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Building Successful Product Development Teams, by Simon Colmer

Mind the Product

Simon Colmer (at the time of this talk, the Head of Development at Access NFP Websites) spoke to ProductTank London about a developer’s perspective on what it takes to build a successful product development team.


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Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Three Types of Leadership. Scrum is a simple framework with three roles: product owner, development team, and Scrum Master. Each role provides a distinct type of leadership. The cross-functional development team makes the design and technology decisions; and the Scrum Master guides process and organisational change, as the following picture shows. That’s the job of the development team. The post Product Leadership in Scrum appeared first on Roman Pichler.

How to Cultivate Adaptive Product Leadership, by Jenn Kim & Sabin Sadeh

Mind the Product

The post How to Cultivate Adaptive Product Leadership, by Jenn Kim & Sabin Sadeh appeared first on Mind the Product. Product Leadership Product Development product leadership product leadership skills ProductTank ProductTank San Francisco ProductTank SanFrancisco San Francisco

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Customizing embedded analytics in this way means thinking about packaging and pricing early in product development cycles. Teams of agile developers race along the product. Develop your user classes by interviewing a representative sample of users within your customer mix.

Empowering Development Teams

Roman Pichler

Empowering development teams starts with taking a sincere interest in the individuals, attentively listening to their ideas and concerns, and empathising with them. In the worst case, empowerment is seen as a trick to make development teams do more work and blame them if things don’t go to plan. A good example are sprint goals : A sprint goal captures the desired outcome of a sprint and is agreed by product owner and development team. Show People that You Care.

How to Overcome 6 Key Product Leadership Challenges

Roman Pichler

Unlike a line manager, you usually don’t manage the development team and stakeholders as the person in charge of the product, and the individuals don’t report to you. In order to overcome this challenge, build trust with the stakeholders and development team members. What’s more, the dev team is cross-functional and may include UX and UI designers, developers, and testers, alongside other roles. Leadership at Multiple Levels. Furthermore, empower the development team.

How to Overcome 6 Key Product Leadership Challenges

Roman Pichler

Unlike a line manager, you usually don’t manage the development team and stakeholders as the person in charge of the product, and the individuals don’t report to you. In order to overcome this challenge, build trust with the stakeholders and development team members. What’s more, the dev team is cross-functional and may include UX and UI designers, developers, and testers, alongside other roles. Leadership at Multiple Levels. Furthermore, empower the development team.

Leadership Without Authority on Steroids

The Product Coalition

Leadership without authority is product management 101. You must master it to succeed, in most cases with developers. One of the common examples is when developers give you time estimates that are much higher than what you can afford for a certain feature.

5 Product Leadership Lessons From the #mtpcon Leadership Forum 2017

Mind the Product

Last week I joined the Mind the Product Leadership Forum in London. I am very thankful that product leaders shared their lessons at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum, they’re helping to move the community forward and build better products that people love. Another hot topic at the MTP Leadership Forum was related to autonomy. Help the Right People Develop the Right Skills. Our teams don’t have enough time to learn and develop their skills.

Social Collaborative Management: Harnessing the Power of the Many

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker & Author of The Lazy Project Manager

Social Collaborative Management aims at delivering, at the enterprise level, a common goal for the business while harnessing the performance advantages of a collaborative community. This is a vital paradigm shift that many organisations are trying to understand right now - balancing traditional work and centralised leadership against the value of decentralised teams and trust. But the principles of harnessing collective power, collaboration, and community build an underlying ‘constant change’ capability that is critical in today’s new work environment.

What Is Your Leadership Style

The Product Coalition

Find your leadership style and avoid the fake leadership traps Leadership comes in many shapes and forms, sizes, titles or lack thereof, and has a profound impact on whoever and whatever follows. teamwork collaboration startup leadership

Webinar Series: Adaptive Leadership

Agile Velocity

Join us for a series of live online conversations exploring the most crucial leadership questions of the day. More, we encourage you to bring your own questions around transformational leadership. Women and Leadership. Her current focus is on improving the performance of top leadership teams through insightful facilitation and organization systems coaching. is a leader in learning, growing, and inspiring women’s personal and professional leadership development.

Hiring and Developing Product Managers

Mind the Product

In this exclusive MTP Leader Panel, Kate Leto, Petra Wille and Eli Montgomery join Emily Tate to share their thoughts on hiring and developing product managers. The post Hiring and Developing Product Managers appeared first on Mind the Product. Product Leadership Video Hiring hiring process MTP Leader Members' Content

Conversations, Conflict and Leadership – Roman Pichler on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

Models like the Behavioural Change Stairway model or the model that was developed at Harvard, they both assume that negotiation isn’t a fight where we try and win and get the better of the other person, but it’s really a conversation… and it requires the willingness of both parties to open up. . The post Conversations, Conflict and Leadership – Roman Pichler on The Product Experience appeared first on Mind the Product.

