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Strategic Product Marketing: One Small Move, Three Big Benefits

Proficientz – Product Management University

A strategic product marketing function can be created with one simple move that pays three big dividends to the organization. Many product marketing professionals in B2B have long felt like the sales tools on-demand department and rightfully so.

How working as a Product Marketer can help you become a better Product Manager


Having spent several years playing both Marketing and Product Management roles, I can confidently suggest that every Product Manager who wants to make a significant impact on the overall success of the business should switch to Product Marketing roles several times in his career.

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How to Transition Into a Product Management Career

280 Group

It’s 5 PM on a Friday, you just came home from work and are waiting to hear back from the hiring manager at the company you interviewed with last week. You are looking to make a switch, trying to break into the trendy career you’ve heard of called Product Management. The Call.

The Global Benchmark Survey: Product Management Skills – Initial Insights

280 Group

Late last year, 280 Group conducted its most ambitious and comprehensive survey to date, to learn more about the skill levels of product managers across the globe. We invited over 30,000 product managers to participate, and received nearly 4,000 responses.

Product Management in 2020: New Year, New… Products?

280 Group

Join our upcoming webinar, Product Success in 2020: Six Trends You Must Track , where we’ll share how to use these trends to best benefit your products this year. Here are the topics we covered last year: Product Management Skills. What if your product is not digital?

Influencing the Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

One of the fastest-growing social gaming giants doesn’t play around when it comes to developing future products. ” That research could be meaningless data if PMMs fail to get involved early in development and influence the overall vision for a product.

Data-Driven Product Management: How To Become an Insight-Driven PM

280 Group

This article discusses how data-driven product management can help you use the right data, to uncover the right insights, and ultimately build the right product. what does it really mean to Product Managers? What is a Product Manager to do?

The Product Market Fit Engine | Rahul Vohra, CEO, Superhuman | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

This will change the way that a lot of people think about product market fit, BS metrics, understanding the needs of the people that really matter. Jared Spool’s excoriation of the use of NPS by marketing departments had struck a chord earlier in the week.

2019 Product Management Trends


The challenge of achieving product-market fit is what keeps most product managers up at night. And this time every year, product management professionals are putting yearly strategies together and seeking out resources to ensure their approach is on-trend.

The Top 10 Deliverables of Product Managers

Sachin Rekhi

Mastering the craft of product management is no easy task. I instead define a product manager as driving the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. Vision: Product Walkthrough. Strategy: Product/Market Fit Hypotheses.

Vision 171

The Seven-Part Guide to Portfolio Product Management & Marketing

Proficientz – Product Management University

This guide to portfolio product management and marketing answers the following seven questions. What is Portfolio Product Management and How Does It Differ From Traditional Product Management? Vertical Market Segmentation. Product 3 Goal: etc.

9 Great Podcasts for Product Managers

BrainStation Product Management

Lifelong education is a reality for Product Managers – in fact, BrainStation’s 2019 Digital Skills Survey found that more than 66 percent of product professionals participate in workshops, online courses, and in-person courses to stay on top of a profession that keeps changing.

Establishing a market-led culture with a Product Management framework


SnapComms is a medium-sized New Zealand software company who wanted to evolve its sales-led culture into a market-led culture. After hearing Rich Mironov talk about the slippery slope of sales-led companies , they decided to learn about Product Management. Product Management

25 must-read product management articles


Throughout my career as both a product manager and startup founder, there’s been one severely underrated skill I credit for much of my success—and that’s reading. Here’s my list of favorite online posts for product managers. 12 things about product-market fit.

Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five B2B Product Management Best Practices

Proficientz – Product Management University

The Portfolio vs. Every Product! Here are five B2B product management best practices that’ll give product management teams the coveted “strategic” moniker among executives, marketing, sales, engineering and customer success teams.

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TEI 264: How product managers can make better use of marketing – with Jill Soley

Product Innovation Educators

How marketing and product management work together. Turns out if you ask 50 different people what marketing is, you’ll hear 50 different answers. Our guest is Jill Soley, a Silicon Valley strategic product and marketing executive.

Third-Party Software Integration: Best Practice, Perils and Pitfalls

Mind the Product

Product management teams often ask themselves if third-party integration is right for their software product roadmap. Senior/director integration positions are usually expected to own a product roadmap strategy. Director of Product Management, Prysm.

Customer Development Guide For Product Managers

The Product Coalition

It was launched in 2011 and went broke in 2013 because people didn’t buy the product. The authors relied on their intuition or professionalism, and didn’t account for the most important factor in product creation?—?the the product/market fit. Position your product.

A guide to SaaS metrics for product managers


While not the most glamorous part of a product manager’s job, tracking metrics reveal blindspots, foster stakeholder confidence and offer vital product (and organizational) health checks for PMs. Where your product falls on this model impacts which metrics you should monitor.

