eG Innovations Named as a Top 10 Global Vendor for Continuous Application Performance Management

eG Innovations

We are proud to announce that eG Innovations’ flagship monitoring solution, eG Enterprise , was named among the top 10 CAPM tools in the 2019 Vendor Selection Matrix™ for CAPM. Get a personalized demo of eG Enterprise APM.

Product Demos: Selling Value in Spite of Product Deficiencies

Proficientz – Product Management University

When a prospect asks for a feature you don’t have, respond as follows: “We don’t have a feature by that name, but tell me what you’re trying to accomplish and I’ll show you know how our product handles it.” . In a perfect world, you’ll always understand big picture business objectives before a product demo and you’ll invest your time on prospects that give you the best chance making the sale.

Demo 100

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

Inside Intercom

Bootstrapping “Product Education” When I first joined Intercom, my role didn’t really have a name. Give customers the white glove treatment with live demos. “A demo allows the customer to see and feel how things will be better if they buy (and worse if they don’t).” in Dublin to demo to three people in the Southern Hemisphere, we never missed a Wednesday demo.

It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

Product Beautiful

We did a “lunch-and-learn” where we fed the team pizza and spaghetti, while one of our product managers did a demo of the product and talked about how it was complimentary to the products they were already selling into their accounts. 1 Name changed to protect the innocent.

Demo 68

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

No Longer Cutting It While every user may not be demanding “analytics” by name, study. you develop more competitive applications: Watch a free demo of Logi Analytics FROM BASIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REQUIREMENTS TO.

Demonstrating Solutions vs. Products

Proficientz – Product Management University

Once you know the “real” reason, make it the strategic theme of your pitch such that every demo scenario is related to the overall value theme. Create a two column spreadsheet with the name of each product in the first column and its primary purpose in the second column. During the demo, there is no reason to refer to each product separately unless asked. The fewer the number of people delivering the demo, the easier and more integrated the solution will be perceived.

Demo 100

A Day at Corporate

Under10 Playbook

The product managers certainly need to be there to make sure nobody makes any claims that must be supported elsewhere—such as the demo or on the ever-changing product roadmap; you need to make sure nobody is making any promises the products can’t keep. “A Day at Corporate” Analyzing the win and loss patterns at one company revealed that many deals were being lost during the software demo. 13:00 product demo by the corporate demo team.

Demo 100

Why ProductCamp is so Valuable for Product Managers

Mind the Product

I am that person who attends conferences and signs up for product demos just to get some free swag. No Big-name Speakers. There are no big-name speakers, in fact there is no agenda whatsoever.

More than just conversations: the next frontier of live chat for sales

Inside Intercom

With our Google Calendar Meetings app , your visitors can automatically book a demo with you right inside the Intercom messenger. That’s the case for Salesloft, where Intercom now drives 40% of their sales demos , an 8x improvement over their previous live chat tool. Sales has changed.

Demo 80

3 Simple Steps To Make Your Customer Stories 10x Better

The Secret PM Handbook

For example, I often tell a story about helping a sales engineering team with their demo. They asked me to help them with their agile demo because I am an agile expert. As I worked with them, I realized the problem wasn’t their agile demo, it was how they were demoing.

Demo 212

3 Simple Steps To Make Your Customer Stories 10x Better

The Secret PM Handbook

For example, I often tell a story about helping a sales engineering team with their demo. They asked me to help them with their agile demo because I am an agile expert. As I worked with them, I realized the problem wasn’t their agile demo, it was how they were demoing.

Demo 212

How to document like a pro being a product manager?

The Product Coalition

The age of folders and spending time organizing every document alphabetically or some naming system is gone. Use video recording for demos Before, giving demos to stakeholders was always messy work. Now, I have started to record the demo with the help of my tester.

The Marketer’s Guide to Product Led Growth Marketing


Immediate understanding of the product, instead of a problem/solution approach that works in the case of demo sales). Step 1: Enter your Workspace name. They know that I setup the name of my Workspace, and my first channel, but that I did not invite any teammates.

From Awareness to Adoption: Keys to a Successful New Feature Launch


Leveraging industry personalities and social media influencers is another way to build up buzz before the new product or feature is even available, plus it can add some name-brand street cred during launch and ongoing promotion.

Demo 67

More deals, less work: how to unlock new efficiencies with sales automation

Inside Intercom

“With less time spent on manual tasks, sales reps can focus on more impactful work: personalized outreach, demos, negotiations” Here’s a familiar example: routing leads to sales reps. Operating a sales organization at any scale involves a lot of tedious, repetitive work.

Demo 83

Launching A New Product? Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Company.

The Product Coalition

Do you have approval from legal and marketing for the solution/product name? Do you have compelling demos along with demo scripts? We all know one-size demos are not effective and not everyone is a great presenter.

Demo 114

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Synchronization Issues in Java Applications

eG Innovations

As with blocked threads, during deadlock situations, it is important to know the names of the threads that are deadlocked and which line of Java code each of these threads is executing. Get a Demo of Java Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Why Synchronize Java Threads?

Announcing The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for Sales

Inside Intercom

For instance, instead of having your top sales rep spend weeks chasing that big-name lead who landed on your website once, why not have a bot automatically engage with all qualified visitors and schedule demos for your sales team?

Demo 58

6 Tips To Create The Perfect User Onboarding Checklist


Gamification is, as the name suggests, the process of turning something into a game. If you need help actually creating and implementing your user onboarding checklist, then why not book a demo with Userpilot and get started right away?

Demo 78

Product Manager Job Description for B2B

Proficientz – Product Management University

Make sure those products and solutions can be delivered, marketed and sold in a manner that supports [our_company_name] strategic goals and financial targets. Customer-facing roles (that possess many of the personality traits above) such as: Pre-sales consultant (demo specialist). This product manager job description is written specifically for B2B. What makes the product manager role unique in B2B?

