How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

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For Lauren Ritchie, Senior Design Consultant, that also meant treating their customer experience in the same way. The post How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience appeared first on Inside Intercom.

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Product Management Journey?—?Developer to Consultant to Product Manager

The Product Coalition

Developer to Consultant to Product Manager If you asked me 5 years ago, I didn’t even know what Product Management was. I spent a year understanding how to build products in a B2C environment, how to measure product success and how to understand what consumers need.

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Podcast: Marketplace Thinking and Fur Babies with Christopher Nheu

Mind the Product

Listen if you’d like to learn more about: The fundamental way marketplaces differ from other B2B and B2C models. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers.

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Top Customer Success Trends To Watch For In 2020


So historically, you know, the prioritization would be more sales reps, more solutions consultants, more marketing spend maybe. So in the B2C world, everyone wants to capture a customer’s feedback. The second thing is in B2B versus B2C, you have this idea of multiple stakeholders.

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Who’s who: Understanding your business with customer segmentation

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Indeed, among our customers were B2C companies, small businesses, and large enterprises along with customers in places and industries well beyond Silicon Valley. Through the segmentation process, we found that a B2B versus B2C distinction was sufficient to capture differing needs.

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TEI 175: Building B2B products – with Blair Reeves & Benjamin Gaines

Product Innovation Educators

The authors join this episode to discuss how product management is different for enterprise software products, including: Differences in consumers from B2B and B2C. 8:15] What are the differences between B2B and B2C product management?

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Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup

Mind the Product

Huge consultancies and one-off consultants have been paid to implement a great manifesto as a repeatable process, not taking the size, stage, growth, culture, and capabilities into consideration. As technology professionals, we have been stuck at metaphorical basecamp for years.

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3 Industry Leaders Share What it Takes to Be a Product Manager

BrainStation Product Management

I’m responsible for helping to build the overall website experience as well as the infrastructure that powers the site, the CMS, and all of the analytics,” said Erica Tsai, Product Consultant at The Wing, a female-only coworking space. “So Apart from B2C and B2B products, many PMs also work on internal products that help teams within the organization perform better. “

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5 Product Management Conferences Not to Miss in 2020


A good mix of attendees from B2B and B2C software technology companies. Notable Speakers from the recent INDUSTRY conferences: Dan Olsen, Product Management Consultant, Author, and Trainer. 2019 was a great year to be in product management.

Alfonso de la Nuez on ‘Why and How to Democratize UX Research’


You don’t have to just have great, you know, enterprise grade back-end, you have to have fantastic consumer grade front-end as well, whether you’re in B2C or B2B, doesn’t matter.

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Spendesk’s Nicolas Marchais on evolving with your market

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Here are five quick takeaways: The founders of Spendesk noticed that, while the B2C space was innovating with peer-to-peer quickpay options, nothing like that existed in the B2B space (which often lags a few years behind the consumer market).

Product to Product: Melissa Perri on how to think like a product manager


As a product consultant and founder of a product school, Melissa has trained over 2,000 PMs across her career. Melissa: I always get this question about if my advice is applicable for B2B versus B2C. These phases still exist between B2B, and B2C.

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How to design your Insights-as-a-Service business model

Oren Steinberg

These are provided by consultants, advisors, vertical experts or AI specialists. Just like some B2C models offer an elite product or service to a small, yet exclusive group, so do some businesses. 8 business models for Insights-as-a-Service. Yesterday at an AI conference, I saw an unusual number of companies offering Insights-as-a-Service.

What Is B2B Customer Experience?


Yet we’re seeing varying results , especially when compared to our business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts. We know that trying the same things again—another journey mapping workshop, launching a new survey, force fitting the latest B2C trend—is not the answer. B2C has decades of refinement and standardization in CX. In B2C, no two customers are alike, but all are equal. Most companies are copying and pasting B2C playbooks onto their B2B CX organization.

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TEI 166: How product managers innovate – with Dick Lee, Ed Wolf, and John Chattaway

Product Innovation Educators

Dick Lee: In the B2C world, the MIC is always the consumer. One was health and safety consultants, who often have say in purchasing or renting of machines in certain markets. Using simple questions and a structured process to achieve success.

