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An Agile Product Open meetup recap. By Lisa Sieverts – The BPMA sponsors many different groups that provide practical educational and workshop type events. It’s a collaborative forum for leveraging Agile to discover and deliver better products, sooner.

Agile Product Management – You Asked, We Answered

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General Use of Agile – My perception is that Agile is being? How extensively is Agile being used for non-software products? Agile, which is really empirical process control, has been embraced well beyond the software world. Agile Product Management

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Agile Beyond Software

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I recently attended a meeting of the Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network on the topic Agile Beyond Software. The speaker was Jeanne Bradford, her talk was based on her experience developing customized Agile processes for hardware companies. Agile Product Management Agile

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Lean, Agile, & Design Thinking by Jeff Gothelf

Mind the Product

When you have one team learning Agile, another learning Lean, and yet another learning Design Thinking, how are you supposed to get to alignment? Jeff takes us through the basics of the three main frameworks – Agile, Lean, and Design Thinking – and then gives us a set of principles that can help us effectively meld them together. What is Agile Really About? The concept of Agile came out of frustration at the way software was delivered.

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Teams of agile developers race along the product. 9Packaging Decision Framework Determining Tiers Next, group each of the features from your product roadmap (represented by dots and dotted cirlces) on the framework, suggesting possibilities for structuring your analytic enhancements.

Agile Marketing Using Scrum

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Many people in the technology world mistakenly believe that Agile is something new, but it really isn’t. Agile Marketing With Development Using Agile innovation for software development may help accelerate and optimize completion of a product.

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Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best

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Tesla Agile Development: Version 8.0 The post Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Agile Product Management Agile Cool Products FeaturesSoftware and Product Management at its best.

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“Behind the Agile Curtain: Why Leaders Choose Agility” Panel Presented at Keep Austin Agile 2019

Agile Velocity

My name is Erik Cottrell, and I’m with Agile Velocity. What we intended to do with this panel was to give folks a glimpse into what it’s like for leaders who are on an agility journey. Erik: What led to your decision to pursue agility? Agile Agile Transformation Leadershi

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Scaling Decision Making: How product teams can make group decisions at scale


But when you ask a group to form a consensus and make a decision together, the formula is far more complicated and the process can take much longer. As teams and companies grow, silos form and different groups start doing things their own way. It was specifically devised to help groups quickly make a decision. Decide: This is the person (or group) who makes the final decision. This includes both in person in a group setting as well as summarized in a one-page memo.

Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products

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Can Agile Marketing give you an edge? The post Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Marketing Agile Market Research Methodology WebinarThis is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset.

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How we get our product just right with focus group tests

The Product Coalition

Pexels Essence of the Article: Focus group tests can give valuable customer feedback during development stage. Three factors are vital for success: It is important to set the right scenarios , the right focus group and the right insights to feed back into your backlog.

Announcement: New Distributed Agile Teams Online Workshop

Johanna Rothman

After Mark Kilby and I collaborated on From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams , we decided to start creating online classes. We have just opened registration for our first geographically distributed agile teams class. See Prepare for Successful Distributed Agile Teams. You'll have the opportunity to join a Slack group for discussion and support. MPD workshop agile geographically distributed teams lean

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

To help you develop your agile product roadmap, I have created a goal-oriented roadmap template called the GO Product Roadmap. The board captures the vision, the target group, the problem to be solved or the benefit to be provided, the key features of the product, and the business goals.

280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2018

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Brian Lawley, Founder of 280 Group, shares his video explaining the three crucial secrets to successful Product Management. The post 280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2018 appeared first on 280 Group.

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Making Sense of Planning in an Agile World


“But we’re agile. ” If you’ve ever worked with an agile team, chances are you’ve heard this excuse. However, even agile teams need a disciplined approach to planning. What is Agile Planning? Agile Planning, Meet the Planning Onion.

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What Does the Agile Roadmapping Process Look Like in Practice?


In today’s article, we’ll discuss the agile roadmapping process. We’ll start by reviewing the objectives of roadmaps and planning for agile teams, then share some special considerations for agile roadmaps. Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D.

Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation

Mind the Product

What is Dual-Track Agile? Dual-Track Agile is an IT development methodology where figuring out what to build is as important as the building process. The Dual-Track Agile process is demonstrated in the gif below. What is the minimal customer group].

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The Potential of Agile

Tyner Blain

When an executive, too far removed from what makes creating products hard thinks of “agile” as a silver bullet it becomes difficult to manage expectations. It is precisely that potential which inspires not-yet-informed executives to learn about how agile could help them.

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The 21 best agile product management resources


In 2001, a group of software developers set off a revolution in the world of tech when they outlined a new way of managing product development—agile.

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Where I Think “Agile” is Headed, Part 2: Where Does Management Fit?

