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General Use of Agile – My perception is that Agile is being? How extensively is Agile being used for non-software products? Agile, which is really empirical process control, has been embraced well beyond the software world. Agile Product Management

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Six predictions for the UX and CX industries in 2020


Therefore, I have asked six of UserZoom’s brightest minds (who also happened to be willing to stake their hard-earned reputations on these predictions) about how they think the CX and UX landscapes will shape up in 2020. Becky Wright, Senior Product UX Researcher.

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UX LIVE 2019: Lee Duddell, Senior UX Director, on ‘Democratizing UX’ [VIDEO]


Our Senior UX Director Lee Duddell discusses the importance of democratizing UX , while highlighting the mistakes that people make when they begin sharing research empowerment around the organisation and how they can avoid them. Lots of people are working in agile now.

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Announcing Agile 2.0.0 – The Newest and Bestest Agile Ever

Modus Create

Modus is pleased to announce Agile 2.0.0 We have taken agile to the power of two by applying Agile to Agile, and eliminating all the waste in software development. Those things always get in the way, so Agile 2.0.0 It’s important in Agile 2.0.0 So Agile 2.0.0

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Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Top 10 Mobile UX Agencies in 2018-2019


That’s where UX agencies come in: they help brands, entrepreneurs, and individuals make their app ideas a reality. This UX agency has designed 25+ domains with clients from across 13 countries. Clay is a full-service development and UX agency based in San Francisco.

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Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation

Mind the Product

What is Dual-Track Agile? Dual-Track Agile is an IT development methodology where figuring out what to build is as important as the building process. The Dual-Track Agile process is demonstrated in the gif below. Staffing is perhaps the messiest part of Dual-Track Agile.

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The UX of UserZoom: Part one – How we set up our research process


Welcome to ‘ The UX of UserZoom ’ – a new regular series where we reveal how we’re using our very own research product to improve the UX of UserZoom itself! To show how UserZoom delivers valuable UX insights at any stage of the product development lifecycle.

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Lost in the Agile Jungle? by Christian Becker

Mind the Product

When we compare today’s agile product management in practice with what we have seen some 10 years ago, not much has changed: Agility is still mainly limited to UX labs and A/B testing, and misses the potential value that could be found between the initial idea and a working product.

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Alfonso de la Nuez on ‘Why and How to Democratize UX Research’


Alfonso de la Nuez, UserZoom’s Co-founder and Co-CEO, discusses how we now live in a world of digital experiences and in order for modern companies to survive, they need to democratize UX insights throughout the entire organisation. . Show me the UX insights.

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Top UX Agencies To Choose From In 2019

UX Studio

I have spent more than 15 years with UX design agencies. This puts me in a position to tell endless stories of the heroic work top UX agencies do day after day to fight for a better digital world. Today I’m going to give you an overview of the top UX design agencies. UX studio.

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The Lean UX Process

Product Bookshelf

Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams by Jeff Gothelf. Lean UX Principles. Lean UX is the way you do design in an Agile process. The Lean UX process relies heavily on repeatable and continuing feedback and research with customers.

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UX Research Training: Kick-start UX Research In Your Product Team

UX Studio

Attending UX Research Training enables your product team to. start in-house UX research and get to know how to take advantage of the insights to create a better product. Know what direction to take your product based on UX Research and not just educated guesses. Measuring UX.

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Supercharge Your Corporate Dashboards With UX Analytics


The post Supercharge Your Corporate Dashboards With UX Analytics appeared first on UserZoom. Agile UX Research & Testing Events Measuring User Experience User Experience Research

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All You Need To Know About UX Team Structure

UX Studio

Companies have finally started to take UX seriously. As more and more UX designers and researchers get hired to make products better, we must think about how to best organize them. What does the ideal UX team structure look like? What three main disciplines form UX? If you’ve dipped your toes into the UX realm, you’ve probably met people of various different fields. UX Research. Well, we have said this before and will say it again: UX is a team sport.

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Agile With a Capital A Might not be Best by Morag McLaren

Mind the Product

Here Morag McLaren looks at a few things she’s learned through this process when it comes to Agile. Don’t Forget the Other Parts of the Agile Manifesto. Most people’s perception of the agile manifesto is that it tells us to do things fast and regularly.

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What Does the Agile Roadmapping Process Look Like in Practice?


In today’s article, we’ll discuss the agile roadmapping process. We’ll start by reviewing the objectives of roadmaps and planning for agile teams, then share some special considerations for agile roadmaps. Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D.

Lee Duddell, Senior Director of UX Research, on ‘Common mistakes rookies make when testing (and how to overcome them)’


Lee Duddell, UserZoom’s Senior Director of UX Research, reveals some of the mistakes that newbies make when they’re running tests for the first time and how they can avoid them. . He’s only ever worked in Agile. Agile UX Research & Testing BetterUX User Research

Soma Ray & Stephanie Agotborde from on ‘Making UX Research a Team Sport’


UX researchers, Soma Ray & Stephanie Agotborde, describe how they created the ultimate UX super-team at So, at, we have a huge UX community that are identifying and addressing multiple user needs in simultaneous.

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What sample size do you really need for UX research?


With that in mind, let’s look at three main categories and use cases that are common in the UX world to help us discern what sample size is typically needed for each: Looking for Usability Issues. On-Demand Webinar : Participant Recruiting: Sourcing the right participants for your UX Research.

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Agile With a Capital A Might not be Best by Morag McClaren

Mind the Product

Here Morag McLaren looks at a few things she’s learned through this process when it comes to Agile. Don’t Forget the Other Parts of the Agile Manifesto. Most people’s perception of the agile manifesto is that it tells us to do things fast and regularly. It is assumed that the understanding of users and how to solve their problems is the sole role of UX or the product manager. Don’t Assume Everybody Understands or Agrees With why You’re Moving to Agile.

