Product Operations Dashboard

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

That’s where investing time and energy into building an operations dashboard will pay dividend for years to come. Believe it or not, if you have done the hard work of defining your business formula ( Defining the Formula that Drives your Business ) and finding critical event(s) ( Finding Your Product’s Critical Event ), building the dashboard will be relatively straightforward. What is a product operations dashboard? A product operations dashboard is not a report.

A practical guide to better dashboard design


A digital dashboard is a place where someone can view lots of data at once. How to create a dashboard your users will love. Dashboards shouldn’t show everything at once. As a general rule of thumb, a dashboard should do the following: Show only the most important information.


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Research critical vulnerabilities with the Leo CVE Dashboard

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The Leo CVE Dashboard gives you at-a-glance visibility into relevant trending vulnerabilities, and you can use Leo to focus any of your feeds for faster insight into risks impacting your business’s software, hardware, and application stack. New Feature.

6 Steps to Launching Your Customer Health Dashboard


Customer health dashboards are one of the critical keys to durable revenue growth. At its heart, a good dashboard can summarize tens or hundreds or even thousands of metrics on customer experience into one simple, impactful snapshot of sentiment and behavior.

How To Build a Slack Activity Dashboard Using Only Open-Source Tools

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Visit the URL on your favorite browser, and you should see Airbyte’s dashboard (if this is your first time, you will be prompted to enter your email to get started). You will be requested to enter a name for the source you are about to create. Creating Our Dashboards with Superset a.

Behavioral Analytics 101: Dashboards Tips & Tricks


Master Dashboard tips and tricks. Spend less time aggregating KPIs by getting the most out of your Indicative dashboards. Dashboards. Here are four quick tips to customize your dashboards experience. You can get to dashboards from the Dashboards tab on the left side of the Indicative app. Click the button to change how frequently your dashboards update, so you get the results you need when you need them. Select Settings to rename the dashboard.

Product Managers Struggle To Get Dashboard Screens Correct

The Accidental Product Manager

Dashboard screens are nice to look at but hard to make correctly Image Credit: Andrea. If you’ve had a chance to jump into a new car lately, undoubtedly your attention has been drawn to the dashboard screen that just about every car has nowadays. However, as car manufacturer product managers are discovering, creating a high quality dashboard screen is harder than it looks…. The Problems With Dashboard Screens. The heart of a modern car is its dashboard screen.

Birst Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for 4th Straight Time

Birst BI

Today, Constellation Research , a leading technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, announced that Birst, an Infor company, for the fourth consecutive time, has been named to the Constellation ShortList for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. What’s more, reports, dashboards, KPIs, alerts, and recommendations may need to be embedded into external applications.

Mid-July Product Update


Sharing and downloading your dashboards just got better! Now, Print mode conforms your dashboard layout to fit into a printable page, allowing you to organize your dashboard across multiple pages, and customize your print (or PDF) format. . Sharing your dashboard with your team, executives, or investors is easier than ever. Dashboard Settings. We’ve launched some features that we think you’ll love!

Mixpanel 2018 Product Highlights


Customizable dashboards. Further customize your dashboards so teams can digest the data quickly, by selecting the type of chart to feature on each card, dragging and dropping cards into a specific order, and re-sizing cards to show more, or less, of each chart. Global filter in Dashboards. Simply filter the entire dashboard by a cohort, people property, or date range.

Product Update: July 2020


You can also create an annotations widget for any dashboard to showcase a timeline of your team’s key results and milestones. Best Matches will shortlist your Top 6 search results for events, properties, property values, or project names in any dropdown. .

Customer Success by Product Design: A New Collaboration Process for Human-First Companies


Let’s walk through each step for one of our product modules: Adoption Explorer’s Create Dashboard Step. Adoption explorer dashboard allows CS teams to gain visibility into product usage metrics as part of their customer details view. Co-Authored by Ophir Sweiry and Chris Jalisi.

