My framework for Machine Learning Products — Part 1 of 3

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Building your first Machine Learning product can be overwhelming?—?the I’ve often seen great Machine Learning models fail to become great Products, not because of the ML itself, but because of the supporting product environment.

Customer needs with JTBD–and other innovation insights for product managers July 15, 2016 - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers, developers, and innovators be heroes. New product development frequently begins by having keener insights into customers’ needs than competitors do.

How do market researchers add experimentation to drive better business outcomes?


Product teams responsible for introducing new solutions to the market are embracing agile workflows and need to engage in higher-velocity decision-making to inform recurring code sprints. But it simply can’t inform the day-to-day decisions that product teams need to make.