Why Product Demos are so Valuable

Mind the Product

When you design and build a product, it is important that you regularly demo completed work with the team and key stakeholders. Every product team can run great demos, no matter what the product. Demos Help us to Build Better Products. Demos Improve Stakeholder Relationships.

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Product Presentations & Demos: How Credibility Boosts Your Win Rate

Proficientz – Product Management University

Product presentations and demos can be the determining factor in winning or losing a sale. In many cases, it comes down to the credibility of the presenter more than the capabilities of the product. The presenter is the difference. Contact Proficientz to learn techniques for product presentations and demos that boost your credibility and your win rate. Using Product Demo Themes to Improve Your Sales Win Rate.

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How Your Software Demo Can Make Your Product Sell Itself


When we say software demo, what comes to mind? The truth is, until recently, software demos were simply a way to show off your product to interested prospects. They took the form of glorified presentations. Why Your Traditional Software Demo Doesn’t Work.

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3 Practices for Building Strong Presentations

The Product Coalition

A Product Demo Field Guide There’s a few components to a product demo. The content of the presentation itself. The nuts-and-bolts logistics of how you’ll physically present your content. We can’t know exactly what to expect during the course of a presentation.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Research presented in Logi’s State of Embedded Analytics Report. relationship between applications and analytics by adding single sign- on security, co-presentation of content, and eventually workflow. analytics are presented separate from primary applications, user.

Web Demos: Engaging An Audience You Can’t See

Proficientz – Product Management University

The #1 challenge with conducting web demos is the ability to read and engage an audience you can’t see. Is the demo going well? The key to reading a prospect you can’t see is to engage them in a discussion during the demo. Ideally, you should have some idea of what your prospects are trying to accomplish and why it’s important prior to each demo so you are prepared with a few discussion points.

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Help! I’m demo boy for sales people

Under10 Playbook

I was good at presenting. And I wanted them to see the presentation and demo done correctly at least once. When it comes to product, get one of the sales engineers to deliver the presentation and demo. Or, Be careful what you teach your sales teams.

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TEI 222: Presenting new products at trade shows and events – with Amy McWhirter

Product Innovation Educators

Learn how to cut through the noise and make human connections presenting new products. She is Amy McWhirter, corporate event host, emcee, and trade show presenter. I am a professional trade show presenter. 16:40] What are the elements of a good presentation?

It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

Product Beautiful

We did a “lunch-and-learn” where we fed the team pizza and spaghetti, while one of our product managers did a demo of the product and talked about how it was complimentary to the products they were already selling into their accounts.

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Persuasion Tips: Have A Goal

The Secret PM Handbook

Every presentation or opportunity for persuasion has a goal, or possibly a few goals. And obviously, your goal will affect how you present your information to make it persuasive and to save your life. I had both defensive and proactive presentations recently.

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Persuasion Tips: Pre-Handle Objections

The Secret PM Handbook

And then, instead of waiting for them to come up via questions, or not come up, and just remain in peoples’ heads, you address them head-on in your presentation. In a recent presentation I was demoing the latest version of a new product that was still in development.

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Today’s Product Manager vs. 20 Years Ago | Great Sales Discovery | Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse Acquisitions

Proficientz – Product Management University

This month we tackle two critical phases of the sales process – discovery and demos – with tips for getting better results on both fronts. Product Presentations & Demos: How Credibility Boosts Your Win Rate. The B2B Product Manager Magazine July 2018 is now available. It’s July and that means the second half of the fiscal year is in full swing for many organizations. That usually equates to more focus on hitting your sales numbers.

The Secrets of Highly Successful Products: The Sales Discovery Call

The Secret PM Handbook

Then the sales person can talk about how we address those challenges, and schedule a demo to show how we address them. Would you like my team to show you how we address resource management in a demo next week?”

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Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

Sachin Rekhi

Ken goes through the many challenges and subsequent iterations to address those challenges with building the first keyboard to be presented only on a glass display. First, demos were done early and often, even at the prototype stage.

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Persuasion Tips For Product Managers

The Secret PM Handbook

After a few well-received presentations to senior executives, a few colleagues at my new company asked me, based on the positive effect I got, “Can you give us some tips on persuasion?”. But I have studied presentation skills and persuasion skills over the years.

How Product Managers can Leverage All-Hands Meetings to Foster Alignment


For product leaders, an all-hands meeting is a unique chance to present product-related information to the entire company. How to get the most out of all-hands presentations. Select one new feature or change to highlight during your demos. Support. Sign In. Product. Customers.

A Day at Corporate

Under10 Playbook

The product managers certainly need to be there to make sure nobody makes any claims that must be supported elsewhere—such as the demo or on the ever-changing product roadmap; you need to make sure nobody is making any promises the products can’t keep. “A Day at Corporate” Analyzing the win and loss patterns at one company revealed that many deals were being lost during the software demo. ” Presentations and meeting logistics were prepared in advance.