Johanna Rothman

In Part 1 , I wrote about how “Agile” is not a silver bullet and is not right for every team and every product. This post is about how management fits into agile approaches. Too often, managers think “agile” is for others, specifically teams of people. Team-based “agile” is not enough. If the managers don't change their behaviors, a team cannot sustain any agile approach. It doesn't matter which agile approach.

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Lean and Agile: What’s the Difference?

In this piece, I’d like to address the somewhat confusing subject of the difference between the terms ‘lean’ and ‘agile’. As I have already mentioned, there are basic differences in where Lean and Agile originate and what they mean. So what IS the difference between Lean and Agile?

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Agile Transformation: Practice Change, Part 2

Johanna Rothman

Agile culture is about the ability to change. You need to know why you want to change, but once you know that, agile cultures promote change.). We (as agile teams and organizations) deliver something to get some feedback and learning.

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Agile With a Capital A Might not be Best by Morag McLaren

Mind the Product

Here Morag McLaren looks at a few things she’s learned through this process when it comes to Agile. Don’t Forget the Other Parts of the Agile Manifesto. Most people’s perception of the agile manifesto is that it tells us to do things fast and regularly.

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Agile Role Transitions: Keep Austin Agile 2018 Activity Summary

Agile Velocity

Agile Roles are well defined in any foundational training for Scrum or Kanban. At Keep Austin Agile 2018, I presented a talk called “So You Made Your Project Managers into ScrumMasters: Roles Transitions When Becoming Agile”. Learn Agile. Agile training.

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3 Myths About Bringing Customers into Agile Development


To keep products evolving at the speed of their customers’ lives, software teams have adopted agile development practices. The rapid iteration made possible by agile practices and continuous delivery allows teams to fine-tune the user experience, little by little, on a consistent basis.

Creating Agile HR, Part 8: Summary

Johanna Rothman

Of these, it makes sense to change the compensation and rewards approach, recruitment and hiring if the organization wants to create an agile culture. It’s possible to create a more agile approach to education and training. For example, I have done pilot workshops with a small group or team of people to see if the content and/or delivery mechanism would work for them before they (or I!) Agile approaches are not a cure-all for an organization’s culture.

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Is Agile Product Development Right for Your Team?

The Product Coalition

OK, everybody knows Agile is one of the best product methodologies out there. Well, for those who are unsure about what Agile Product Development means, this post will refresh their memory first. The true question is: is Agile product development right for your team?

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Agile With a Capital A Might not be Best by Morag McClaren

Mind the Product

Here Morag McLaren looks at a few things she’s learned through this process when it comes to Agile. Don’t Forget the Other Parts of the Agile Manifesto. Most people’s perception of the agile manifesto is that it tells us to do things fast and regularly. The group of people that came up with this way of working weren’t saying that there was no value in how things had been run before. Don’t Assume Everybody Understands or Agrees With why You’re Moving to Agile.

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Q&A with Johanna Rothman on 5 Major Agile Product Traps


The Pragmatic Manager,” identifies five product traps that can reduce the effectiveness and value of your agile projects – and offers actionable solutions. Many agile projects don’t work as well as we hope they will. I often see five major agile product traps: Velocity for estimation.

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How To Maximize An Agile Team – Don’t Give Up On Scrum

Modus Create

When I first attended Scrummaster training, I went in wide-eyed and excited to learn all of the secrets behind this amazing “new” agile project-management strategy called Scrum. ” Support group: “Hi, Mark…” It started out innocent enough. It got so bad that the CEO outlawed Agile altogether. Scrum is popular for good reason, and it brings a lot of concrete ideas to the abstract concept of “agile” (echoes: agileagile …).

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Discussing Teamwork and Measures on Agile for Humans

Johanna Rothman

Ryan Ripley interviewed me on his podcast, Agile for Humans 83 about Create Your Successful Agile Project. I didn’t stint on my opinions or on my experience with agile teams. Sometimes, especially with IT groups, they need to collaborate with their customers.

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Lawrence of Arabia, the Original Agile Disruptor, Had Sore Feet

The Product Coalition

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) idea is central to the lean / agile methodology Get feedback as soon as possible. The startups and product development groups I’ve been a part of follow the “lean startup” approach closely…I believe most startups do nowadays.

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Agile Transformation: More Possible Organizational Measurements, Part 5

Johanna Rothman

I’ve been thinking more about possible measurements in an agile transformation journey. This post will focus on measurements you might see when the culture changes with an agile transformation. If your agile transformation is stuck, consider rethinking your measurements.

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What does the agile roadmapping process look like in practice?

The Product Coalition

Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D. But in the context of planning, agile software development practitioners are wise to take Eisenhower’s words to heart. “In I am a firm believer that an agile product roadmap is an important document for all agile teams.

The 3 Principles Agile Leaders Should Live By During An Organizational Transformation

Agile Velocity

Today’s Agile leaders manage with a more complete arsenal of skills and techniques than leaders of the past who led fundamentally different teams. What Modern Agile Leaders Get Right. Agile business leaders follow these key principles.

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