What Can Top Food Brand Product Managers Do To Get More Shelf Space?

The Accidental Product Manager

There are few product manager jobs that come with as much brand name recognition as those jobs that are associated with the top food brands. The Problem With Being A Top Food Brand. It turns out that the top food brands have been in a bit of a sales slump for the past few years.

The "Why" of Interviewing—Suzanne Abate, PM Consultant and Instructor

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

We put a really simple name on it, The Development Factory , and offered reliable digital production services to brands and creative agencies. Suzanne Abate is the co-founder of The Development Factory and online PM community, 100 Product Managers.

Is Offering Private Label Brands A Good Move For Amazon?

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Is Offering Private Label Brands A Good Move For Amazon? However, they think that they may have found a way to be even more successful: private label brands. What Are Private Label Brands? Private label brands are generally not advertised – they just show up in the store.

The Startup Brand Fallacy: Why brand marketing is mostly useless for consumer startups

Andrew Chen

Brand marketing is mostly useless for consumer startups. Startups build a great brand by being successful, finding product market fit and scaling traction, etc. If this seems contrarian to you, it’s because there’s a vast ecosystem of consultants, agencies, and other middlemen who are highly incentivized to have you spend $ and effort on non-ROI/non-performant activities. and think that’s what caused their success: Great brand. How does brand help these cohorts?

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

external brand perception as the cause. consulting too few sources. consulting with over 1,000 C-Suite. New Study Reveals Reliance on Too Few. Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. Opportunities to Meet the Real Needs of.

This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is

First Round Review

As a founding partner of Rock Health and seasoned consultant, Leslie Ziegler has helped brand dozens of startups. Here's what the success stories had in common. Continue reading at First Round Review »

Can Product Managers Find A Way To Make A Better Burger?

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The Shake Shack brand identity has to be preserved. Shake Shack currently has a great deal of brand value. Although changes will be required, the product managers have to be careful that they don’t change the value of the Shake Shack brand.

How Can A German Grocer Be Successful In The U.S.?

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firms understood that Lidl’s success had come about by their ability to offer limited selections of inexpensive store-brand food items that were presented in stores that were small but easy to shop in. Blue Elephant Consulting – Your Source For Real World Product Management Skills.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Japanese Cigarettes?

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You can hardly go into a gas station without being confronted with an entire wall of different brands of cigarettes all of which have just slightly different product development definitions. This is a new brand that is being introduced into the U.S.

Solving The Challenge Of Making Reordering Products Simple And Easy

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Blue Elephant Consulting – Your Source For Real World Product Management Skills™. Customer Amazon brands consumer-products Dash gadget ordering place an order push button refrigerators Tide washing machine

Is The Trick To Boosting Product Sales To Simplify Your Product Line?

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Olay is simplifying their product offering in order to revive their brand Image Credit: WindyWinters. The P&G product managers made the brand over and added skin treatments that had previously only been available at high-end department stores.

The Global Benchmark Survey: Product Management Skills – Initial Insights

280 Group

It is difficult to take products off the market, as you run the risk of disappointing customers and damaging your brand reputation. Roger Snyder is a Principal Consultant/Trainer, and VP of Marketing at 280 Group.

Product Managers Struggle To Get Their Customized Email Correct

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What retailers need to discover is what brands a customer typically buys and then make specific recommendations about products in those brands. Blue Elephant Consulting –. Product managers need to do a better job of customizing their emails Image Credit: twitter.com/mattwi1s0n.

Goodbye Scion – What Happened To You?

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The Scion brand is being retired by Toyota Image Credit: Aaron Van Dike. Scion was a separate brand that Toyota created way back in 2003. The brand was sold in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Toyota created the Scion brand in order to attract younger buyers.

Don’t Miss These Amazing Speakers at #mtpcon Singapore

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He works as a coach, consultant, and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centred design. Jonny consults on product development and innovation management, and coaches teams to do their best work.

4 Development Pitfalls to Avoid with an Agile Growth Strategy


He and his team have worked with brands such as Walmart, HBO, Verizon Wireless, Climate Corp, SoulCycle, Glamsquad, and others who are looking to modernize their approach to building a loyal, profitable, mobile audience. Customers are engaging with brands in physical stores, websites, mobile apps, and social media– and they expect a consistent, seamless experience throughout. Al Harnisch is the Vice President of Growth at Prolific Interactive.

Why Can’t Amazon Sell Luxury Products?

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The problem that Amazon is running into is that the world’s luxury brands are saying that Amazon’s online marketplace undermines the strict controls that the luxury brands believe are key to their ability to make their products exclusive – and keeping their prices high.

Want to Land Speaking Engagements? Here’s How

Pragmatic Marketing

They might land these gigs because they have experience speaking, have a topic of great interest to many people, or have a “name brand.” ” Typically, keynote speakers have published a book that connects and augments their brand.

Modus Create Welcomes Chris Avore as Director of Customer Experience

Modus Create

His experience with both consulting and mentorship align perfectly with the core values of Modus: being great partners to our clients and a platform for growth of our consultants,” said COO and President Cheryl Williford. “After working with dozens of the world’s best known brands to elevate design maturity and communicate the value of design, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to create lasting change for Modus clients,” said Avore. “So

Podcast: Don’t Worry About Being Cool with Petra Wille

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Even if your brand is cool. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Even if your brand is cool.

