The three strands of brand authenticity

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One of the biggest determining factors of a company’s success is the clarity of its message, and how that clarity comes across in every interaction across the product and brand. And whatever you stand for must resonate with your identified target market. 3 Brand stretch.

Should you change the product name?

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Names are the hooks we hang ideas on.—Al The old product name is out; we have a new, super-duper product name. We've got all new branding. Changing a project code name to a marketing brand name is nontrivial. That's why I always recommend that project names be offensive or embarrassing in some way so that developers don't fall in love with the project name. It's perhaps even harder to change names after an acquisition.

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How brands can optimise their Marketplace presence with UX insight


Brands have an ‘insight blind spot’ when it comes to understanding user behaviour on third party Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and the plethora of online third party ecommerce sites where they could have a presence.

Big Tech & Big Brands

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Brand Facebook Inc. Though it might seem that Facebook as a brand is at its all-time low, their strongest asset Instagram is branded as its own entity without the stigma of its parent. Imagine if Instagram was named as Facebook Pics or Facebook something. Brand Apple Inc.

Product Marketing at Stack Overflow – Alexa Scordato

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Alexa Scordato is the VP of marketing at Stack Overflow. In Alexa’s presentation at ProductTank NYC, she talks about the importance of brand and marketing. She states that there are not enough conversations about the intersection of product and marketing. Marketing Stack.

Product Managers Know How Valuable A Product Name Is

The Accidental Product Manager

As a product manager, you know just how important the name of your product is. We spend a great deal of time trying to come up with the right name that will match the product development definition for each of the products that we manage.

The marketer that’s always on? Your chatbot

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With the right setup, a chatbot can power your marketing as well so you never miss a lead. 53% of buyers are more likely to buy from a business they can message, so if you’re looking for ways to make your marketing more effective in 2019, live chat is the way to go.

Slack’s Ceci Stallsmith on marketing your product platform

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And as the Group Product Marketing Manager for Platform here at Intercom, I’ve loved seeing all the creative apps our partners have built. So we’re delighted to host Slack’s Director of Platform Marketing, Ceci Stallsmith, on the show. I joined to run platform marketing.

Spendesk’s Nicolas Marchais on evolving with your market

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Creating a new product category also creates a plethora of challenges – from spotting the right market niche to convincing customers that yours is a service they need. Getting to 100 customers doesn’t demand a complex setup, but getting to 1,000 in a specific market requires evolution.

Behind the Product: Is Hilton Boiling Off Brand with Herb ‘N Kitchen?

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As product managers, we’re constantly watching new and old products, and the marketing associated with them, to find examples for our training and materials that we can use to exemplify good, or not so good, practices in product management. Brand promise broken.

Push notifications: The key channel marketers are forgetting (and need)

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Not that long ago, the notion that you could send a message straight into the pockets of millions of people, capturing their attention at the touch of a button, would have sounded like the stuff of a marketer’s dreams – but that’s exactly what push notifications offer. Marketing 3 lifecycle

What Happens When you do User Discovery After Market Traction

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Major elements of our sales and marketing plan, designed with companies like this one in mind, needed to be revisited at the least. We’d responded to market traction without properly understanding our users. That’s because when Merck decided to market the exact same drug’s baldness-prevention properties too, they created a new campaign and brand. The post What Happens When you do User Discovery After Market Traction appeared first on Mind the Product.

How to use email marketing to connect with your users

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Email marketing remains an incredibly valuable way of communicating with customers at every stage of their lifecycle, whether you’re a thriving SaaS company or up-and-coming small business. What is email marketing? Why email marketing isn’t going away. On-brand design.

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

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In the very early days of any SaaS business, you will employ numerous marketing tactics to acquire your first customers: blog posts, paid advertising, landing pages, hero videos, webinars, everything but the kitchen sink. You just embarked on a big marketing campaign and spent all that time and money getting them in the door, only for them to see no value in your product and walk right back out again. Simply put, we market our product to our current customers.

Builder beware: marketing tension in product-first companies

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This led to an era of marketing-driven companies. Dan Kaplan framed marketing’s tarnished legacy this way: “Many of history’s most brilliant marketing strategies were crafted to persuade consumers to? No wonder marketing has a bad name in the tech industry.

Builder beware: marketing tension in product-first companies

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This led to an era of marketing-driven companies. Dan Kaplan framed marketing’s tarnished legacy this way: “Many of history’s most brilliant marketing strategies were crafted to persuade consumers to? No wonder marketing has a bad name in the tech industry.

In-App Messaging and In-App Marketing using ReachOut


What is In-App Messaging / In-App Marketing? By having control on when to deliver the message, you are targeting users at the right time, when their attention is on the product and your brand is at the top of their mind.

25 Digital Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies in 2019


It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur digital marketer, a freelancer or work in a huge digital marketing agency. Digital marketing tools are a way to gain a competitive edge. This is a marketing platform which offers true automation. Unbounce {Growth Marketing}.

How to Increase Your App’s Success with Strategic Marketing Tactics

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Most companies understand the value of integrating a strategic marketing plan into their app development process and see it as one of mobile app success factors. It is essential to create a planned marketing strategy in order to ensure app success.

Why “Marketing” Sounds Like a SCAM

I Wonder The Value

What is marketing? Others may say lead-generation or branding. In short, marketing has a lot of activities. And those activities are named with some different viewpoints. That’s why a lot of “XX Marketing” are confusing and sound like a SCAM.

Does live chat really work for marketing?

