Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Three Types of Leadership. Scrum is a simple framework with three roles: product owner, development team, and Scrum Master. Each role provides a distinct type of leadership. That’s the job of the development team.

Developing high-performance product teams

Lead on Purpose

It’s difficult (if not impossible) to quantify what it takes to develop a productive and successful product team. Every product is unique, and every company does things differently.

The Product Leadership Career Ladder

Mironov Consulting

In addition to my formal coaching of product leaders (Directors, VPs and CPOs who directly manage teams of product managers), I talk with lots of senior individual contributors about the risks and challenges of moving “up the ladder” into product leadership roles.

Developing Your Team Purpose

Lead on Purpose

It’s difficult to balance competing job priorities and some leaders do a great job … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose mentor motivator teamworkGuest post by John Izzo, PhD and Jeff Vanderwielen PhD Today’s product managers wear many hats and are required to be motivators, counsellors, mentors, and enforcers.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Customizing embedded analytics in this way means thinking about packaging and pricing early in product development cycles. Teams of agile developers race along the product. Develop your user classes by interviewing a representative sample of users within your customer mix.

Optimal Product Process™ 3.0 Phase Three: Develop

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This post describes the third phase in the Optimal Product Process: Develop. Using a great plan (whether an Agile backlog with sprint priorities assigned or a more formal plan) the agreed upon product is then developed. Solidify any development plans that remain uncertain.

5 Product Leadership Lessons From the #mtpcon Leadership Forum 2017

Mind the Product

Last week I joined the Mind the Product Leadership Forum in London. I am very thankful that product leaders shared their lessons at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum, they’re helping to move the community forward and build better products that people love. Leadership can be Lonely.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

Roman Pichler

It’s all too tempting to fall back onto less skilful habits and become impatient, tense and stressed, say something we regret afterwards, or pass on the pressure to the development team. Additionally, keep an eye on market developments, new trends and technologies, and the competition.

Developing Product Management Confidence

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But how do you develop the confidence required to lead a team of stakeholders to a positive outcome? Look around at your own company and in your PM team, how many women do you see (let alone any minorities) in leadership roles?

Managing Uncertainity in Product Development

The Product Coalition

leadership product-manager startup product-development product-managementTips and tricks for Product Managers to manage uncertainty Continue reading on ».

Design leadership as a subversive activity

Inside Intercom

The essence of design leadership is the inverse of what I had assumed. I eventually came to realize that the essence of design leadership is the inverse of what I had assumed. What does this have to do with design leadership? Design leadership as a subversive activity.

Motivating Development Teams

Mironov Consulting

Development teams (aka scrum teams, squads, crews) formally report up through Engineering, but Product Management has a shared responsibility to support well-functioning teams and build trust. But top-down, metrics-driven interventions mostly fail to make development teams more productive.

Insights from the #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

The Product Leadership Forum is a chance for senior product professionals to discuss the challenges they face in a safe environment. By gaining insight from your experiences, you can develop principles on which to base your leadership style. Develop Your own Authentic Style.

Servant Leadership: A 4-Step Playbook


Nowadays, I don’t hear many stories about servant leadership in the media. I think we need more compelling stories of leadership in our lives. Servant leadership is the idea that leaders serve their teams rather than teams serving their leaders.

#mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – What we Learned

Mind the Product

Here’s what we learned about product leadership. Developing Your own Team. Product leaders have many questions – and even more answers – about how best to develop and empower their teams. Book suggestion: Product Leadership. Product Leadership is Maturing.

The Slippery Slope of Sales-Led Development

Mironov Consulting

But it’s easy for B2B/enterprise companies to fall into a sales-led development model where the majority of work is for individual customers – starving the core product of innovation, new features, quality improvements and technical resilience.

Nulab Drinking Code: Product Management & Leadership


This time, our meetup theme was “Product Management, Strategy & Leadership” and it was a great pleasure for us to host our invited speakers: Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead ( honestbee Singapore ). Become a Nulab user and enjoy free access to NuSpace – our community space in Singapore.

Solving Product Development Challenges With Product Review

Mind the Product

Telenor has limited resources to spend on developing digital products. Each product is assessed by its level of completion of the requirements for each stage of development, and this assessment translates into the categorization of the product.

The recipe for developing your career as a product designer

Inside Intercom

Developing your product design career as an individual contributor. The other path, the one I’ll focus on in this post, continues along the journey of individual contributor : to mastery of the craft of design, to leadership without the need to manage, to above all else shipping great work.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

Roman Pichler

But let the ScrumMaster or coach tackle people, process, and organisational issues; let the development team figure out what needs to be done to implement the user stories and other product backlog items. Development teams should manage their own work (using a sprint backlog or Kanban board). Developing a successful digital product requires more than technical knowledge. Be aware that collaboration requires leadership. Manage the Product, not the Team.