Beyond the Findings: The Case for UX Research in Digital Transformation

Speaker: Marina Foglietta-Tereo, Head of UX Research, AXA Insurance

People often think of UX research as a tactical approach to improve the usability or visual appeal of a digital product. While good research will certainly validate an existing design, using it for validation alone would be like using your iPhone solely to tell time! Join Marina Foglietta-Tereo, Head of UX Research at AXA Insurance, as she explores the unrecognized organizational, cultural, and strategic benefits of an in-house, central and mature UXR team.

Designing and Using Your Product Leadership Scorecard by Ross Webb

Mind the Product

In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, Ross Webb reveals some simple techniques that can be applied to help us communicate and develop much more effectively. The post Designing and Using Your Product Leadership Scorecard by Ross Webb appeared first on Mind the Product. Product Leadership #Mtpengage Leadership mtp engage manchester

The Product Leadership Career Ladder

Mironov Consulting

In addition to my formal coaching of product leaders (Directors, VPs and CPOs who directly manage teams of product managers), I talk with lots of senior individual contributors about the risks and challenges of moving “up the ladder” into product leadership roles. What skills are required to develop a great team of Product Managers?”. It’s early days for better non-leadership product career ladders, but I’m hearing encouraging rumbles from many places. .

How Product Can (and Can’t) Speed Up Development

Mironov Consulting

Half of the calls I get from CEOs include requests for Product Management to boost productivity in Engineering (aka Development aka Makers). Hint: the sum of those must-have-urgently items is 20x development throughput , so prioritization complaints never go away.).

Georgie Smallwood on Product Culture, Leadership and Fintech

Mind the Product

She also says that she’s never worked at such a fast pace, though much of her product experience has been in businesses at a similar stage of development – coming out of their startup phase, with an established product. “I’ve Fintech and Shotguns by Chris Massey: Lessons about product development in Fintech. The post Georgie Smallwood on Product Culture, Leadership and Fintech appeared first on Mind the Product.

Wartime Product Leadership lessons

The Product Coalition

So what does this mean for Product teams, and specifically product leadership? its a lighter, rapid development that’s needed. Wartime Product Leadership lessons was originally published in Product Coalition on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. product-leadership teamwork leadership product-managementI’ve spent most of my career working in the travel industry.

Insights From the #mtpcon San Francisco Product Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

At last week’s #mtpcon San Francisco Product Leadership Forum, senior product professionals got together to discuss the current hot topics of career paths, talent management, and psychological safety. Product leaders should think about how to support and develop all product managers, without assuming they want to become people managers. You’re Developing a Team, not a Family. As product management evolves, so do the challenges and questions facing product management leaders.

Insights from the #mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – Part 3

Mind the Product

In Part 3 of our Product Leadership Forum recap, you can see an overview of the remaining insights from this year’s #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum (if you missed them, you can take a look back at Part 1 and Part 2). Setting up coaching networks in your own organisation is a great way to develop your skills. The post Insights from the #mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – Part 3 appeared first on Mind the Product.

Focus On Value And All Your Development Will Be Free.

The Product Coalition

technology leadership software-development agile productivityThe rules and behaviors that drive every action within a start-up get lost when its scaled. This is especially true in software… Continue reading on Product Coalition ».

Optimal Product Process™ 3.0 Phase Three: Develop

280 Group

This post describes the third phase in the Optimal Product Process: Develop. Using a great plan (whether an Agile backlog with sprint priorities assigned or a more formal plan) the agreed upon product is then developed. Unlocking the secrets of the product development trade-off triangle. Product development features a well-known concept called the development trade-off triangle. Solidify any development plans that remain uncertain.

Authentic Leadership Practices

The Product Coalition

I recently attended an excellent leadership programme, which led me to reflect more deeply on what makes a stand out leader. Of course, a large part of leadership is about designing good domain strategy & operating models etc, but this article focuses on the more emotive, people elements. For me, authentic leadership is a style that resonates personally & delivers on these points. leadership technology emotional-intelligence authentic-leadership

Solving Product Development Challenges With Product Review

Mind the Product

Telenor has limited resources to spend on developing digital products. Each product is assessed by its level of completion of the requirements for each stage of development, and this assessment translates into the categorization of the product. Running specific product reviews for specific stages of development is an important component of Telenor’s product review. The post Solving Product Development Challenges With Product Review appeared first on Mind the Product.

