Product Coalition

Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D. In most contexts, war and product development are completely different beasts. But in the context of planning, agile software development practitioners are wise to take Eisenhower’s words to heart. “In

The Problem with Building Products in an Agile World

Product Beautiful

Over the past decade, there has been a ton of ink spilled over Agile development. Much of the Agile narrative has focused on the pros of implementing Agile methodologies , such as better planning, faster feedback, and the ability to quickly pivot and make changes.

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Why Product Managers Become Practice Managers in an Agile Environment

Proficientz – Product Management University

If you’re a product manager, how fun would it be if you actually got to steer the product ship as outlined in your job description! Well, good news: If your development team is using or implementing Agile, the stars are aligned in your favor. Incorporate these responsibilities into your next agile product manager job description and have fun doing product management the way it was meant to be! Ratio of Product Managers to Product Owners.

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Inge Andre Sandvik – Adventures in Product and Entrepreneurship

Mind the Product

The Product Journey. It all started with a weekend hackathon, creating a music-based product that combined the idea of a radio and a playlist with inputs from a social platform. Leveraging the success of Spotify, Soundrop was one of the early launch partners of the Spotify app platform – getting it the right attention to help raise funds for further development the basic features. We really didn’t have any product.

Design Your Development Process for Learning

Sachin Rekhi

One aspect of startups that the ecosystem is getting better at is designing our startups for learning from our customers to find product/market fit. Well, you'll often find that early-stage development teams are poor at estimating how long it will take them to ship a feature.

Three Tips for Aligning Product Management and Product Marketing; Join me in Austin and San Francisco this Fall

Good Product Manager

Three Tips for Aligning Product Management and Product Marketing. Over the past several months, I’ve led several roundtables in different cities on the topic of how to align product management and product marketing – as the subject has attracted a lot of interest from both product management and portfolio marketing (including product, solution, segment and services marketing) leaders. Product Management

Storyboarding and Flow Diagrams

Actuation Consulting

Over the past few weeks my posts have explored various tools to use in product concept investigation. Used in the right situation, both can help clarify how the product concept will work and get the team nearer its goals. Purpose of the Problem Scenario in Product Concept Investigation. Storyboarding as a Method of Product Concept Investigation. Next week we’ll move away from the Problem Scenario approach to product concept investigation.

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Predictable Delivery: Moving Beyond Velocity

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The executive team funds your product team. This gives your team the space to execute against your product strategy over multiple releases and return the business results needed for continued investment in your product. Agile gives us velocity. Agile Product Management

How to Make Fewer Errors in Your Trial-And-Error Journey

The Product Coalition

How to Make Fewer Errors During Your Trial-And-Error Journey Reaching product-market fit requires a lot of trial-and-error, but it takes so much more to succeed. I decided to move into product management, and the rest is history.

Product Backlog Management – 10 Tips for Product Managers

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The importance of product backlog management is discussed in this article along with our top tips for backlog optimization. A product backlog is an essential component for your Agile development team. What is a Product Backlog? Agile Product Management