The Importance of Product Positioning

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In this video 280 Group CEO and Founder, Brian Lawley, is joined by Senior Consultant/Trainer, Tom Evans, who is a Product Management and Product Marketing expert.The topic is why good product positioning is so critical for your product and your messaging.

Crafting a Useful Positioning Statement

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A strong positioning statement is an important ingredient for success. In this post we share some tips for developing a well thought out positioning statement. What is a Positioning Statement? A well-crafted positioning statement brings together your overall value proposition with your positioning for a product. A Good Positioning Statement Framework. Four Essentials for a Useful Positioning Statement. Other Forms for Your Positioning Statement.

5 Obviously Awesome Takeaways from April Dunford’s New Positioning Book

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From page 1 of Obviously Awesome: How To Nail Product Positioning So Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It , it was clear that the team at Business of Software needed to read April Dunford’s new book. 1 – Positioning is the difference between ‘So?’

Freelance Consulting and Product Management – Time to Join the gig Economy?

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Therein lies the opportunity for a product management consultant. Consulting on a part-time and freelance basis may be a viable option for you, depending on where you are in your career. marketing acumen to promote the nascent consulting business.

What is positioning and how can it improve marketing?

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When colleagues, peers or marketing consultants refer to positioning, what do you think they mean? There is often a debate about what positioning is, and what it is not. Confusing matters further, there are two proper usages of “positioning:” How your company is situated relative to its competitors; [… If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

How to align sales and marketing through positioning

Messages that Matter

I have been asking sales consultants for the last month whether they have ever worked with a B2B software company [… Is there a disconnect between your marketing team and sales? Do sales team members love your presentations or do they complain about them? What about the leads you create? Do they jump all over them?

Using Different Types of Personas

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April Dunford: ‘Obviously Awesome’ UK Book Launch Tour

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April is a globally recognized expert in Positioning and Market strategy. Drawing on years of experience, in these talks she’ll teach you how to avoid the 3 killer positioning pitfalls and how to use market context to make the value of your offerings obvious for your target customers.

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Sales Presentation Techniques That Improve Discovery

Proficientz – Product Management University

The approach exemplifies consultative selling. Product Management Playbook Positioning & Sales EnablementThere are many cases where salespeople are forced into giving presentations before adequate discovery has been completed.

The Art of Developing Your Launch Strategy

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Prospects Will Sell Themselves. You Just Have to Let Them!

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Your credibility and consultative approach is what will make you unique, especially in a sales role. Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementThe more you’re talking the less you’re selling. Listening just might be the most underrated and overlooked sales skill of all. If you let buyers talk long enough, they’ll eventually talk themselves into buying whatever you’re selling. Try these three tactics with your next prospect and the odds of a desirable outcome go up exponentially.

Win the “Customer Value” Relay Race and Dominate Your Market

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The marketing and sales enablement function has three goals: Create a corporate résumé (positioning) that communicates your strategic value to the market in the customers’ vocabulary. Equip the salesforce to facilitate credible and consultative business conversations with executives (strategic), managers (operational) and users (tactical) to distinguish your organization from the competition.

Problem Scenarios as a Device

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Product Love Podcast: April Dunford, Speaker and Author


This week on Product Love, I sat down with April Dunford, a positioning consultant, keynote speaker, and the author of “Obviously Awesome.” Per her book title, our conversation was obviously awesome (cue the tomatoes).

3 Ways to Leverage Your Strongest Product Management Skills

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I often advise coaching clients who want to change industries or move into a leadership position within their industry to create a thought leadership plan. She helps clients navigate our training and consulting solutions, and also oversees our contingent-search recruiting practice.

The best messages resonate because they articulate what you've already been trying to say

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— Steve Johnson, Under 10 Consulting. Positioning is an essential tool in your product playbook. And there are lots of different formats for positioning. I was working with a friend on product positioning. The best messages resonate because they articulate what you've already been trying to say.— On a break, I found two emails that directly corresponded to the product we were discussing.

Good Product Management is the key to Organisational Happiness

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This is, of course, a subjective observation which comes from interacting with many organisations as a product consultant. Progress is a feeling that your time and effort is actually moving you towards positive goals.

Why IT Teams Benefit from a Product Management Viewpoint

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Positioning. Proper segmentation and positioning are essential to a well-defined solution. A powerful positioning statement also serves as the vision statement for the solution, aligning stakeholders around the solution and helping to control scope creep. Refocusing the Lens.

3 Strategies to Pitch Product Management Ideas

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For this video, 280 Group CEO and Founder, Brian Lawley, talks with Bill Haines, who is not only a Product Management Consultant and Trainer, but an expert in positioning, messaging, and influencing people.

Introducing the CPO Accelerator

Melissa Perri

Product is the only position that touches everything across the organization and helps pull it together to create a compelling offering for its customers. Tommi has previously held product leadership positions at Splice and Shutterstock.

Product Management: A Field Where There is Great Power in Saying ‘No’

Product Management Unpacked

For me, after nearly three decades of helping employers and as a consultant helping companies on product strategy and strategic issues of all kinds, the ability to focus – and decide what not to do – is essential to success in product management. ‘No’ can be a positive. As a long-time product manager, I found the positive effects of saying no in a few situations. It’s not just to establish a firm position of what they are not going to do.

