Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

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With a keen focus on value and conducting Structured Conversations using the 7 Product Dimensions, you greatly improve your ability to go from vision to value. A successful product delivers value when it is aligned to your product vision and goals.

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Inspiring Teams with Product Vision

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In this in-depth and inspiring talk, Keela Robinson , Founder and CEO PM Loop, unpacks what vision is, why it matters and how to find it. Vision comprises your Values, Purpose and Envisioned Future. In short, they are inspired and guided by your vision.

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5 Key Responsibilities of Agile Product Leaders


What does product leadership look like in an agile context? For the product leaders supporting agile teams, it can be easy to get caught up in the routine of scrums , sprints, and standups. 5 Key Responsibilities of Agile Product Leaders. In an agile setting, the pace is faster.

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Technical Debt and Product Success

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Process: Lean, Agile, Scrum Product Vision and Strategy definition of done innovation metrics product life cycle software qualityWhy Technical Debt Matters for Product People.

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Having a Vision Isn’t Always About Distance

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When most people talk about “vision” they’re evoking a concept of long-term planning, setting big and brash goals that you might or might not achieve, but which set a “north star” by which you can plot the course of your product and company. Product Management Agile Leadership PM Problem Solving Uncertainty User Stories

Making Sense of Planning in an Agile World


“But we’re agile. ” If you’ve ever worked with an agile team, chances are you’ve heard this excuse. However, even agile teams need a disciplined approach to planning. What is Agile Planning? Agile Planning, Meet the Planning Onion.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

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To help you develop your agile product roadmap, I have created a goal-oriented roadmap template called the GO Product Roadmap. I like to use my Product Vision Board to develop a valid product strategy. Use your vision and product strategy to make the right decisions.

Tips for Rewriting a Digital Product

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Finally, capture your insights and describe the product’s current strategy: the people it serves, the value it creates for the users and business, and its key features, for instance, by using my Product Vision Board. See the Rewriting Effort as an Opportunity to Innovate.

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7 Ways of Creating and Sustaining an Agile Product Roadmap

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By Ellen Gottesdiener – Product Roadmaps Are Necessary for Product Success A product roadmap visually depicts how your product will evolve over time to realize your product vision and achieve continual value for your customers and business. (I

Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

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The other discovery team members should help you create and validate the new product strategy; and the Scrum Master or agile coach facilitates the process. Process: Lean, Scrum, Kanban Product Vision and Strategy innovation product discovery product manager product owner teamwork

Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

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The ideas of Agile are great. Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems; Lean is our framework for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes; and Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions with software. Agile is related to Lean.

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Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup

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Despite the successes Agile has brought us, it’s time to take the things we have learned from Agile and move on. Like the technology we use to build the products we love ages and gets left behind, Agile has died while we were perfecting our standup. Agile isn’t to blame for this.

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Measuring the effectiveness of agile processes

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What problems arise in agile teams and how to measure them? Product Agility As our product scales, team size grows and we adopt more processes and infrastructures, the complexities to which they adhere to become immense. grooming metrics process agile-methodology agile

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How the Elephant and 6 Blind People Can Help Articulate Your Product's Vision

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You’ll learn how to develop data-driven requirements that articulate your product’s vision, are actionable for your design and development teams, and can be communicated in your strategic roadmap and product backlog. You’ll also discover how to apply this information to agile teams. •Translate the needs of the market into actionable requirements for agile teams. How do you get six blind people to understand what an elephant looks like?

How to Apply Lateral Leadership in Agile Environments by Tim Herbig

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In this talk from this year’s MTP Engage in Hamburg, I share some advice on how product people can use lateral leadership in managing agile teams. One of the earliest attempts to define a leadership style for self-organized agile environments resulted in the servant leadership approach.

Why do we adopt agile?

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I hear many reasons organizations adopt agile development so it's good to see the facts. The number one reason teams adopt agile is to accelerate product delivery. Agile is so much more than "cheaper development."). As I explain it to execs, agile allows you to change priorities in sync with the market. Ideally, you have a strategic vision that aligns your executives and their teams. Agile helps you adapt to changing business conditions.

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Agile Through a Matrix Lens

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Agile” is something most teams do wrong*, without realizing they’re doing it wrong. Let’s apply this lens to agile as applied within a company, and see if it helps people decide to do things differently. When You Say Agile, What Do You Mean?

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How To Create A Convincing Product Vision To Guide Your Team

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Working on a product without a decent product vision resembles going into the street with eyes closed. This article will show how a product vision should look, how to create it and communicate it to all stakeholders in play. What is Product Vision? Product vision imagines a product direction in the long-term. Typically, product vision defines two to five years’ time or even more – depending on the industry and the product life cycle. Product vision board.

Apply “How Little” Thinking to Agile Management Control

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They want to provide the vision for the people doing the work. As their organizations move to agile approaches, these managers have problems: their organization (managers above them) wants to measure them by the old rules which demand control. Most managers I meet want to do a good job.

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Product Discovery Tips

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I find it helpful to form a product discovery team that consists of: Development team members: user experience (UX) designer, developer, tester; Key stakeholders , for example, people from marketing, sales, and support; A ScrumMaster or agile coach. Bring the Right People Together.

