Common Product Vision Board Mistakes

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This article assumes that you are familiar with the product vision board or the key elements of a product strategy : market, value proposition, standout features, and business goals. Vision Captures Product Idea or Business Objective. Product Vision Board is Not Testable.

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Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager

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Managing the Interrelated Roles and Responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers. Product Management and Product Marketing Management are complementary roles. It’s often said that a Product Manager has a more inbound focus, while a Product Marketing Manager has a more outbound focus. The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for successfully getting the product off the shelf. Is the market expert. Conducts customer and market research.

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How to Focus on the Product Ideas That Matter

Mind the Product

A competitive analysis provided by the marketing team could highlight new opportunities to differentiate the product. Product Development Process customer value Metrics Product Roadmap Product VisionThere is no monopoly on good product ideas. They can come from many places. A sales request to add a new feature for a customer could contain an insight that would improve the product for everyone. Technical feedback from [.]. Read More.

The Seven-Part Guide to Portfolio Product Management & Marketing


This guide to portfolio product management and marketing answers the following seven questions. How Does Portfolio Product Management Impact Product Marketing? Portfolio product management is a customer outcome approach to product management and product marketing that eliminates silos and competing priorities and fosters collaboration across product teams. Structure product management/marketing so that their market knowledge is stronger than all other disciplines combined.

Market Problem Framing Example

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Understanding how problems are framed in your market is critical to developing a successful product strategy. I’ve written about how to frame market problems using Ted Levitt’s whole product model, and referenced a workshop framing problems. And Moore’s work builds on ideas from several others (“turtles all the way down”), including Levitt’s Marketing Myopia. Differentiation – Remote monitoring of glucose levels.

Why Product People Should Care About Business Strategy

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At the same time, it offers you, the person in charge of the product, the necessary context to make the right strategic product decisions, for example, the market your product should serve and the business goals it should meet. Statements like we want to grow , increase our profit margin , or gain more market share are not business strategies. Achieving growth is a business imperative; increasing margins and market share are goals that might be part of a business strategy.

Tips for Effective Product Strategy Reviews

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As long as your product hasn’t reached product-market fit, the strategy is usually volatile. For a commercial, revenue-generating product, the stakeholders might include a marketeer, sales rep, and member of the support group. Are there new market entrants? Is your product still sufficiently differentiated ? A bigger change may also be required to move from one life cycle stage to the next and to extend the product life cycle, for example, by tapping into new markets.

How we’re building a marketing engine to move upmarket

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But as they pick up steam, offering more products to multiple target markets, it’s easy for the message to get a little fuzzy. When Shane Murphy-Reuter joined us here at Intercom as SVP of Marketing earlier this year, he had to manage four different teams on two continents working on multiple products. Imagine trying to maintain a unified message and overall brand vision across those time zones and organizations – it’s a big challenge for any marketer.

Start your marketing with why: Getting your story right

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No matter how good your product is, if you can’t tell a cohesive, compelling story about it, you’re going to have a very hard time getting people’s attention when you actually do take it to market. For decades software was sold using feature-based marketing: start with what the company wants to sell, and then tell people why they need it. It’s easier than ever to build a product, which means the market landscape is increasingly competitive. The problem was marketing.

TEI 264: How product managers can make better use of marketing – with Jill Soley

Product Innovation Educators

How marketing and product management work together. Turns out if you ask 50 different people what marketing is, you’ll hear 50 different answers. That is what our guest did to investigate what people think about marketing and how it fits into the work product managers do. Our guest is Jill Soley, a Silicon Valley strategic product and marketing executive. 7:06] How do you describe marketing? Marcom is one piece of marketing.

How working as a Product Marketer can help you become a better Product Manager


Having spent several years playing both Marketing and Product Management roles, I can confidently suggest that every Product Manager who wants to make a significant impact on the overall success of the business should switch to Product Marketing roles several times in his career. I would also propose that companies should never differentiate between Product Managers and Product Marketers while hiring and they should encourage transition into one role from another.

A Brief Guide to Product Discovery

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Which market and market segment should the product address? Whenever you create a brand-new product or when you make bigger changes to an existing one, like taking it to a new market , you will benefit from using a dedicated, timeboxed product discovery period.

Dear Strategy: 058 SEO, SEM, and Other Marketing Strategy Trends

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Can you talk about some of the newer trends in marketing that should be considered when putting together a marketing strategy?”. . Finally – a question about marketing strategy!!! But when I founded my training business, Strategy Generation Company, earlier this year, I decided to focus the programs that we offer on the areas of product, business, and marketing strategy. Business, Product, and Marketing Strategies.

How Product Marketing and Product Management Should Collaborate in Today’s Tech World


Product management and product marketing are becoming essential roles in the digital world we live in. Companies that don’t have strong product management and product marketing functions run the risk of losing market share to more strategically focused teams. Aligning objectives of product marketing and product management can give companies a competitive advantage. Product Marketing (Focus on the Buyer). Defining market position 2.