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Your potential customers see dozens, sometimes hundreds, of marketing messages every day and everywhere: on social media, on their phones, on billboards as they drive down the street. But this kind of marketing has a low success rate. What is live chat for marketing? Marketing.

“Oops, I Did A Marketing” | Shawn Anderson & Shane Corellian, | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

How does a bootstrapped software company effectively market especially when its founders despise (and, in fact, suck at) sales and marketing? Shawn Anderson & Shane Corellian (Co-Founders, – Alternative Marketing, or “Oops I Did A Marketing” from Business of Software Conference. Last names notwithstanding we actually are identical twin brothers. This was our marketing approach. Your name is Shane or Shawn.

Why the Ride-Share market in Australia is proving hard for disruptors

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Only seven years later in 2002, its estimated eBay owned 70% of the US based online auction market. More recently it’s the shared economy and the close to mass-market trust that consumers now place in intermediaries and market makers for services offered by individuals.

Five Steps to Positioning Your Product

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How you prioritize, marketing campaigns, sales strategy, it all changes based on how your product is positioned. Sean Ellis’ survey to discover if you’ve hit product/market fit is a great way to understand your customers. What primary benefit do you receive from {Your Product Name}?

Marketplace Thinking – Christopher Nheu on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast]

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Once you start thinking of users as “bad actors”, it makes you frame their intentions really negatively – and it makes you challenge the brand and design decisions you’re making to build for this [specific] case.

Five star advice: Insider tips for dealing with software review sites

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Online marketing content has long been dominated by brands creating product descriptions, how-to guides, branded articles, and blog posts to promote their business. Now, we are not trying to say that brands should have such control. Building additional trust in your brand.

HubSpot’s Kieran Flanagan on product-led growth

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Though he’s now HubSpot’s VP of Marketing and Growth, Kieran has seen it all. From there, he created HubSpot’s freemium, go-to-market product, before moving into his current role. We have a suite of tools that help marketers, sales, customer service people, and grow companies.

What makes an effective product launch pitch? Well, here you go.

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As your content marketing grows, more voices will join the ranks of your marketing, speaking and writing on behalf of your brand. Without a consistent brand voice, there’s no way to guide all of those different people into sounding like one unified brand.

Improve Your Results with Clear Value Propositions

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Sales is pitching to distributors that the beer is “Less Filling”, while Marketing is advertising that the beer “Tastes Great” and Operations is delivering “the Lowest Cost Light Beer.” A classic marketing framework is the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Fix My Churn’s Val Geisler on how to supercharge your email onboarding

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? ?. On this week’s show, we catch up with email marketing strategist, Val Geisler, as she walks us through some practical emailing tips, her process for onboarding, and why she likens career progression to a spiral staircase. Your customers should know your employees by name.

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MadKudu’s Liam Boogar-Azoulay on building apps to expand your product’s reach

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I invited Liam Boogar-Azoulay who heads up marketing at MadKudu to share his experience. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make your brand stand out. Find the thing that gets you excited about your brand and learn how to articulate it as a story. Marketing

The Key for Company Growth in 2019

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Gaining brand visibility has been the proverbial thorn-in-the-side of businesses for decades. Even if you work for a company that is a house-hold name , you probably have heard inner rumblings on how to implement more effective strategies to reach a wider market and attract new users.

How we Saved our Funnel Drop-offs After They Happened

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The gifter’s journey may have various entry points and paths, but the two final steps of the funnel would typically be: Once the user chooses the product to be sent as a gift, they enter the recipient’s name and email address and write a personal message.

Talking Directly with (Real) Customers

Mironov Consulting

I speak/write incessantly about the importance of product managers talking directly with their users and buyers (collectively “customers”), not mediated through Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, User Experience, or stray notes posted to Salesforce. What’s in a name?

Launching A New Product? Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Company.

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Align everyone in sales, marketing, product, customer success, and professional services. Have you coordinated with and received alignment with the Corporate Marketing team? Do you have approval from legal and marketing for the solution/product name?

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Persona Workshop

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His name is Eric. A product persona is a fictional character created to represent a set of users that will react to your marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) in a similar way. How do you collectively build your marketing persona through a workshop? Market research and having a customer proxy are prerequisites for a persona workshop. As well as product managers, stakeholders, marketing, sales, and dev representatives should attend a persona workshop.

Why Product Managers Should Learn to Code

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Whether a quickly drawn sketch, an MVP, physical product, iterative improvements or a brand new feature, all studiously validated with user research and customer development, you roll up your sleeves to make it happen. Self-side note: must stop buying domain names!

Clearbit’s Matt Sornson on driving growth with data and content

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When used correctly, data can powerfully enrich sales and marketing efforts and help any business fuel growth. As the Head of Growth Marketing at Clearbit , and previously a co-founder and CEO of more than a few startups (including WorkMob, ApiXchange, and GoFlow), Matt Sornson knows these pitfalls intimately and how to avoid them. Here are five quick takeaways: At Clearbit, all marketing falls under growth marketing. The other chapter was in Data-Driven Marketing.

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How we use bots at Intercom

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We’ve talked a lot about how businesses can use chatbots to accelerate sales, marketing and support. Automating our sales and marketing. On our demo page, the bot triggers immediately and gathers the person’s company name, email address and personal name.

In Search of Amazon-Like Disruption? Start With Product Usage Data.


In this “inherently cross-functional” role, the potential hire would “work closely with engineering, design, operations, finance and executive teams to bring a consumer product to the market and develop and grow a new business opportunity for Amazon.”. In such a manner, the benefits of usage intelligence can extend beyond data-driven product development to marketing, sales. How usage data improves marketing targets.