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Sprint Review Tips for Product Owners

Roman Pichler

More than one sprint review meeting I’ve attended was quickly over: A development team member demoed the functionality to confused looking stakeholders with the product owner in the background. The team demoes the product increment to you. Involve the Right People.

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Your Product’s Most Important Feature Isn’t Getting the Attention it Deserves

280 Group

Few however realize that reporting dashboards present exactly that opportunity and emphasize it accordingly. They’ve purchased a 6-month pilot on your ATS, because their recruiting team loved the demo.

Demo 253

Engaging Stakeholders with Opportunity Solution Trees: 3 Tactics to Try

Product Talk

Presenting this view with supporting customer quotes effectively communicated and aligned the leadership and product team to pursue the most promising value propositions in the go-to-market planning. Most frequently asked question in pre-sales demo discussions with prospective customers.

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The best way to support sales teams

Under10 Playbook

For many, this means supporting sales people on individual deals—such as doing presentations and demos or authoring RFPs. How often does a custom demo outperform a standard one? Could demos be put online in a video format? Should we set up a demo center?

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How to document like a pro being a product manager?

The Product Coalition

Use video recording for demos Before, giving demos to stakeholders was always messy work. Now, I have started to record the demo with the help of my tester. My demo meetings are as short as 30 mins.

When should Product Backlog Grooming Take Place?

Roman Pichler

Assuming that the development has developed a “done” product increment and the right people are present, you can use the attendee’s feedback to make the relevant product decisions and update the backlog, as the Scrum Guide suggests and the following picture shows.

What is a Product Roadmap?


Your product roadmap for executives should present high-level plans that explain how the product development activities align with the company’s overarching objectives. How to prepare for your product roadmap presentation.

Launching A New Product? Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Company.

The Product Coalition

Is there a high-level presentation available for each of your teams to use? Enablement is not just about creating presentations and arming them with speaker notes, its really about helping everyone who interacts with customers to be better prepared.

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What Spotify and Metallica Can Teach Us About Data-Driven Event Strategy


Your content strategy for an event can be augmented and informed by product usage data – everything from the educational session content, to planning for the most popular sessions and being prepared to accommodate attendees, to deciding what’s showcased in demos during the keynotes.

Advanced Docker & Scaling Infrastructure – Drinking Code November


Florian gave a clear presentation & demo on advanced Docker concepts that go beyond creating images and running containers, for e.g. health checks, network linking, how to keep Docker images small, how layers are used and more.

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The Hottest Tech in Silicon Alley at the July 2018 NY Tech Meetup


Indicative was proud to be among the presenting companies at July’s event, hosted at AppNexus. Presenters demoed technology that ranged from helping consumers save money, to helping the city plant longer-lasting trees.

Popular Misconceptions of the Product Craft by Sherif Mansour

Mind the Product

Product teams can tend to want to stay away from Marketing, and we don’t like it when marketing deadlines drive product development or they need a demo for a client.

Product Manager Job Description for B2B

Proficientz – Product Management University

A charismatic public speaker/presenter. Customer-facing roles (that possess many of the personality traits above) such as: Pre-sales consultant (demo specialist). This product manager job description is written specifically for B2B. What makes the product manager role unique in B2B? There are two key differences between a traditional text book product manager and a B2B product manager.

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The Most Interesting Tech in Silicon Alley: June 2018 NY Tech Meetup


At June’s event at the SVA Theatre, presenters demoed technology that ranged from helping people with visual impairments navigate the world, to teaching kids about engineering through race cars.

Demo 55

Customer Interviews: Should you Interview Users or Buyers?


There could be valuable insights there about how to present your solution to them—or even whether it’s worth pursuing that solution at all. Ask your sales reps for guidance, and sit in on product demos.

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The Design Sprint Process – 11 Reasons To Love It

UX Studio

Then present the different solutions in three-minute “lightning demos”. Present and vote on these ideas the next day. Next step of the design sprint process: the facilitator presents your Solution Sketches. Downtown Budapest, 6 October, 21 degrees Celsius.

2019 Pendo Alternatives: 10 Reasons to Choose Gainsight PX Over Pendo


The only advice I can give is: read the reviews , read the comparisons , read the case studies , and demo everything. But you know what’s worse than spending time on demo calls? Evaluating software is tough. I’ve gone through the process more times than I can count.

Demo 59

How to Use Feature Discovery to Improve Product Adoption


If they’re presented with a button in your app, then that new feature is a simple click away. Used sparingly, however, that shouldn’t present too much of a problem. Book a demo to get started. Feature discovery is an important aspect of any SaaS product.

Turn Your Release Notes Into a Content Marketing Machine

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In addition, we ask for an email address to access our online demo. This demo login alone brings us 15 to 20 new contacts every week. Instead, you immediately feel like you want to give these new features a try as they’re so deliciously presented!

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?


Every facet of UX testing was explained to me in detail, with practical examples and demos delivered along with a reading list of all the key UX texts. This is any kind of investigation, experiment or study where the results can be presented with numerical values.