B2B 109

Let’s formalize sales escalations

Under10 Playbook

That’s why many product managers get involved with roadmap discussions, technical demos, and answering RFP/RFIs. Product Demo Center. If your enterprise clients require a product demo, then treat it like a marketing program. Set up one or more demo centers with all the necessary equipment ready to go. Have a standard set of scenarios; avoid names like “Joe Customer” or “Marilyn Monroe” in the customer profiles.

Demo 100

Who Owns Product Experience?


You may be thinking, “Product experience should be owned by product teams—after all, it’s in their name.” Sales: Conducts demos and qualification calls that help and guide users to move down the funnel. Sign up for a demo today. SCHEDULE A DEMO.

Demo 56

How we use bots at Intercom

Inside Intercom

On our demo page, the bot triggers immediately and gathers the person’s company name, email address and personal name. We’ve talked a lot about how businesses can use chatbots to accelerate sales, marketing and support.

How Google Conducts User Research to Ensure Customer Loyalty


Namely, researchers can read and record total body language, not just what a laptop or phone cam portrays. Contact us for a demo today. Google’s tech alone didn’t build them into a top company, User Research matters too!

UX 104

Confluence, ScriptRunner and Impersonation

Modus Create

In this block of code we define the endpoint name ( myEndpoint ), the type of HTTP method it accepts ( GET ), the groups that can execute the endpoint ( service-users ) and then the rest of the body of the method.

How I Use Gainsight PX as a SaaS CEO


Yet for many cloud CEOs, the only part of their business that they are the most blind about is the aspect that’s most existential to being a software company—namely the product. Get a demo of Gainsight PX.

B2C 86

Win the “Customer Value” Relay Race and Dominate Your Market

Proficientz – Product Management University

Do it early in the sales process and your presentations and demos will flat out “nail it.”. Wallet share is the name of the game! If you’re going to dominate your market, you have to make the customer organization measurably better at their business, from the top down. Products and services are the means to the end, but every customer-facing function in your organization plays a role in delivering customer value. It’s like relay race.

5 Pendo Competitors That Will Improve Your User Onboarding


Big Names. As you can probably tell from the name, WalkMe excels when it comes to product walkthroughs. Tooltips, checklists, and slideouts, to name but a few. If you’re looking for Pendo competitors to better suit your needs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing Dependencies (BETA)


Between teams, initiatives, deliverables—you name it: the combinations and levels of complexity are endless. P.S. Join us for a webinar on March 7th for a demo on Dependencies and bring your questions (big or small) for a live Q&A.

Managing Manufactured Products: Preparing to Launch

Mind the Product

Pilot units can be used most effectively for sales and marketing purposes: demo samples, collateral development, trade show inventory, and so on. I’ve never seen extra demo units go unused for long, and the cost of stocking out as you’re just getting your sales team and customers excited about trying out your product far exceeds the cost of some extra time and material spent in the pilot phase.

Demo 72

Customers, Internal Delivery, and Trust

Johanna Rothman

Nor do the teams demo on a regular basis. Do you have a good name for these people? The feedback loops helped the teams create smaller features, which allowed the teams to move to weekly builds and demos. Your customers can't take your product more often than once or twice a year. Because the product doesn't need to leave the building, the teams don't release internally. The teams miss the feedback loops so critical for an agile approach.

Demo 47

6 Important Product Management Metrics (And How to Improve Them)


As the name implies, MAU demonstrates how your platform’s performance is attracting and retaining users in a month’s time. Sign up for a personalized demo of Gainsight PX today to learn how it can help you improve the metrics that matter most to your team and business.

How to use Mixpanel to drive your website KPIs


With Flows, I can choose a specific event or page name, and then see the most common paths customers and prospects are taking on or fluctuations in site conversions (content downloads, increased demo submits, contact us requests, and signups).

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

It was more than just incremental delivery, we really did incorporate agile principles like pairing and demoing, and engineering practices like automated build and test processes, code-reads, design for testing. Assigning the name of a good thing (like roadmaps) to the bad thing.

Agile 153

Taking Event Support from Sales Tactic to Product Strategy

Product Beautiful

So often, we see our role at a trade show as one of doing demos and talking up our product’s features. When you begin a demo, talk about the problem first. If they don’t, then demo the solution to a different problem.). By prefacing your demo with a conversation about problems (rather than leading with your product), you increase the likelihood of people being more open about their pain points. Events. It’s natural to dread them.

5 Unique Ways to Improve User Activation [Tips & Examples]


A lot of people think that the “Aha moment” and user activation are the same things but with different names. Get a demo of Userpilot and improve user activation immediately!

The Design Sprint Process – 11 Reasons To Love It

UX Studio

In them, you and your team work very intensely together, hence the name “sprint”. Then present the different solutions in three-minute “lightning demos”. The sketches in a sprint don’t have the creator’s name on them.”. Downtown Budapest, 6 October, 21 degrees Celsius.

4 Ways Product Teams Can Make Customers More Successful


Go to your company’s sign-up for a demo or free trial page. Most SaaS platforms ask for a first name, last name, and email when creating a user account. We all know how it works…a fledgling SaaS company releases a minimally viable product and starts bringing on customers.

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?


Every facet of UX testing was explained to me in detail, with practical examples and demos delivered along with a reading list of all the key UX texts. In my first few weeks of working for a UX testing company I was put under a rigorous training programme.

The Votes Are In: The Top 7 Wireframing & Mockup Tools for Mobile App Pros


Balsamiq’s name is like Kleenex for tissue- it is a known veteran when it comes to wireframing tools. Take some time to peruse the websites, try any free trials or demos, and play around with the tools as much as possible.