How to Evaluate and Create Great Product Management Teams

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Positive Leader Relations. 280 Group is the world’s leading Product Management training and consulting firm. Join us for our webinar on July 26th, Becoming Expert: Are you the Product Leader your team needs? where we’ll tackle what it takes to create great teams in more detail.

Revisiting ASPIRE for Competencies

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One of the keys in positioning is creating a unique space in the mind of buyers. Use ASPIRE to help refine your position. What is your position in the market? Example: Consulting and coaching. I use ASPIRE to help potential consultants profile the opportunity.

Developing Product Management Confidence

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It’s the expectation of a positive outcome”. But how do you develop the confidence required to lead a team of stakeholders to a positive outcome? Her consulting work, personal life events and her business partner emphasized that the lessons as “Ms.

Dissecting Product Management Job Titles


Sustain Digital , an Australian recruitment firm and Brainmates, a Product Management consultancy, recently hosted a lunch with senior Product leaders. Francesca Jackson , Product Consultant, Sustain Digital. Adrienne Tan , Co-Founder, Principal Consultant, Brainmates.

Top 7 UX Podcasts to Inspire Product Design


Top episodes we love: Rochelle King (Spotify): Former VP of Design at Spotify and current VP Creative Production at Netflix, Rochelle King talks about data awareness, positively debating ideas within your team, and listening to both your team and your users to improve your processes and your product.

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PR Does Not Stand for “Press Release” – B2B Marketing Rules

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Bill Haines, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer | 280 Group. Bill also held executive positions at a software development firm and at an award-winning marketing communications agency.

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Product Manager Job Description for B2B

Proficientz – Product Management University

Performs scenario-based competitive analysis (not a competitive feature matrix) that identifies customer circumstances in which your product is superior/inferior to the competition and the subsequent value narrative that should accompany marketing/sales positioning and future product plans. Positive, “glass-is-always half-full” attitude. Customer-facing roles (that possess many of the personality traits above) such as: Pre-sales consultant (demo specialist).

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Meet Your New Partner: The Sales Team – B2B Marketing Rules

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To gain enthusiasm from sales for these sessions, keep the focus positive. Bill Haines, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer | 280 Group. Bill also held executive positions at a software development firm and at an award-winning marketing communications agency.

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Customer Journey Map – B2B Marketing Rules

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Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer. Bill Haines is a Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. Bill also held executive positions at a software development firm and at an award-winning marketing communications agency.

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Book Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager

The Product Bistro

Written by Brian Lawley, the top man at the 280Group , a consultancy, and training organization with deep product management and product marketing skills and reputations, I was at first put off by how thin the book was.

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Podcast: Moving Up the Career Ladder with Thor Mitchell

Mind the Product

Following a talk at ProductTank Bristol, he joined us to chat about the advice he gives both to aspiring product managers and to those angling for leadership positions.

Customer Success – an important role

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Digital Transformation, it’s all the rage, and doing a simple Google search yields a plethora of hits, from training to consultants, to the big market research companies, all weighing in. No longer must the adoption of a technology be an enormous undertaking, requiring a significant investment (technology funding, finding space in the data center, buying racks of gear, upgrading network bandwidth, huge software licenses, big dollar consultants for implementation).

Finding Flow in Your Product Management Career

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A few years ago, I wrote a couple of blog posts about working as a consultant in product management. At that time in London – we’re talking 2011/2012 – it was, dare I say, a bold step to leave a full-time, good product position to go freelance.

3 Critical Skills Preventing You From Becoming a Great Product Manager

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Some issues your team may face if their product manager is weak in conducting Competitive Analysis: Lack of great marketing collateral that highlights your product positioning. 280 Group is the world’s leading Product Management training and consulting firm. We often hear the old adage, “forget your weaknesses, play to your strengths!” when talking about the fastest way to get ahead in your career. After all, your strengths are your competitive advantage.

How to Deal with Unresponsive Stakeholders

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In order to do this, one of the most useful things I got from my enterprise consulting days is something called the Minto Pyramid Principle. It’s used in dressed-up, serious, management consulting firms, but don’t let that deter you — it’s really helpful. Also, this undermines the stakeholder’s position within the organization, which is not good for them. As Marty Cagan puts it , managing stakeholders is probably the least favorite part of our job as Product Managers.

Product Managers Struggle To Use Price To Make Their Products Popular

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What this means is that they are in a much better position than they were a year ago. The thinking is that if investments are made in these areas now, then the retailers will be well positioned to compete both with each other and online. Blue Elephant Consulting –.

Deadlines are evil. Deadlines are our friends

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The lesson I’ve come to learn over the years is that we need to accept and embrace deadlines as a positive influence on our work. It’s what sets the difference between positive motivator and death march. Turning deadlines into a positive influence. The key to turning deadlines into a positive influence is to keep them achievable. Those can be the positive effects of working towards (and hitting) a deadline. Deadline.

How to Manage 6 Challenging Personality Types in Meetings – Part 2: The Swoop-and-Pooper

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At the start of our first session, Cindy explained that she had just been promoted into a new position and her responsibilities had dramatically expanded. The RACI model separates people into four different roles: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.

Why Does Business Acumen Matter?

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But when employees possess the above-listed skills and work across disciplines, businesses are better positioned to react to disruption, innovate, meet customer demands, avoid costly delays, and possibly, disrupt a market themselves. Why Does Business Acumen Really Matter?