Defining Brand Strategy and How to Develop One

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Creating and maintaining a brand strategy can turn into a never-ending struggle, but it can also provide a great deal of fun. In this post we created a guide on the steps to take in developing your brand strategy. But first, let’s define brand strategy!

The three strands of brand authenticity

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One of the biggest determining factors of a company’s success is the clarity of its message, and how that clarity comes across in every interaction across the product and brand. Brand Identity: When customers interact with your brand, is your value proposition clear?

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Ask Steve: Naming and Branding

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A reader asks: When are branded names preferred over descriptive names? For your naming strategy, you should attempt to brand only one thing. Small "utility" companies with only one or two products should focus on branding the individual products.

Naming 130

7 Examples of Great Personalization Strategies From Retail Brands

AB Tasty

This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as 7 Examples of Great Personalization Strategies From Retail Brands. We looked at 7 creative examples of one-to-one personalization to understand how these campaigns work and why they're successful.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

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Why a Product Strategy Process Matters. In the picture above, the product strategy describes how a visionary, inspirational goal is attained. The product roadmap shows how the product strategy is put into action by stating dates, measurable goals, and selected features.

How brands can optimise their Marketplace presence with UX insight


Brands have an ‘insight blind spot’ when it comes to understanding user behaviour on third party Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and the plethora of online third party ecommerce sites where they could have a presence.

How to develop an effective digital product brand strategy in 5 easy steps

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The post How to develop an effective digital product brand strategy in 5 easy steps appeared first on EMERGE | Digital Product Agency.

Big Tech & Big Brands

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Brand Facebook Inc. Though it might seem that Facebook as a brand is at its all-time low, their strongest asset Instagram is branded as its own entity without the stigma of its parent. Most big brands tend to do this, look at how many beers are named Miller?—?Miller

How To Boost Your App’s Growth With Strong Branding

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If you’re like most people, the odds are that Rolex is one of the brands that pops into your mind straight away. That’s the power of branding. Regardless of which industry you’re in, brand awareness is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is

First Round Review

As a founding partner of Rock Health and seasoned consultant, Leslie Ziegler has helped brand dozens of startups. Here's what the success stories had in common. Continue reading at First Round Review »

Global Product Strategy by Mel McVeigh

Mind the Product

Mel McVeigh is the Product Director at Condé Nast , one of the largest publishers in the world, responsible for brands such as Vogue, GQ, and The New Yorker. In her ProductTank London talk, Mel takes us through how to create a global product strategy. Strategy.

Is Offering Private Label Brands A Good Move For Amazon?

The Accidental Product Manager

Is Offering Private Label Brands A Good Move For Amazon? However, they think that they may have found a way to be even more successful: private label brands. What Are Private Label Brands? Private label brands are generally not advertised – they just show up in the store.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

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The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory. It was originally intended as a business strategy tool to discover new markets. Use the Strategy Canvas not only for brand-new products. Product Strategy

Announcing a brand new approach to our product management course (next batch starts Sep)


You juggle between different responsibilities – you handle operations, talk to customers, you define strategy etc. Plus, expect real world examples on product positioning, messaging and GTM strategies.

How to Conduct a Brand Research – Practical Guide with a Case Study

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Still, how users react to your brand strategy lies relatively out of your hands. Words, logos, brand colours just trigger things – their power resides in associations. Previous experience with a specific brand deeply influences the way people perceive it. Brand awareness.

Branding Yourself as a Product

Pragmatic Marketing

Put another way: Your personal brand is more important than ever. And if you are the product, why not manage your personal brand like a product? The key is to create long-term extensibility for your brand. What you need is a product strategy. Then, devise a strategy for how to foster and develop those skills. A grandfather clock or a watch. Those are the symbols of career longevity I remember from my youth.

Sleeping Giants – Nandini Jammi on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast]

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Since this episode first aired, Nandini has stepped down from Sleeping Giants and has also launched Check My Ads , a brand safety consultancy. Brand reputation. Podcast The Product Experience Brand Business Strategy Ethics product ethics

Connect and conquer ? build your brand by staging events

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To do that, it’s not enough to replicate textbook marketing strategies. Product positioning, knowledge and brand awareness are your first ports of call in the early days. That means from day one, your strategy to meet and spend time with your audience is about dividing and conquering.

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Strategies for Non-Core Products

Dear Strategy

On this episode of Dear Strategy, we answer the following question…. Dear Strategy: “What are the key elements to have in a successful strategy for a non-core product? That doesn’t change, no matter what type of strategy you are developing. Dear Strategy: Episode 112.

Top Strategies to Advance Your Product Management Career Rapidly – Part 1

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To learn about these strategies more in-depth and receive a Product Management Career Plan Template, sign up for the webinar – How to Accelerate Your PM Career, Part 1: Top Strategies to Advance Rapidly on September 27, 2019.