How Can Product Managers Help Tiffany Once Again Become “Cool”?

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Now I do have to confess that if my wife came home one day showing off her brand-new $500 ring this would cause me to have a bit of a fit. The brand still has enough allure that their products are seen as being very valuable. Tiffany wants to sell more jewelry Image Credit: StevieWu.

What to keep in mind when you are naming your product


And yet, the process of naming a project and choosing its brand identity for years to come is often complicated and unnerving. There’s also a staggering amount on naming resources and advice written by branding experts , that anyone birthing a new project should familiarize himself with.

Is The Best Product Defense A Cheap Defense?

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The goal here is to create a product that contains Gillette’s unique brand of shaving technology at a lower price point. Gillette is going to have to create products that will be able to go toe-to-toe with the discount brands. Blue Elephant Consulting –.

20 expert opinions on UI design trends for 2018


“Affordable, high-end aesthetics” Jane Portman, UI/UX Consultant, Conference Speaker and Author, UI Breakfast. “Revisit the meaning of ‘good’ design” Joe Natoli, Independent UX Consultant, Speaker and Author, Give Good UX.

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Why Are Product Managers Moving Away From Focus Groups?

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These backgrounds can include social work and jury consulting. The monitoring of social media in order to determine how customers are perceiving a brand has been given a name. These type of inputs can lead to ideas for new packaging and innovative brand extensions.

User Experience: 5 Tips for Designing Products to Appeal to Millennials

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But there is the opportunity to connect with millennials in the communication of your product and brand. When the pain from using another product is solved by your product, the user starts to engage with you and your brand. Don’t make a brand statement that you can’t keep.

Product Warrior Podcast coming soon…

Product Warrior

Reducing subjective decisions Career planning The brand new Product Warrior Podcast will focus on these two topics. Coming really soon Product Warrior Podcast supported by MindTheProduct & KnowIt.

Introducing Alpha Betas: our new program enabling pioneers to build a better future


In our experience powering experimentation for some of the world’s largest brands, we’ve noticed an acute interest amongst corporate innovators in how startups and entrepreneurs in particular work.

Podcast: Marketplace Thinking and Fur Babies with Christopher Nheu

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Once you start thinking of users as “bad actors”, it makes you frame their intentions really negatively – and it makes you challenge the brand and design decisions you’re making to build for this [specific] case.

B2C 101

Product Managers Attempt To Solve The Toy Problem

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As their popularity has increased, more brands of tiny collectables have been launched. When customers are presented with more choices, it’s only going to be natural for sales to become more fragmented among multiple brands.

How Can Product Managers Get Their Customers To Ride?

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They got into the motorcycle business by buying the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing brand from a private equity firm back in 2011 and then launched the Indian line of motorcycles two years later. The introduction of the Indian brand caused the Victory brand to start to shrink.

Pepsi Product Managers Learn That We Want What We Should Not Have

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Pepsi product managers need to be aware that global retail sales of Pepsi’s three largest savory snack brands, Lay’s, Doritos, and Cheetos, have been growing at an average annual rate of 5%. Frito-Lay chip brands generated 52% of Pepsi’s profits last year.

Disruptive Product Development – Jenine Lurie

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Jenine Lurie is Founder and Lead Strategist at Disruptive Experience, a New York based design consultancy that applies unique user-centered design strategies to create intuitive and delightful experiences that connect people to products. The Power of Branding and User Interviews.

What distinguishes the Top 1% of Product Managers from the Top 10%?

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Is it a brand ? Management consultants use it all the time, frequently advising the executives with strategic insights. The top 1% PMs use frameworks. Frameworks are a tool for systematic decision making. Frameworks help you repeat your decision making process across other seemingly similar problems.

How to Create Lean Personas


They allow brands to visualize their products from the customer’s point of view. From Pichler Consulting. The use of “ personas ” is extremely helpful in designing effective product management workflows.

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13 “must measure” UX metrics for healthtech


The CTR looks at the percentage of people who click on your listing (such as a “sign-up” button for a consultation), whether that’s for a healthcare product, marketing email, or advertisement. You can also use tools that enable you to do something called “social listening,” which is basically eavesdropping on social media conversations around your brand.

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Ask Alexis and the SMS MVP by Josh Seiden

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Josh Seiden is co-founder and principal at consulting firm Neo. People responded very positively when it was a more branded experience. However, making it a more branded experience invited the possibility of the conversation drifting off into nonsensical areas.

Product Managers Prepare To Do Battle Over Golf Balls

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However, then the retail giant Costco started to offer their own branded version of golf balls under its Kirkland Signature brand. The very large retailer Costco has introduced their own brand of golf balls.

16 Product Management Quotes to Leave You Inspired


If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand.”. Jeff Patton, Veteran Product Manager and Consultant. Let’s be real: product management can be challenging.

Introducing the Speakers for MTP Engage Manchester 2019

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It’s testament to the appeal of Manchester and its product community that we’ve been able to attract some of the world’s best speakers from some phenomenally interesting brands. Sophie Manton – Independent Consultant.