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True North: Managing Long-Term Roadmap Needs with Agility

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So, how do you reconcile the needs of projecting a long-term product plan with the reality of a constantly changing market, especially when you use an agile approach like scrum? Agile Loves Roadmaps and Plans. Agile and scrum don’t discourage the creation of a product roadmap. To quote the agile guru Mary Poppendieck: “Agile hates plans, but loves planning.”. But many scrum teams want to start a sprint before they have a clear vision for the product.

Be in a Band, not an Orchestra: how to Grow an Agile Product Team

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My job was to define a vision for the product and create a plan to deliver it. Product Vision. Creating the vision for the product early was important. It gave the team autonomy over delivering the vision, what the product would do and how we would build it.

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Begin your Agile Transformation Journey on the Right Track

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Across the globe, companies are investing in Agile transformations primarily for two reasons — to increase speed, and improve the quality of their technical product delivery. Our method is all about showing you how to run like a lean and Agile startup.

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Hands-on Agile Webinar #3: Product Backlog Anti-Patterns

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TL;DR: Webinar Product Backlog Anti-Patterns The third Hands-on Agile webinar product backlog anti-patterns covers common problems from out-dated and oversized tickets to the part-time proxy product owner and his or her idea repository.

Taylor Wescoatt – Being the First Product Manager

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Early on, before product-market-fit, business strategy and product strategy are one-and-the-same & thus product vision needs to be owned by the founder. Strategically, this is about focusing vision and limited resources. Strategic clarity is about extracting the vision from the founder, and then communicating it widely to align everyone in the org. Dual Track Agile. Product Launch Startups Agile alignment prioritization product strategy Startup vision

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True North: Managing Long-Term Roadmap Needs with Agility

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So how do you reconcile the need for a long-term product plan with the reality of a constantly changing market, especially when you use an agile approach like scrum? Agile Loves Roadmaps and Plans. Agile and scrum don’t discourage the creation of a product roadmap. To quote the agile guru Mary Poppendieck: “Agile hates plans but loves planning.” But many scrum teams want to start a sprint before they have a clear vision for the product.

Agile Product Management Framework

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There are many good product management frameworks available - however, I thought I would create an agile product management framework that is broad enough to be applicable to any product management groups that is practising agile/scrum. Agile Tips + Tools

Agile Market Requirements

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Agile is happening. The brilliance of agile development is that we break the job into small chunks, work for two weeks (or four), and deliver something. Agile teams are designed to deliver small amounts of functionality with rapid iterations. Long ago, we used to be agile.

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Combining Classical and Agile Product Management

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I was asked to present, at an interview, on how I see the role of the product manager working in an agile scrum environment. The key areas that I highlighted were: Scope and responsibilities of the product manager in scrum Typical product management activities in scrum A typical day in the life of the agile product manager The agile product management framework A case study – the benefits See full presentation below. Agile PM interviews Product Manager

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TEI 151: What product managers should know about agile strategy – with Dan Montgomery

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Product managers operate in an environment of uncertainty and change, requiring the use of Strategic Agility. Organizations that better respond to these changes can create a competitive advantage and one way to accomplish that is through Strategic Agility.

The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

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While software development teams have been moving toward agile methods for years, many product managers are only now becoming aware of it. An agile approach applies collaborative and continuous improvement concepts to software development. There is no single, definitive “agile method.”

Product Discovery is a Team Sport

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Rally your team around a vision and then let them take ownership of discovery. During that phase, we focused on improving our agile processes and making sure our product performed at scale during peak usage. And they need to understand how it all ties up to company vision.

Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri

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Then she discovered Agile and churned out features even faster. Process – Agile is not the answer to all of our prayers because Agile does not have a brain. We need more than just Agile to build great products.

Product Roadmaps: Love, Hate (& Hate)

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Fundamentally, a roadmap is a strategic document used to create the overarching product vision, articulating the value you’re delivering to users and the business in order to gain support and alignment. It helps take the overarching vision and make it understandable and clear.

Growing up Lean: Lean Strategies for Maturing Products

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You were hyper agile and pushed code and new features weekly, if not daily! Your old agile habits have led you astray. Step 1: Set your product vision. Find this free template at: Dual track agile.

4 Steps to Managing Unplanned Work


” And for agile product teams, this sentiment couldn’t ring more true. Without alignment on goals, desired outcomes, and a unified product vision, it’s incredibly difficult to focus on anything. Product Management Agile & Development product planning unplanned workNo matter how much you plan, there’s always going to be some level of uncertainty. As Dwight D. Eisenhower famously said, “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Continuous Alignment of Product Management

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Along came agile development, which embraced change and the chance to learn. High performing agile teams can move a story through design, development and implementation with awesome velocity, tool and process discipline. Leading agile companies set the vision, goals and measures.

Stop Improving Your Product

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It’s the Minimum version of your vision. You’re selling the vision to the visionaries and early adopters. Agile Product Management Product Management In IndustryM eet Ronald.

Product to Product: Melissa Perri on how to think like a product manager


Are we aligned to the company vision? They usually lack a product vision. Agile development processes are more about how you work together. You want to create a cohesive vision that people understand. Strategy’s all about reaching the vision.

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Sustainable Pace in Product Management

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Sustainable pace is an important agile principle. The Agile Manifesto defines it in the following way: “The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.” What is Sustainable Pace?