The "Why" of Interviewing—Suzanne Abate, PM Consultant and Instructor

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Through my work as a product consultant and product management instructor, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of questions about what product management is. I have to give a shout out to my friend Margaret Jastrebski who was recently SVP of Enterprise Products at ShopRunner in Chicago.

How to Make Product Management for Enterprise Systems Work

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I love building enterprise systems, because you get to work with your customers/users every day and literally see their lives change as you release new features. But building good enterprise systems is prone to failure, as author and product consultant Sam McAfee has recently pointed out.

Innovation, SaaS, and Enterprise: Announcing the First Three Speakers for #mtpcon London!

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We’re delighted to announce our first three speakers, who will share their unique insights on building products in SaaS, how to be more creative and innovative, and how to change enterprise culture; Tickets are on sale now!

How to Influence Without Power – Tim Herbig on The Product Experience

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Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

consultation to treatment ? that don’t 21Monetizing the data exhaust: Top 10 industries with data monetization opportunities Closing remarks The ability to monetize enterprise data enables companies to expand into new markets by. the enterprise. of BI across the enterprise.

What’s the Secret to Becoming a Great Product Manager?

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Many, however, get stuck in what I call “product consultant” mode and cannot break out of it. This post is about what it takes to break out this “product consultant” mode, how to avoid it and ultimately how to achieve excellence in product management.

Innovation is Broken by Janice Fraser

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This is why every enterprise organisation is trying to innovate through innovation labs, accelerators, incubators, digital transformation programs, 20% time, and more. What is the point of innovation?

Dear CEO, Innovation Starts with a Good Product Manager

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While the statistics for Fortune 500 companies are less public, consultant and author Tendayi Viki hits the nail on the head when he says that coming up with a great idea is easy, the hard part is building the development process, business model, value proposition, and execution. In larger companies, PA Consulting found innovation failures cost companies about £65 billion each year in the UK alone.

10 All-Star Project Managers to Follow on Twitter

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Successful project management requires a close working relationship with leadership to ensure each project is aligned with business strategy , even as companies undergo enterprise-wide change. project-management leadership training digital-transformation enterprise-technology

Feature prioritization in product management: the key to building products that sell

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Forty-nine percent ( 49%) of product managers said this is their biggest challenge, and when responses are added from enterprise software PMs, this figure jumps up to 62%. That means nearly two-thirds of enterprise product leaders are currently worrying about which product features are needed.

Don’t Miss These Amazing Speakers at #mtpcon Singapore

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He works as a coach, consultant, and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centred design. Jonny consults on product development and innovation management, and coaches teams to do their best work.

How Atlassian built a $20 billion dollar company with no sales team

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When you think about how “traditional” enterprise-focused firms – think Microsoft, Oracle and IBM – sell software, it usually follows a well trodden formula: negotiations, long sales cycles and a “checklist” of features demanded by decision makers who seldom use the products they buy.

TEI 175: Building B2B products – with Blair Reeves & Benjamin Gaines

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It’s titled Building Products for the Enterprise. The authors join this episode to discuss how product management is different for enterprise software products, including: Differences in consumers from B2B and B2C. How the scale of enterprise customers impacts product work.

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Customer Success – an important role

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Digital Transformation, it’s all the rage, and doing a simple Google search yields a plethora of hits, from training to consultants, to the big market research companies, all weighing in. No longer must the adoption of a technology be an enormous undertaking, requiring a significant investment (technology funding, finding space in the data center, buying racks of gear, upgrading network bandwidth, huge software licenses, big dollar consultants for implementation).

Citrix Troubleshooting 101: Frequently Asked Questions

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George Spiers provided all answers based on his real-world Citrix consulting projects. WEM is available with XenDesktop Enterprise (now Virtual Apps & Desktops Advanced) and above subscriptions. Can eG Enterprise detect issues with NetScaler?

How to Deal with Unresponsive Stakeholders

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In order to do this, one of the most useful things I got from my enterprise consulting days is something called the Minto Pyramid Principle. It’s used in dressed-up, serious, management consulting firms, but don’t let that deter you — it’s really helpful. As Marty Cagan puts it , managing stakeholders is probably the least favorite part of our job as Product Managers.

What the Amazon Beta Testing Ads Say About the CV Industry


Technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are among the over 70% of modern enterprises that run Beta Tests to validate their products with customers. You can also get a free test plan consultation to get moving in the right direction.

Why the Time is Right for #mtpcon Singapore

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He joins speakers such as coach and consultant Jeff Gothelf, who is also the author of Sense and Respond & Lean UX, Jen Dante, who is Head of Enterprise AR/VR Product at Google, and Ken Chin, who is CPO of Seek Asia.

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8 steps to craft a winning sales strategy, according to industry leaders

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When done correctly, your sales strategy will help your sales team execute with focus – SMB or enterprise, inbound or outbound, hunting or farming. Act like a consultant and advisor to your prospects. Act like a consultant and advisor to your prospects. Moving to enterprise.

How to Further Your Product Management Career in Asia

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Large enterprises going through a digital transformation. Consulting firms and digital agencies. Large local or regional enterprises will have significant product development resources in Asia and offer the best opportunities to find product management roles. Like everywhere else in the world, digital product managers are in high demand in Asia. It’s still a relatively new role in this part of the world and the supply of local talent is limited.