Servant Leadership – Josh Goldenberg

Mind the Product

He has a background in the public and private sectors and he begins his ProductTank NYC presentation with a quote from Steve Jobs, which underpins the central concept of Servant Leadership. To describe the diverse behaviours of work environments where flexible forms of product leadership is essential, Josh also looks at the structures of some big companies, like Amazon and Microsoft. When you are developing and evolving a product, it begins on a trajectory.

#mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – What we Learned

Mind the Product

Here’s what we learned about product leadership. Developing Your own Team. Product leaders have many questions – and even more answers – about how best to develop and empower their teams. Another key function of product leadership is to drive collaboration with other parts of the business. Book suggestion: Product Leadership. Do the same with the way you and your teams work, which will then help develop the culture of your business.

Developing Product Management Confidence

bpma ProductHub

But how do you develop the confidence required to lead a team of stakeholders to a positive outcome? Be sure to come to the BPMA event on May 13 th called “ High Performance Leadership: Leveraging the Neuroscience & Social Secrets of Confidence ” presented by Alyssa to soak up her zany stories and valuable tips. Look around at your own company and in your PM team, how many women do you see (let alone any minorities) in leadership roles?

The 5 Pillars Of Good Design Leadership


What does leadership entail in the context of design? How does an organization benefit from strong design leadership? In most cases, however, we are only expected to deliver proven and tested design assets to developers in the form of a design system and sophisticated user flows.

How we Developed a Talent Growth Plan at Almundo

Mind the Product

So, it was natural that we should want to develop a talent growth plan for our people. All of them are accountable for a squad (about five developers and one user experience professional). The results showed that they wanted better (and more frequent) feedback on how to further develop their product management skills. Team execution and development. Next, we looked to see if other businesses had already built a career development plan.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

Roman Pichler

It’s all too tempting to fall back onto less skilful habits and become impatient, tense and stressed, say something we regret afterwards, or pass on the pressure to the development team. For instance, if you find yourself getting impatient when talking to a development team member or if you dislike one of the stakeholders , then recognise this as an opportunity to practice patience or kindness—not as a weakness or deficiency. Increase Your Referent Power.

Developing as a Product Manager

Mind the Product

In order to earn the trust of your leadership, you need to make sure you can deliver as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your role is now to develop other leaders from across the organisation, not just product managers. The post Developing as a Product Manager appeared first on MindTheProduct. London ProductTank Role Video Career CPO personal growth product leadership team leadershipThere are no guides to Product Management.

Why Very Few (If Any) People Are “10x” Developers—Or Managers

Johanna Rothman

Steve, a software development manager, thought John was a “10x” developer. Was I willing to support and coach the other people in Steve's group to all become “10x” developers? John, the supposed 10x developer, had a cycle time of 1-2 days.

Women in Product Management: Gaining Recognition – You Asked, We Answered.

280 Group

This month, we presented a webinar from our Product Management Leadership series – No Bragging Required: How Women in PM Can Get the Recognition They Deserve. How are behavioral / leadership test assessed differently for women and men? While leadership studies do not assess women and men differently, the outcomes on how they express leadership in their organizations show tendencies. Take a look at this article, A Review of Workplace Leadership Styles: Men Vs. Women.

TEI 317: Culture, teams, and leadership – with Teresa Jurgens-Kowal, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

This is another episode in the series on a product management body of knowledge curated by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). Previously, she worked in R&D, process technology development, and as an internal innovation expert at ExxonMobil Chemical Company.

Insights from the #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

The Product Leadership Forum is a chance for senior product professionals to discuss the challenges they face in a safe environment. By gaining insight from your experiences, you can develop principles on which to base your leadership style. In order to develop as a person, you have to understand your weaknesses and which parts of your personality you want to amplify. Find them and make allies to help your team to develop. Develop Your own Authentic Style.

Product Principles – A Leadership Tool


The Product Leadership struggle is akin to the Entrepreneurship struggle because the role has no clear learning path. From operational to strategic, people to the product, financial to technical, Executives to Developers, you’ll have to respond with the right aplomb to ensure you give just enough direction to guide rather than decide. I will behave and develop products in this particular way.” We will behave and develop products as a team in this particular way.”

How to Apply Lateral Leadership in Agile Environments by Tim Herbig

Mind the Product

Lateral leadership describes the art of efficiently influencing others around you without formal authority. It is essential for succeeding in the implicit leadership position that product managers find themselves in. In this talk from this year’s MTP Engage in Hamburg, I share some advice on how product people can use lateral leadership in managing agile teams. They also didn’t appreciate the importance that lateral leadership already had in their daily business life.