How to Avoid Being Blindsided by your Competition by Jeetu Patel

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To do this, focus your resources on your differentiator and use this as a guide for when to build verses when to partner. Your customers are your greatest advocates, and they will market your product for you if you build something they love. Obsess about Product/Market fit. Jeetu thinks of products in three phases: Finding product/market fit. You cannot scale successfully until you’ve arrived at product/market fit.

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How Sprout Social increased retention with customer-centric marketing

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Then, armed with these insights, you can create an empathetic, data-driven customer journey that helps your customers achieve their vision of success. No one knows this better than Sprout Social’s Director of Marketing Strategy, Tara Robertson. Tara joined the company in 2017 and has been instrumental in helping the company scale and retain more customers through a unique customer-centric approach to marketing. . Why sales and marketing should be a partnership.

S.H.O.P. – what’s in store for the store?

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That halcyon vision feels very distant now. But as Fallows’ anecdote suggests, it was a destination to be reached by car – Gruen’s vision of the mall was inextricably linked with the rise of another transformative technology: the automobile. Marketing

[Webinar] Breaking department silos to build great Customer Experience


Barbara Stewart, Marketing & CX consultant at Hiya Marketing. Barbara will reveal insights on how to differentiate channel tactics to the CX vision. Are your CX efforts not showing impact? Is your team working on customer journeys alone? Oh-uh.

Making the jump

Product Manager in Heels

I have been researching the topic and have a few helpful resources: Inc Magazine: Director Product Management Pragmatic Marketing: Product Manager Not suprisingly, there is a lot of overlap. It will vary depending on where you report - whether to technology or marketing but the focus always remains on the customer. My research led me to this: "the most significant differentiation between Management and Directorship is vision. Is vision the biggest differentiator?

From marketplace to SaaS business: How Udemy acquired 80% of the Fortune 100

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The story you tell to the market, the competitive moats you build, the pricing models fueling your growth – everything that got you to where you are needs to be reimagined for your new buyer. Seeing a real demand for business courses in their consumer marketplace, the team identified an opening in the market to disrupt corporate training and hypothesized that employers would be more than willing to pay. Turning a sales objection into a unique differentiator.

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Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

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It was originally intended as a business strategy tool to discover new markets. This means that the first iPhone was clearly differentiated. Additionally, the two new factors—the touch screen and stylish design—gave the phone a significant competitive advantage and helped Apple disrupt the mobile-phone market. [1] I capture these pieces of information using my Product Vision Board. The Strategy Canvas.

Product Revenue and Profitability Goals – Are They Counterproductive?


If the target markets for each product are mutually exclusive, product revenue and profitability goals don’t present any issues in B2B. The trouble starts when you have multiple products that target the same exact markets and customers. Individual product goals force each product team to compete for development resources, marketing resources and mind share with the sales team – all in the interest of individual product goals.

Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five B2B Product Management Best Practices


Here are five B2B product management best practices that’ll give product management teams the coveted “strategic” moniker among executives, marketing, sales, engineering and customer success teams. Read on to see why doing these five things for the portfolio instead of doing them for every product not only improves the strategic value of product management, they also make your organization more market-focused across the board. Market Segmentation.

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The three strands of brand authenticity

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That clarity is one of the main reasons I was so excited to join Intercom earlier this year – the company entered an industry dominated by impersonal and disconnected tools like ticketing systems and email with a vision to “make internet business personal.”. Companies and marketing teams are becoming much more technology focused (with good reason), and I fear this has left a skill gap in understanding these important concepts. Marketing Growth branding values

Reflecting on the Intercom journey – Karen Peacock and Des Traynor in conversation

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I never had any plans to be at one company for that long, but I just kept doing new and different things there – I started in product management and then did a combination of product management and marketing and design.

How can Enterprise Product Managers Attain Maximum Insight From Limited Datapoints?

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Vision. Even if customers aren’t asking for a feature, the market may still be moving in that direction. For example, while only a few customers might be asking for serverless protection – because most Fortune 500 are still migrating to microservices and some still even have mainframe applications – it doesn’t mean that this feature wouldn’t be a valuable differentiator.

MadKudu’s Liam Boogar-Azoulay on building apps to expand your product’s reach

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I invited Liam Boogar-Azoulay who heads up marketing at MadKudu to share his experience. You’re currently head of marketing at MadKudu. Liam: Very early on, we were definitely working with bigger companies with sizable data just because the problem’s more interesting, and that’s where we saw the opportunity and our vision. So for the most part, we proactively go after mid-market enterprise companies like Segment and Invision. Marketing

User Research For India’s Top Property Site – MagicBricks Case Study


The main challenges of this project included getting a good understanding of a market that was unfamiliar to us in a short amount of time, as well as adapting to significant cultural differences that impacted, not only our communication and collaboration with the client sometimes, but also the user tests and interviews. Moreover, these interviews provided us different perspectives on the product and the market.

