The ultimate marketing technology stack for 2019

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Known as the Martech 5000 — nicknamed after the 5,000 companies that were competing in the global marketing technology space in 2017, it’s said to be the most frequently shared slide of all time. – lie beyond the realms of this article but one thing is clear: this market is HUGE.

What is Product Marketing? A Data-Backed Definition

The Product Coalition

An insight into Product Marketing roles, responsibilities and KPIs after interviewing dozens of Product Marketing Managers. The State of Product Marketing today Product Marketing is like Customer Success was 5 years ago; misunderstood but easily thrown around.

How do market researchers add experimentation to drive better business outcomes?


Look no further than Amazon – in a 2017 letter to shareholders , CEO Jeff Bezos, credited a decision-making model for the company’s ability to deliver value to the market faster: “Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70% of the information you wish you had.

How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads

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As an outbound SDR, this approach has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes me to schedule demos, and also creates meaningful, personal engagement at scale. As sales trainer John Barrows once told us , our job is to create context around the content that marketing creates. From outbound to inbound. This new approach to live chat as a part of cold outreach has turned outbound emails into inbound conversations.

HubSpot’s Kieran Flanagan on product-led growth

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Though he’s now HubSpot’s VP of Marketing and Growth, Kieran has seen it all. From there, he created HubSpot’s freemium, go-to-market product, before moving into his current role. We have a suite of tools that help marketers, sales, customer service people, and grow companies.

MadKudu’s Liam Boogar-Azoulay on building apps to expand your product’s reach

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I invited Liam Boogar-Azoulay who heads up marketing at MadKudu to share his experience. One sure sign of a key brand is if the vast majority of your lead generation is from inbound, organic results. You’re currently head of marketing at MadKudu. Marketing

Avoid the land of no decision: 6 critical questions for every discovery call

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In sales, it’s normal to spend hours rehearsing for an upcoming demo and fine-tuning the deck. Whether you’re dealing with an inbound or outbound lead, this is a softball question that helps uncover your prospect’s motivations for checking out your product.

Product adoption: how to get customers to embrace your product

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With the right marketing and product tactics, you can make all four of those forces work in your favor. Their marketing taps into key emotions of frustration and relief to drive urgency and a desire for change. Marketing

Build a growth stack, not a tech stack

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Tech stacks are the backbone of modern sales and marketing operations. But, too often sales and marketing tech stacks are cobbled together from existing tools and workflows that have organically developed over time. 3 tips for building a sales and marketing growth stack.

How we use bots at Intercom

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We’ve talked a lot about how businesses can use chatbots to accelerate sales, marketing and support. Automating our sales and marketing. On our demo page, the bot triggers immediately and gathers the person’s company name, email address and personal name.

Before you go whaling – automate your sales follow-up for the long tail

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With a high volume of inbound leads, you have a long tail of small accounts that individually are worth less in ARR but collectively could mean a big pay day for your company. Doing so not only enables us to optimize for speed and response rate at the lower end of the market, but also gives our inner whaler time to focus on catching big fish. I use case studies, demo videos and blog posts to show leads how easy it is to use Intercom and the results our customers have seen.

What we shipped: 7 new features to deliver personalized experiences at scale

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Easily book demos and calls with your best leads using our updated scheduling apps. Our Get a Demo and Google Calendar apps enable leads to book demos and meetings right in the Messenger, so that you can focus on selling, not scheduling. Get a Demo app updates.

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Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler on selling more with less

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I learned a ton from growing this business: about sales, about marketing, about how to run a company, and it’s been a lot of fun. For us, it was important to completely saturate the market. Is it transitioning from inbound to outbound sales? A lot of the companies I advise are selling to mid-market and above, and that’s where my value is. Podcast Sales & Marketing hiring hiring strategy outbound sales Saas Sales sales sales advice

Pragmatic Live Transcripts (Prioritizing Your Product Launch)

Pragmatic Marketing

Hello and welcome to the Pragmatic Live podcast series where we tackle the biggest challenges facing today's product management, product marketing, and other market and data driven professionals with some of the best minds in the industry. I'm Rebecca Kalogeris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pragmatic Institute, and your host for this episode. I'm a principal product marketer here at HubSpot. And then I think we look in the market for validation.

9 essential sales steps you need to grow your SaaS startup

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Define your marketing personas. To do this it is necessary to create marketing personas that represent your ideal prospect or match your ideal customer profile. Again the goal here is to treat this stage of the process as primary market research. Only now is it time to demo!

SaaS Events You Can’t Miss in 2019


DX3 is Canada’s largest conference for marketers that showcases best practices and insights on all things digital marketing. INBOUND | September 3-6, Boston, MA. With over 2,700 sessions, training opportunities, hands-on demos and more, Dreamforce has no shortage of learnings.

Product thinking: behind our new Messenger home screen

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Imagine, we excitedly said to ourselves, not just searching for help content, but booking demos, offering newsletter subscriptions and offers – all things you can do without needing to start a conversation. Example 1: Messenger home focused on sales and marketing.

How to build a billion dollar sales team like Stripe

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The second stage is treating growth as top of funnel marketing and layering on sales to open up profitable yet harder to reach segments. So how did they go from product-market fit to actually scaling a sales org around a repeatable sales process?

Build your own chatbots with Custom Bots

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We’ve built a new product that automatically increases qualified leads for your sales team, accelerating your sales process, and therefore maximizing the efficiency of your sales and your marketing team. This is an example pricing page for purposes of the demo.

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The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

Pragmatic Marketing

Developers need personas, market problems, and most of all, a prioritized list of requirements. Agile methods advocate a role called product owner to support the product team with customer and market information. Assuming a few showcase customers represent the broader market.

Turning Software Into Money | Paul Kenny, OceanLearning | BoS USA 2017

Business of Software Conference

And you know how it’s funny, we were talking about the butterfly – I did have a thing, as I stood up for that conference in 2008, I had a little moment of panic because this whole market was new to me and I started thinking as I was walking down to take the stage, how the hell I got here? It was a terrible market to work in, 100s of publications were the same from you. Or maybe you need a classic enterprise sales person who goes into the market and makes leads happen.