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The Votes Are In: The Top 7 Wireframing & Mockup Tools for Mobile App Pros


Not to mention that top mobile app brands like Airbnb, PayPal, Lyft, and Cicso have implemented some of these tools to build a slick user interface and engaging UX. Balsamiq’s name is like Kleenex for tissue- it is a known veteran when it comes to wireframing tools.

Live chat for business: everything you wanted to know about live chat but were afraid to ask

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A great customer experience today is about meeting people where they already are. And today, there’s one channel where more potential customers are than any place else: messaging and live chat. 53% of buyers are more likely to buy from a business they can message”.

Need for speed: how to address leads faster with live chat

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Contact forms still have their place, but there’s a delay between when someone fills out a “request a demo” form to when an SDR follows up. At Intercom, we’re always experimenting with new ways to deliver a better user experience through live chat and have learned a couple of lessons from more than 20,000 customers using our chat solutions. We’ve been conditioned to expect instant responses when we talk to people on messaging platforms.

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How to use Mixpanel to drive your website KPIs


In my role as the Website Marketing Manager at Mixpanel, I am responsible for creating and maintaining a great user experience for our site visitors, while also supporting Mixpanel’s growth efforts by filling the sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Telerik Retiring: Alternatives and Next Steps for Software Usage Analytics Customers


This leaves users of Telerik Analytics (formerly EQATEC Analytics) in a bit of a jam as they seek an alternative software usage analytics platform. You’ll quickly see trends and understand user behavior without additional customization. Get deep insight into application usage and see which features and versions of your application are being used by which user groups. In-App Messaging You May Not Have Expected.

5 Unique Challenges for Mobile Product Managers (and How to Handle Them)

The Product Coalition

Product demos. You have the physical limitations of the size of your user’s screen, which means you’ve got to be ruthless in what features, text, onboarding messages, and other details you allow onto your mobile product roadmap, and what you don’t. you name it.

Sujan Patel on scaling growth with chatbots

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Sujan has seen first-hand just how powerful chatbots can be – greater efficiency, accelerated sales cycles and better customer experiences. Maybe it’s your sales strategy or your product, but often it’s the first experience the user has with your brand.

10 Effective Ways of Collecting Customer Feedback


By creating an easy and seamless experience. When they are navigating, a quick, short message asking them to rate their experience will most likely encourage them to respond. Display the pop-up after navigating between pages so that the experience is not interrupted.

Coda’s Shishir Mehrotra on rethinking docs from scratch

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How do you name an all-in-one solution for a plethora of problems, which – until now – have required individual tools? At Intercom, it’s that businesses should be able to talk to their users as humans. It comes out of some experience. I had this experience with this guy Sal Khan.

Build Iron Man Suits, Not Terminators | Carl Ryden, PrecisionLender | BoS Europe 2018

Business of Software Conference

And we saw talk by a guy named Mikey Trafton (who’s coming back to BoS USA this year and I’ve become friends with over the years) called “How to build a world class culture in three not so easy steps”: Figure out what’s important to you and pay attention to it were the two not easy steps and the third one… I forget what it was now… But one of his tasks was when you write down your values of your company they should be the only things you’ll ever fire someone for.

The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

Pragmatic Marketing

Product owners live full-time with development teams—elaborating users’ stories, managing sprint-level backlogs, expanding specifications, and interpreting product vision. This takes lots of practice, hands-on field experience, and a clear view from both sides.