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Product Backlog Management – 10 Tips for Product Managers

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It will help develop an appropriate product vision. Product strategy usually involves positioning, market opportunities research, target customers, competitors’ analysis, etc. Based on the overall product strategy, the product manager and product owner should agree on a product vision that will guide prioritizing the backlog. It should clearly state the key benefits for the customer, and how the product is differentiated from the competition.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

The Secret PM Handbook

Who the product is for (the market). Why my product is a better choice for you (the differentiators). The Three Laws of Marketing Physics: For the best chance of success, your product should have 1) an Overt Benefit, 2) a Dramatic Difference, 3) a Real Reason To Believe. For more, check out my article on Doug Hall’s Three Laws of Marketing Physics , or his excellent book Jumpstart Your Business Brain! Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed).

The Top 10 Deliverables of Product Managers

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I instead define a product manager as driving the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. Vision: Vision Narrative. Most product managers realize that defining a compelling vision for their product is a core responsibility of their role. But what most get wrong is thinking they can simply get away with defining a simple vision statement. Vision: Product Walkthrough. Elon Musk has put out some of my favorite product vision walkthroughs.

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The T-Shaped Product Manager

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They include a deep understanding of the users with their needs, the competition, and the market trends. In addition to deep product skills, you require generic, transferable product management capabilities, such as, effectively capturing the product’s value proposition , segmenting the market , validating product strategy assumptions , selecting the right KPIs , prioritising the product backlog , and analysing user feedback and data. Balancing Specific and Generic Skills.

What Makes a Great Software Product Manager?


Company size differentiates the depth of thinking a product manager takes when developing the product strategy and roadmap. The software product manager takes responsibility for a product line’s vision and profitability. They’ll work to eliminate gaps between engineering teams and sales and marketing. This role requires a vision to deliver value based on customer demands. A software PM wears many hats to ultimately create the product vision.

Influencing the Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

has stayed on top of a rapidly evolving market by conducting research that delivers such products as the Game of Thrones Slots Casino , one of the drivers of the publicly traded company’s (Nasdaq ZNGA) third quarter, the best in its 12-year history. Sangita Sarkar , Zynga’s director of product marketing, recently participated in an AMA on influencing the product roadmap via Sharebird , a place to see how people at top companies do product marketing.

Influencing the Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

has stayed on top of a rapidly evolving market by conducting research that delivers such products as the Game of Thrones Slots Casino , one of the drivers of the publicly traded company’s (Nasdaq ZNGA) third quarter, the best in its 12-year history. Sangita Sarkar , Zynga’s director of product marketing, recently participated in an AMA on influencing the product roadmap via Sharebird , a place to see how people at top companies do product marketing.

Product Positioning: Overcoming Seven Obstacles to a Great Value Story


If you’re a car enthusiast, go read the marketing copy for your dream car. The product marketers do a masterful job of getting you to envision exactly how awesome you’d look and feel behind the wheel of that car. Apply the same concept to your products and solutions and watch what happens to your marketing and sales efforts. 1. “It’s Impossible to Differentiate Every Product.”. Here’s an example of product positioning at its finest.

Evolving Hyper-Local Digital News With Metro Media

Bain Public

With the transition from print to digital and with so many people now dependent on transportation methods other than private car ownership, there is an opening in the market to use geo-data to embed digital content and hyper-local news inside mobility apps.

Amplitude acquires ClearBrain to add predictions to analytics


When we first met with ClearBrain founders Bilal Mahmood and Eric Pollmann, we immediately connected on a shared vision of how analytics platforms could better serve customers. As the first SRE on Google Ads and lead of Optimizely’s data science team, Eric and Bilal respectively experienced the pain points of legacy analytics solutions, particularly time-intensive A/B testing in order to differentiate between causation and correlation in their data.

Tying Strategy to Your Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

The roadmap needs to communicate the big picture to the organization—the initiatives that move the needle, expand markets, address competition and create customer value. Describe your vision and strategy. Setting the vision and strategic goals for the product—and, more importantly, getting alignment on these with your stakeholders—is the first step to creating a successful roadmap. Remember that you are telling a story about how your strategy fits with the product vision.

Product Management in 2020: New Year, New… Products?

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In 2020 there is plenty of opportunity for Product Managers to differentiate their products from others by making these experiences seamless across devices and use occasions. Data-Driven” has been a buzzword for the last few years, but now that we can easily measure product usage, Product Managers need to become Insight-Driven , where they can uncover actionable customer insights that drive their product roadmap and marketing campaigns. Happy New Year everyone!