Leadership and product teams

Under10 Playbook

Sales people are focused on deals, Marketing is focused on awareness, Development is focused on delivering on time. Developers need market information; marketers need product information; sales people need domain information. Sales groups are routinely understaffed and underskilled in sales engineering; development teams lack adequate domain and market knowledge; marketing departments rely on product management for product expertise.

How to Apply Lateral Leadership in Agile Environments by Tim Herbig

Mind the Product

Lateral leadership describes the art of efficiently influencing others around you without formal authority. It is essential for succeeding in the implicit leadership position that product managers find themselves in. Why Servant Leadership is not Enough.

Servant Leadership – Josh Goldenberg

Mind the Product

He has a background in the public and private sectors and he begins his ProductTank NYC presentation with a quote from Steve Jobs, which underpins the central concept of Servant Leadership. To describe the diverse behaviours of work environments where flexible forms of product leadership is essential, Josh also looks at the structures of some big companies, like Amazon and Microsoft. When you are developing and evolving a product, it begins on a trajectory.

The Software Development Deli Counter

Mironov Consulting

Let’s call it the software development deli counter problem. Likewise, sales and business development teams (especially in enterprise companies) are hired and paid and rewarded for bringing in large deals. But they aren’t necessarily interested in the inner workings of development.

Product Leadership at News UK by Jo Wickremasinghe

Mind the Product

The Times and The Sun, flagship brands of News UK, are on a journey to become more product led in how they develop and maintain their digital assets. This means there is a lack of strategy to develop digital products which meet the needs of users and generate revenue.

Developing as a Product Manager

Mind the Product

In order to earn the trust of your leadership, you need to make sure you can deliver as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your role is now to develop other leaders from across the organisation, not just product managers. There are no guides to Product Management.

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

Books 104

Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership

Inside Intercom

He had to quickly determine which team members displayed a potential for leadership and teach them the fundamentals of management so they could make new hires and scale – without ruining the culture. I hosted Nick on the podcast, where we discussed the differences between management and leadership, fostering diversity in tech, and more. Here are five quick takeaways: Management and leadership aren’t one and the same. Podcast Startups engineering teams leadership management

Developing a Test Strategy for the Agile World


How does your strategy conform to different development methodologies? Can you give us a preview of how test strategy relates to the development methodology used by each organization? The post Developing a Test Strategy<br/> for the Agile World appeared first on Centercode.

Podcast… “The Rich Mironov Hypothesis: Great Product Leadership is Both Subtle and Slow to Pay Off”

Mironov Consulting

She invited me to join for this episode called The Rich Mironov Hypothesis: Great Product Leadership is Both Subtle and Slow to Pay Off . Topics we touched: What makes for a good product manager, and why are good developers, tech support folks, and salespeople not necessarily a good fit? .

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

Books 91

IoT Product Leadership – Episode 05: Data Science Considerations for Product Managers

Daniel Elizalde IoT Blog

Dan Yarmoluk, Director of Business Development for ATEK Access Technologies, shares expert advice on data science considerations for Product Managers. The post IoT Product Leadership – Episode 05: Data Science Considerations for Product Managers appeared first on TechProductManagement. Podcast - IoT Product Leadership

Developing User Empathy

Sachin Rekhi

I'd put a bunch of aspects of product management into this category: prioritizing a roadmap, effective communication, formulating a vision, negotiating with stakeholders, and team leadership, to name a few. Here are a few approaches on just how to go about developing your empathy.

From Product Management to Product Leadership

The Product Coalition

Product Managers serve as the hub between the needs of the end user, the developer, and, of course, the business (glory is fine, but businesses are in business to yield revenue).

It is time to talk about Product Leadership

The Product Coalition

It has been a while since the term Product Leadership has gained widespread adoption in blogs, articles and even books. It represents the intersection between Product Management and Leadership; which, in my point of view, have a lot to do with each other. This is Product Leadership!

IoT Product Leadership – Episode 02: How to Plan for IoT Security

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Paul Jauregui, VP of Marketing at Praetorian shares his perspective on incorporating security into the IoT Product Development Lifecycle. How […] The post IoT Product Leadership – Episode 02: How to Plan for IoT Security appeared first on TechProductManagement. Podcast - IoT Product LeadershipSubscribe on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | Tunein | Google Play Topics we discuss in this episode: Paul shares his background and about Praetorian.

How Designers & Developers Can Work Better Together

Mind the Product

Jason Fleitz is Director of Web Operations at LivePerson, where they develop products such as LiveEngage- a platform that gives companies the ability to engage with their customers anytime on web sites, mobile and social networks.