Top Strategies to Advance Your Product Management Career Rapidly – Part 2

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Becoming expert will brand you as someone who is truly competent and ready to move up. Study your competitors and analyze their marketing and product strategies. Beef Up Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile—Build Your Personal Brand. If you hire a B player then that is your brand.

Dear Strategy 104: Coupons and Exclusions

Dear Strategy

On this episode of Dear Strategy, we analyze a story about trying to use a coupon at a retail store, only to find out that certain brands have been excluded. The post Dear Strategy 104: Coupons and Exclusions appeared first on Dear Strategy.

Three Strategies for Being Successfully Transparent


It’s a scenario that would make any product manager sweat: A Skype call with senior executives to review the pricing model for your brand-new product. Read more » The post Three Strategies for Being Successfully Transparent appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo.

Customer Experience Strategy for Small Business in 6 Steps


Many small businesses fail because they overlook the importance of a customer experience strategy. Why do you need a customer experience strategy? A CX strategy plays a critical role in ensuring the success of your business. Set a clear goal for your CX strategy.

Certify Inc./Chrome River’s Co-CPO on leading a product organization spanning multiple brands


Join us as we shine light on the strategies and thought processes behind an excellent product that customers use and love.

Top Strategies to Advance Your Product Management Career Rapidly – Part 3

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Read Part 2 of this 3 part series: Top Strategies to Advance Your Product Management Career Rapidly – Part 2. If you stay too long and you become branded as being negative it can really hurt you.

The Cost of a Bad Product Strategy


But for every success story, there’s a graveyard of failed products laid low by bad product strategies. A bad strategy is hard to overcome. What Does a Bad Product Strategy Look Like? If there was a simple test for bad product strategy most companies would happily use it.

How to Quickly Adjust Your Strategy to the New Reality

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It was clear to me that there is a challenge that every single product leader worldwide is dealing with these days, and it is the necessity to redefine and adjust their product or business strategy, and do it fast. Choose one, good, happy path, and create your strategy around it.

Our 6 Must Reads to Build a Brand That Breaks Through the Noise

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Building a brand is vital for startups, as they challenge incumbents in an existing industry or attempt to define a new one. Getting the right branding formula can feel more like an act of sorcery than strategy.

Behind the Product: Is Hilton Boiling Off Brand with Herb ‘N Kitchen?

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As such, to minimize the challenges of travel and maximize the benefits, I try to stay at hotels under one brand umbrella. When a company is delivering “on brand,” every part of the experience meets the customer’s expectations, and satisfies their needs.

As the consumer revolution reshapes industries, how can brands build for the future?


The whims of millennials are challenging established industries and forcing traditional brands to scramble. What’s old is really old, and what’s new will be forced to get newer as the playing field where brands meet consumers is seismically transformed.

A Primer on Business Strategy From Hamilton Helmer's 7 Powers

Sachin Rekhi

Beyond product/market fit, it turns out business strategy really does matter. A sound strategy can make the difference between our initial product/market fit being ephemeral versus the beginning of a meaningful and lasting business. Branding.

Global vs. Regional Product Strategies

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “How do you make sure there is an effective inter-working between different levels in a dynamic strategy evolution?”. Dynamic Strategy Evolution” – that could be the name of a band! Each individual strategy needs to stand on its own.

User Engagement, Customer Goals and a Sustainable Growth Strategy


Last but not least, check out our brand new lineup of training programs and flat rate fee structure. Developing a Sustainable Growth Strategy: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There! The post User Engagement, Customer Goals and a Sustainable Growth Strategy appeared first on Proficientz - Advanced Product Management Training & Certification for B2B. The B2B Product Manager Magazine August 2017 is now available.

How pricing strategy helps shape your entire business model

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No matter the specifics of how your company adapts and grows, it’s crucial to be aware of how your pricing strategy relates to other aspects of your business. Here, we examine the pricing strategy continuum, and how the different price points relate to all aspects of your business model.

How CDPs Power Effective Personalization Strategies

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The rise of online shopping, interactive brand profiles, and social media means that today’s customers require more than just exceptional customer service to move along your funnel. This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as How CDPs Power Effective Personalization Strategies.

Intercom on Product: The intersection of company and product strategy

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Five years ago I wrote about how product strategy means saying no – you must ruthlessly protect your product from feature creep. . Saying no, however, is just one part of a successful product strategy. The meeting point of company and product strategy.

EdTech Series: PX Strategies to Power In-App Engagements


An in-app engagement strategy requires two things: structure and technology. Creating a Compassionate In-App Engagement Strategy. The best practices in this article will help you build a solid foundation for your in-app engagement strategy this year and beyond.

Measuring the True Value of Your Strategy

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Dear Strategy: “What is the appropriate measure for the value of a project or product? Then you’ll have the 3 most common metrics that I typically see people using to measure the success of their strategies. Dear Strategy: Episode 094. ###.