Agile Market Requirements

Pragmatic Marketing

Imagine going to a college seminar and not being able to ask the professor any questions! Agile is happening. The brilliance of agile development is that we break the job into small chunks, work for two weeks (or four), and deliver something. Long ago, we used to be agile.

Agile 91

Adopting a Continuous Discovery Mindset Across the Organization

Product Talk

This course is a 3-day seminar and our students are working executives. It got me thinking about how when companies first started adopting Agile methodologies on their software engineering teams, they quickly ran into obstacles with the rest of the organization.

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Fighting Shiny Object Syndrome

Product Culture

Printing demo discs was cheap and she just wanted my ok to get some co-branded materials made to package them with, and maybe we could do a seminar together, and dedicate some telesales resources to following up on the leads. What the startup CEO sees as responding with agility to opportunity, the product team secretly refers to as “shiny object syndrome.” Brenda rushed over from her desk in the sales pit. She was clearly excited.

Driving Innovation in a Fast-Growing Industry: The Importance of Organizational Collaboration

Sequent Learning

It’s also things that you folks coach in your seminars and such. And I think it’s critical for those large organizations to at least put their agile hat on—and “agile” with a small A, right?—the