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Q&A with Sari Harrison: Beyond Vanity Metrics


In this webinar, leading product development consultant , coach, and trainer Sari Harrison shows how to go beyond conventional metrics to understand whether you’re delivering value to users by helping them make their lives better.

How to Take Part in a Product Bootcamp and Revitalize a Product Department

The Product Coalition

Likewise, dealing with B2C or B2B customers completely alters your approach to product development and improvement. My dad had a consultancy, so I started to get acquainted with Quality Assurance from a young age. This is how Bruno transitioned from a freelancer product consultant position to his current job as Head of Product and User Behavior Analytics. On B2C you need to use a “bazooka” : bring in a lot of customers and make sure that you keep them in.

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Lawrence of Arabia, the Original Agile Disruptor, Had Sore Feet

The Product Coalition

The MVP approach in its most extreme state is where you have millions of B2C users who will test something out, provide feedback, and keep using while it improves.

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How I PM: Andrew Wynn, Product Manager at Looker and formerly Instacart


After a little over 3 years, I wanted to try my hand at SaaS enterprise products to learn about the differences between B2B and B2C, which brought me to Looker in July of 2017. Andrew Wynn’s path to product management isn’t your typical story.

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Effective design personas for B2B products

The Product Coalition

In the world of B2B As the saying goes, there is always a first time… When I first happened to create the B2B design personas, I realized they are quite different from the B2C personas I was so accustomed to at a time.

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Hypotheticals in Product Management Meetup: Abridged Transcript


Clive Lam, Consultant Product Manager at Brainmates. And if it’s a B2B and it’s B2C, then that obviously complicates the conversation. As Marie mentioned, if it is a B2B, B2C, then that gets very complicated.

Finding the Truth Behind MVPs

Melissa Perri

Experimenting in Enterprises Many enterprises today are introduced to the Minimum Viable Product by consultancies who propose creating an entirely new product from scratch. This is why it’s so important for teams to experiment, whether they are B2B or B2C. A Successful Start I learned about Minimum Viable Products like 99% of other Product Managers - through The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. When I happened upon the book and Eric’s method, I thought, “YES!

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The Product Market Fit Engine | Rahul Vohra, CEO, Superhuman | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

For a consultancy or an agency where almost all new work is coming in through referral, then I would ask a question that is specifically designed for that. Rahul Vohra, CEO & Founder, Superhuman.

Emergence Capital’s Doug Landis on telling stories that sell

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I think of it as go-to-market consulting. We’re not into B2C, we’re not into IoT, we’re not in health tech; we’re hyper-focused, and that’s also what allowed me to step into this role after being an operator for the last 20 years.

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Top App Development Agencies 2018–2019

The Product Coalition

What they’re known for: As a technology consultancy firm, Hedgehog Lab develops for more than ‘just’ Android and iOS. What they’re known for: In Q4 2016 , Forrester Research named Fuzz among the “most significant vendors” for designing and developing B2C mobile applications.

How To Cross the Strategy-to-Execution Chasm

The Product Coalition

At a large B2C media company, I found that there was an over-arching strategy but it was formulated with little input from each of the business units, which continued to operate independently and never actually made the sacrifices necessary to implement it.

Interview: Paul Boag on the “User Experience Revolution”


Through consultancy, mentorship, and training he promotes digital best practice. Even in the B2B sector, where a lot of times people go, “This makes sense with B2C, but it doesn’t make sense to B2B,” but that’s actually wrong because the truth is the same people who are buying and using consumer apps are also B2B purchasers.

Emergence Capital’s Doug Landis on telling stories that sell

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I think of it as go-to-market consulting. We’re not into B2C, we’re not into IoT, we’re not in health tech; we’re hyper-focused, and that’s also what allowed me to step into this role after being an operator for the last 20 years. Doug Landis often sees an unsuccessful sales pitch stumble straight out of the gate. Specifically at the very first slide in the pitch deck.

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