Product Update: December 2020


Maintain a clean and consistent naming convention for your project, complete with descriptions and categories, by downloading your events, event properties, and user properties to a CSV. Embedded Widget and Public Dashboard Variant Creation API. Happy New Year!

eG Enterprise Features

eG Innovations

Everything about our UI layered model with out-of-the-box thresholds and automated alerts is designed to free the administrator from searching and scrolling through grid views of individual metrics or staring at overview dashboards all day waiting for something to turn from green to red.

How to Choose the Right KPIs for Your Product

Roman Pichler

This might have involved observing target users, interviewing them, carrying out competitor research, and using throw-away prototypes, to name just a few strategy validation techniques. What are KPIs? Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that measure how your product is doing.

Vision 213

New Java Reporting in Revulytics Usage Intelligence


New Java Reports in the Dashboard. The Usage Intelligence Dashboard now includes new Java specific reports which can be accessed from the product menu by selecting Java Environment. Data for Java reports is collected out-of-the-box and will be available in the Dashboard as soon as you integrate your software with the Usage Intelligence SDK. Filter Dashboard Reports by Java Properties. javaVmName – Java VM Name.

System Monitoring for AWS EC2 Cloud Instances with AWS CloudWatch

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The CloudWatch metric names for these counters are created by putting a space between the object name and the counter name. For example, the % Interrupt Time counter of the Processor object is given the metric name “Processor % Interrupt Time” in CloudWatch.

16 extremely useful Chrome extensions for developers


And all created screenshots and screen recordings are directly stored in your project dashboard, making bug tracking and feedback a lot of fun! The lorem ipsum generator does what its name states. Create a file named background.js Step 5 – Creating and Naming Extension.

FullStory Alternatives: Five Top Analytics Tools to Choose From

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As the name implies, FullStory auto logs all aspects of users’ interactions such as scroll, swipe, click, and pageview. In terms of reporting, UXCam’s drag and drop team dashboard is easy for non-technical team members to use.

August 2021 Product Update


In the future, you’ll also be able to save it to a dashboard. If you are one of our customers who have specific security requirements or naming conventions, this makes sure your set-up is within compliance of your company requirements.

Team ’22 Recap — Highlights from Atlassian’s Flagship Conference

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In the past, although Atlassian products offered great in-product dashboards, many teams struggled to build cross-platform custom reports because it required a deep understanding of APIs and scripts. Atlassian Data Lake will simplify custom dashboards, reporting, and analysis.

How to Visualize the Time Spent by Your Team in Zoom Calls

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This will start up Airbyte on localhost:8000; open that address in your browser to access the Airbyte dashboard. In the top right corner of the Airbyte dashboard, click on the + new source button to add a new Airbyte source.

How to Choose the Right KPIs for Your Product

Roman Pichler

This might have involved observing target users, interviewing them, carrying out competitor research, and using throw-away prototypes, to name just a few strategy validation techniques. Listen to this article: [link]. What are KPIs?

Vision 156

Citrix Workspace Monitoring and Management

eG Innovations

Figure 2: The smiley face icon – which is available in many parts of the eG Enterprise interface to provide a quick link to the UX Dashboards. Figure 3: On the UX Dashboard you can see highlighted by the yellow box the summary session information for a user.

Empower Product Teams with Product Outcomes, Not Business Outcomes

Product Talk

By the time you see revenue (or a lack of it)—whether it’s in a dashboard, cash in the bank, or a cancellation notice from a churned customer—it’s too late to take corrective action. I’m excited to add Hope Gurion as an official author on Product Talk.

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Release Notes: July 2020


Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Templates, a workflow tool to leverage your existing Amplitude dashboards to empower new teammates, and apply previous work to new product initiatives. New in Collaboration. Templates. Available on the Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise plans.

Announcing multichannel transactional messaging: Make sure your customers get the message

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Please let your point of contact, [primary owner’s name] , know if you have any questions or would like to make any changes to your subscription. Hi [name] ! Hey [name] ! I’d love to schedule a short call to walk you through your dashboard and answer any questions you may have.

High Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Implementation: Breaking Down Indicative’s Rankings in G2’s Winter 2021 Report


Continuing to climb in G2’s quarterly industry rankings, Indicative was again named a Leader in Customer Journey Analytics by G2 in their 2021 Winter Report. Easy set-up and visualization : “It was really easy to set up a basic dashboard and get a visual of the data I felt was important.

30 Steps to Mobile App Launch

Apptentive and set up a landing page, complete with your app’s name and description and a form for visitors to sign up for email alerts on your app’s progress. Are there any bloggers or journalists whose names keep coming up? CONTINUE TO ADD TO YOUR PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD.

SaaS App Click Tracking 101: How to Track User Engagement With Your WebApp


You can then optimize the user experience by rearranging your dashboard in a way that provides the best usability. Go to the Userpilot dashboard. You will land on the click tracking dashboard. Add any relevant notes to the tag using the Name field.

An Honest Review of Pendo Analytics


If you sign up for a trial with Pendo, you are asked whether you initially want to explore Behavior Analytics , Dashboards, or Guides. 26% of customers went to the Dashboard next, and 16% went to Contacts. Many SaaS businesses rate Pendo Analytics among the best in the industry.

Product Update: August 2020


Try it out in Dashboards ! No more scrolling- now you can search by event name to shortlist sessions that contain an event. Dashboards are now read-only in mobile. Hello everyone! We’re wishing you good health and high spirits as this season comes to an end.

5 Reasons to Love Ionic Appflow

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Appflow packages these features in a beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to focus on your app and business. You can easily configure App Stores or ‘Destinations’ within the dashboard with just a few clicks.

Webflow vs. WordPress: Which is better?

Imaginary Cloud - Design

WordPress's Dashboard & Elementor. ? Two names that usually stand out in the early decision stages are WordPress and Webflow. In the latter, you can create a fully functioning website from scratch in a built-in drag-and-drop tool named Designer. WordPress's Dashboard.

Behavioral Analytics 101: Calculating Your Product Stickiness


Master Dashboard tips and tricks. On the bottom right of each query row, you can name the query. The first row should be named Active Users Yesterday , and the second, Active Users Last 30 Days. Be sure to click Save to Dashboard in the top right of your screen, so you can reference fresh numbers at a glance at any time. Welcome to Indicative’s Behavioral Analytics 101 blog series!

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Top 5 Project Management Tools in 2021

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From automating workflows, creating task dependencies and custom fields to interactive dashboards, Jira is a PM tool that packs serious power. Fun fact – Jira gets its name from Gojira. Yep, that’s the original Japanese name for Godzilla. .

Product Update: August 2020


Try it out in Dashboards ! No more scrolling- now you can search by event name to shortlist sessions that contain an event. Dashboards are now read-only in mobile. Hello everyone! We’re wishing you good health and high spirits as this season comes to an end.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

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It is an important part of the induction process into the Toyota Production System, namely their problem-solving training. I think a data visualization dashboard would be great as a first screen in the back-office.”. The original request was to ‘add a data visualization dashboard as a first screen on the product’. People from all over the company come to you with feature requests and ideas. From minor things like UI tweaks to major ones like a new Search feature.

August Product Update


If storing your data is more accessible than ever, why are big-name customer analytics platforms locking you into their proprietary storage?”. New Features: User property names will now be simplified for easier query building. ICYMI: Free plan dashboards will only refresh automatically once every 24 hours. The data landscape has transformed dramatically over the past few years and our CEO, Jeremy Levy, believes major players in the analytics space are failing to keep up.

Taylor Murphy on the funny thing about data


Having been a company that was incubated and then spun out of GitLab, we still share a lot of their values, namely that strong commitment to open source. It takes a great degree of knowledge and talent to be a good data practitioner.