Product Managers Attempt To Solve The Toy Problem

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The tiny collectable market was originally created by the Australian toy maker Moose Enterprise. One of the most popular lines, Shopkins, was created by the Australian company Moose Enterprise. Blue Elephant Consulting – Your Source For Real World Product Management Skills.

The Outstanding Speakers at #mtpcon San Francisco 2019

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He has a storied career across enterprise and consumer products, and has been a product manager since the pre-internet era in the early 90s. Mind the Product returns to San Francisco and the famous Davies Symphony Hall on July 15-16.

The Ultimate List of Product Leaders You Must Follow (UPDATED)

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Josh Fetcher is an author and business consultant. Then, he became a consultant and was recruited by Netflix as VP Product Management (during the period it grew from 2 million to 13 million members). Dan Olsen is an entrepreneur, consultant, and Lean product expert.

8 Essential Elements of Your Customer Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

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Before exploring any session content, make sure everyone introduces themselves—CAB member attendees, host-company executives and third-party consultants. By Rob Jensen.

The Secrets of Highly Successful Sales People: Objection Handling

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A prospect might be concerned that your company might go out of business, or that there won’t be enough skilled consultants to handle their implementation needs, just to give two examples. There’s the monetary cost – usually substantial for an enterprise application or system.

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Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup

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Personally, I can’t stop thinking about the pain that this new reality – the one that comes after Agile – is going to cause a lot of enterprise companies. Rather, it’s the way it was introduced to the enterprise.

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Interview: Steve Portigal on user research war stories in the field


One such seasoned and ‘battle hardened’ veteran is Steve Portigal, a user research consultant who has spent the last 15 years facing all the challenges that being in the field research.

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Top companies learn fast, why isn't yours?

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Many large enterprises look at start up companies with envy at their speed of innovation i.e. Learning. The enterprise culture is polarised to the start up culture. The enterprise only rewards success, it punishes failure and in doing so creates an unsafe learning environment.

Frankfurt, 16 April: Product Leaders Workshop

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Greg Prickril is a software product management consultant, coach and trainer specializing in the intersection of software product management with disciplines such as Scrum, Lean and Design Thinking. What: One-Day Product Leaders Workshop (Roundtable). When: April 16, 2018.

TEI 168: Roles and responsibilities of product managers – with Steve Johnson

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Steve has been working within the high-tech arena since 1979 with experience in technical, sales, and marketing positions at companies specializing in enterprise and desktop hardware and software. Cutting through role confusion to create successful products.

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SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers


Sue Raisty , Product Management Consultant and CEO at Sure Product Consulting. For customers more used to enterprise or custom-built software, they might expect one-off customizations or features they can heavily customize. Title: Product Management Consultant and CEO.

Introducing the Speakers for MTP Engage Manchester 2019

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Gabrielle Bufrem is a Senior Product Manager at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco where she works with a range of clients from enterprise to start-ups in order to build user-centred products. Sophie Manton – Independent Consultant.

The Incredible Speakers for #mtpcon London 2018

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Joe Leech, Product Strategy Consultant. Joe Leech is a Product Strategy and UX consultant with 14 years experience helping companies and startups with product design, building the right stuff in the right order, and applying psychology in design and user experience.

Salesforce’s Mike Kreaden on how to build a platform to drive growth

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Mike has been in and around startups for the better part of three decades: as a consultant, as a co-founder and now as the Managing Director of Salesforce Incubator, which propels new startups into the marketplace. I had done some software consulting.

Get SaaS-y: Empowering On-Premise Software with Usage Analytics


Talk to any CIO at an enterprise that made a substantial investment in on-premise software vs. SaaS and you’ll gather plenty of anecdotal evidence to that end. But even new enterprise software buyers are investing in on-premise software. For instance, Panorama Consulting’s annual ERP buying survey showed that more than half of respondents conducting enterprise software projects in 2016 were implementing on-premise software.

Using Process Mapping to Document your Roadmapping Process


When a company hires a fancy management consulting firm to help them “optimize” operations, one of the first things they’ll do is document how things are currently being done. “Process” may sound like the antithesis of creative innovation, but it’s what separates an MVP from an enterprise-class scalable solution.

8 Keys to Successfully Implementing a Product Management Framework

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We’re taking a bit of a risk sharing these with you, because our consulting work often involves parachuting in to fix implementation challenges. Whether you are part of an enterprise firm or a mid-market company.

Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces

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When I worked as a product management consultant clients would often talk about “needing a product roadmap ASAP”. If you want to read about strategy with value at its heart: Lean Enterprise. so my investor said that I need a product manager to do our product roadmap?”.

Mike Bonamassa Joins Agile Velocity as Senior Vice President of Delivery

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In recent years, he founded PLADcloud, a company dedicated to helping organizations transform into digital enterprises in order to get–and stay–ahead of competition. We’re excited to announce that Mike Bonamassa has joined Agile Velocity as Senior Vice President of Delivery.

20 expert opinions on UI design trends for 2018


“Affordable, high-end aesthetics” Jane Portman, UI/UX Consultant, Conference Speaker and Author, UI Breakfast. “Revisit the meaning of ‘good’ design” Joe Natoli, Independent UX Consultant, Speaker and Author, Give Good UX.

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