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Top UX Design Agencies in San Francisco: How to Choose?

UX Studio

The fact that so many UX design agencies have set up shop in San Francisco makes it seem easy to hire one. Some UX agencies in San Francisco have real industry legends running them and can present hilariously prestigious clients. How much SF UX companies charge for projects.

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Changing the Conversation about Product Management vs. UX

Melissa Perri

If you had to pick one, would you rather be a Product Manager or UX Designer? The company was far from Agile or Lean at the time, but I didn’t know any better. My boss announced we were hiring a Director of UX. When the new Director of UX started, most of that went away.

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Circular Design – The Role of UX in the Age of Sustainability

UX Studio

What the UX methodology has to offer. If we look at the four main stages of the circular design approach, we can see that the method we use in UX design is pretty similar to this. . Prototyping and ideation are key elements in the UX design process.

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What does the agile roadmapping process look like in practice?

The Product Coalition

Decades before agile’s inception, Dwight D. But in the context of planning, agile software development practitioners are wise to take Eisenhower’s words to heart. “In I am a firm believer that an agile product roadmap is an important document for all agile teams.

Louise Rowlands, Senior UX Researcher at MoneySupermarket on democratizing user research [Video]


Our theme this year was on the democratisation of UX, with our speakers discussing how they spread user research education and insights throughout their organisations, and all the successes and challenges they’ve encountered. Every function kind of covers really that design and UX.

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Top 7 UX Podcasts to Inspire Product Design


Outside of your customers, fellow designers are another great way to inspire new UX ideas. UX podcasts offer a fantastic learning resource for designers because you can tune in whenever—and wherever—you need to get your creative gears moving. UI Breakfast Podcast–Expert Advice on UX/UI.

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Lean UX author Jeff Gothelf on why design must have a seat at the table

Inside Intercom

Jeff is the author of Lean UX (which teaches how to rapidly experiment with design ideas) and the co-owner of Sense & Respond Press , a publisher of short, actionable books for busy leaders. My responsibility was to build a design team in that new agile way of working.

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Louis Rosenfeld on how UX design can close the gaps between people

Inside Intercom

UX designer are creating worlds, and people live in those worlds. I am someone who started as a librarian and then became an information architect and then became a UX person and then became a publisher and then became a conference producer and podcaster.

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Ben Holland-Arlen on how the Salesforce UX team is working remotely


Leading tech companies are often the first to test out innovative methods of work (like Agile), so it’s no surprise that they’re also beginning to hire remote workers and organize distributed teams. We talked to Ben Holland-Arlen, an experienced UX leader, and asked him about […]. The post Ben Holland-Arlen on how the Salesforce UX team is working remotely appeared first on RealtimeBlog | A blog by RealtimeBoard

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The competitive advantage of BPMA sponsored groups

bpma ProductHub

An Agile Product Open meetup recap. The Agile Product Open meetup is one such group that is dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of product management. It’s a collaborative forum for leveraging Agile to discover and deliver better products, sooner.

UX Case Study: an information architectural redesign project

UX Studio

In this case study we’ll introduce the methods we used in our UX design process to make a complex system more user-friendly. Redesigning information architecture in UX projects can come with risks. It definitely made for an interesting experience from a UX researcher perspective.

Happy holidays! Here’s UserZoom’s very best UX content of 2019


Democratizing UX. UX design. UX Battles of the Week. State of UX: the current landscape and beyond! The number one challenge faced by UX teams in 2019 is figuring out how to make user research actually work within the product development lifecycle. Democratizing UX.

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Rapid Prototyping – Philip Pantelides on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

Agile Product Development Lean Product Management Minimum Viable Product Podcast Product Development Process Product Launch Prototyping The Product Experience User Experience (UX) User Testing podcast product management product management podcast Rapid Prototyping

Agile Across the Organization; Product Management Events this Spring

Good Product Manager

Survey: The State of Agile Across the Organization. I’m conducting some research related to the current state of agile adoption within b-to-b organizations — please take 10 minutes to take part in this survey. My SiriusDecisions colleague Cristina De Martini and I are looking at agile adoption — not just within product management, but across multiple functions/departments including marketing and sales.

How to Design an Agile Customer Support Process

If you’re hard core agile, you should love support requests as much as we do, because they’re a huge part of our feedback input. Repeated complaints/ how to’s regarding certain functionalities can be a strong indication of UX issues.

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Product Love Podcast: Ryan Singer of Basecamp


Podcast Agile Design PM Role product UXThis week on Product Love, I talked to Ryan Singer, the head of product at Basecamp, at their headquarters in Chicago. Product managers come from a variety of places.

How to adopt a lean startup culture – Q&A with Allstate Director of UX & Product Design, Pradeep Nayar


In a recent webinar, Pradeep Nayar, Director of UX & Product Design at Allstate, explains how Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture and embracing an extreme agile methodology to ‘fail fast’ and learn from their users to make relevant … The post How to adopt a lean startup culture – Q&A with Allstate Director of UX & Product Design, Pradeep Nayar appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Product Research agile Lean ux webinar

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What’s the best way for product managers to align with UX teams?


On paper, product managers and UX teams should happily work together. However, getting along with UX professionals can pose challenges for product managers. Product Managers who work well with UX teams will find that their own work improves and products are more successful.

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UserTesting and the Agile Manifesto


Just about every organization whose leadership has uttered the … The post UserTesting and the Agile Manifesto appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Product agile development lean Lean uxAt the crux of every great digital experience, you’ll find a person. Someone who needs something. Someone with expectations and demands. Someone you have set out to help in some way.