Flipping the Script as a PM: Turning Customers into Evangelists – Thursday, February 22 | 6:30 – 9:30pm

bpma ProductHub

Is your roadmap stuck chasing feature parity? How do you position your product & feature set in a way that allows you to uniquely meet your customer’s needs and stay ahead of the competition? The concepts presented in CEB’s book “The Challenger Customer” are gaining a lot of traction in the marketing world. How you can apply these principles to your product and more will be addressed at February’s BPMA event! Product Marketing

3 Types of Product Managers: Builders, Tuners, Innovators

Sachin Rekhi

As the product management role has become far more popular here in Silicon Valley and at technology firms in general, we’ve started to see specialization in the role begin to emerge. The builders are what most folks would classify as the classic product manager.

TEI 154: Pitfalls that can trap new product managers – with Aero Wong

Product Innovation Educators

10 common mistakes or pitfalls new product managers should avoid. A few months ago I was contacted by a product manager, Areo Wong, who works in Hong Kong. He has been struggling to learn what the role of product manager was really about.

Product Management’s Role at Every Phase of the Product Lifecycle


Every product has a lifecycle which consists of various phases. And the demands placed upon a product manager often vary depending on the lifecycle stage their product is in. What should product managers of newly-introduced products focus on?

Leading product teams as you grow


Leading a product team in a startup—where it’s basically you, or maybe you and one other person—is far different from leading a large product management team for a well-established company. The post Leading product teams as you grow appeared first on Mixpanel.

Proficientz Announces 2018 Product Management University Training Curriculum

Proficientz – Product Management University

GREENVILLE, SC – April 12, 2018 — Proficientz announced today its 2018 Product Management University training curriculum, a series of training courses that teach best practices in product management, product marketing and sales enablement for B2B and B2B2C organizations. Proficientz is known for its unique approach of mapping course content specifically to the clients’ products and markets.

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Improve Your Results with Clear Value Propositions

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Sales is pitching to distributors that the beer is “Less Filling”, while Marketing is advertising that the beer “Tastes Great” and Operations is delivering “the Lowest Cost Light Beer.” Note that a single product will often have more than one value proposition?—?especially

How can Product Companies Align With Channel Partners?

Mind the Product

When I think of partnership, many examples come to mind, across many disciplines – tennis, criminal investigation, entrepreneurship and movie production, to name a few. Do product companies conduct due diligence to understand their channel partners before seeking alignment?

Say No With Confidence: How To Tell The Great Ideas From The Merely Good | Bruce McCarthy, Product Culture | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

Bruce McCarthy, Founder, Product Culture. In this talk Product guru Bruce McCarthy arms you with his battle-tested approach to prioritizing your most critical initiatives that will increase your organization’s focus by increasing confidence in your prioritization decisions. Bruce McCarthy (Founder, Product Culture) – Prioritization: Saying No To Good Ideas from Business of Software Conference. I’ve been a product guy for a long time, for most of my career.

Are North Star Metrics Leading You Astray?


Product. Product. Roadmaps. / Product Marketing. How can specialization and product-level focus marry up with the overlying objectives the company has defined and is measuring itself against? Common vision, differentiated objectives. Agile Roadmap.

On Being "Product Led"


At Amplitude, we often use the phrase “product-led” because it represents something we are really passionate about, and it inspires why we’re building the product we are building. What does it mean to be “product-led”? It does not mean being “product manager led”.

B2C 114

5 Predictions for the Next Decade of Data Governance


We’ve seen that self-service analytics platforms like Amplitude have fundamentally changed how teams interact with product data, their immediate teammates, and their organizations. Whether you’re a marketer, developer, or executive, you no longer need to submit a request with a data scientist or centralized analytics team to understand how a product feature performed. Today, you have immediate access to the insights you need to build your best product.

Method Implementation for Cross-Functional Teams (Pragmatic Live Transcripts)

Pragmatic Marketing

How do you create a cohesive approach to product methodology when working with cross-functional teams? I'm Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of sales and marketing at pragmatic institute and your host for this episode. Marketing. What was the state of product?

Method Implementation for Cross-Functional Teams (Pragmatic Live Transcripts)

Pragmatic Marketing

How do you create a cohesive approach to product methodology when working with cross-functional teams? I'm Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of sales and marketing at pragmatic institute and your host for this episode. Marketing. What was the state of product?

Behind Every Great Product


Article: Behind Every Great Product. When I first decided to start The Silicon Valley Product Group, I had just left eBay and had some very strong opinions about what makes great product teams, and great product cultures, and while there were more than a few important thinkers and leaders on these topics, one area that I felt was under-represented was the role of product management. In this model, the product manager is really a backlog administrator.

When the product is YOU

Under10 Playbook

You should always know where you stand in the company or else your manager is not doing his or her job. You are a product. As a product manager, you’re already expert in defining and delivering products. DEFINE your target market. Just like a product.