Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

Roman Pichler

Why a Product Strategy Process Matters. In the picture above, the product strategy describes how a visionary, inspirational goal is attained. It includes the product’s value proposition, market, stand-out features, and business goals. Do they impact your product?

What you should consider when developing a product strategy

This blog has already addressed the different stages of Product Development Strategy. This time, we’re turning our attention to the various elements needed to formulate the right product strategy for your enterprise. Why you need a product strategy.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

bpma ProductHub

But since this is the BPMA, we’re thinking about the oft-merged roles of Product Manager (PM) and Product Owner (PO). On January 23rd, Pragmatic Marketing hosted a webinar entitled “Six Ways Product Management’s Role Will Change in 2018.” Product Strategy

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

Roman Pichler

The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory. It was originally intended as a business strategy tool to discover new markets. This means that the first iPhone was clearly differentiated. Product Strategy

How Minimum Viable Products & Features Helped Me Write My New Book

Roman Pichler

Minimum Viable Product #1. At the same time, I wanted to test that the product would create enough value for its readers before writing the actual book. Minimum Viable Product #2. Instead, I opted for a broader collection of related strategy and roadmap tips.

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When Innovation Programs Fail by Brant Cooper

Mind the Product

At #mtpcon San Francisco, he helped product practitioners to understand what innovation is, why innovation programs fail, and how we can help to change the conversation. In reality, no product falls cleanly into either category. How can Product Help?

Using Embedded Analytics to Drive Revenue

Mind the Product

Five years ago, including embedded analytics in an application was a powerful way for product teams to differentiate their applications, reduce customer churn, and charge more for their products.

Plan Your Build, Don’t Build Your Plan: Get the Most From Your Retrospective

Mind the Product

As our product helped companies, well, build their brand, it was a big deal. As our product processed most, if not all, of the organization’s digital assets, we were asked to come up with a solution that would prevent similar incidents in the future. As a product manager it’s important to keep things on target instead of on track. Ideally, the cross-functional product team has learning built in. Strategy Pitfalls.

Third-Party Software Integration: Best Practice, Perils and Pitfalls

Mind the Product

Product management teams often ask themselves if third-party integration is right for their software product roadmap. The thinking is that you should integrate with products such as Salesforce and Slack, because you never would want to try to build those sorts of products by yourselves.

Why Product People Should Care About Business Strategy

Roman Pichler

Business Strategy vs. Product Strategy. A business strategy describes how a company wants to achieve its overall aspiration and create value for its users, employees, and shareholders. It is therefore a key input for any product discovery work.

Classifying Market Problems

Tyner Blain

Theodore Levitt may have developed the whole product model to help companies compete more effectively with their products. We wrote about the whole product game based on Mr. Levitt’s work. Whole Product Model. Think “ blue ocean strategy ” here.

25 must-read product management articles


Throughout my career as both a product manager and startup founder, there’s been one severely underrated skill I credit for much of my success—and that’s reading. Here’s my list of favorite online posts for product managers. 12 things about product-market fit.

Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

Tyner Blain

Product owners and product managers. Together, the product people need to take an organization’s strategy, figure out the appropriate product strategy, and convert that into actionable work for the delivery teams to create the right product.

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

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Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack. To learn about our latest findings in-depth, don’t miss the Feb 16 BPMA event on “The Six Key Factors of High-Performance Product Teams”. Contributed by Greg Geracie.

Dear Strategy: 046 The Most Important Part of a Strategy Presentation

Dear Strategy

On this week’s episode, host Bob Caporale, President of the product management and product strategy training company Sequent Learning Networks , answers the following question: Dear Strategy: “What are the most important points to stress when presenting new ideas to senior management (i.e. financials, feasibility, product differentiation, etc.)?”.

Whole Product Game

Tyner Blain

How can Theodore Levitt’s classic Whole Product approach help with defining a product roadmap? I’ve been revisiting his concepts and their use recently, thinking about how to revise them for some exercises I’ve been doing with product teams.

The T-Shaped Product Manager

Roman Pichler

To do a great job as a product manager or product owner, you require two skills sets: product-specific and generic ones. As the name suggests, product-specific capabilities are limited to a single product or product portfolio. Use your own product (a.k.a.

Market Problems — Blinders. Customer Goals — Wide-Angle Market Lens.

Proficientz – Product Management University

If you’re in a product management, product marketing or sales enablement role, consider replacing the phrase market problems with customer goals. When the conversation starts with a generic market problem like “employee engagement is too low,” the conversation goes right to the product solution — a list of features that improve employee engagement. Why Every Product Strategy Needs a Strong Narrative . Product Management Playbook

Dear Strategy: 058 SEO, SEM, and Other Marketing Strategy Trends

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Can you talk about some of the newer trends in marketing that should be considered when putting together a marketing strategy?”. . Finally – a question about marketing strategy!!! We’ve always pitched this show as being mostly about product and business strategy. To frame this question up properly, let me first say a few words about where I believe marketing strategies fit within the context of product and business strategies.

TEI 155: How product managers can get pricing right – with Tim Smith, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

The 5 considerations that result in the best price for a product. Determing the proper price for a product impacts profit potential and sales volume expectations. I have a great guest to help us understand the components of a pricing strategy and how to price a product.

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

Product management is evolving quickly. The days of gathering requirements from business stakeholders and documenting them in long product requirements documents are vanishing. Instead, product teams are experimenting their way to viable solutions. Modern Product Discovery [:54].

42 Rules of Product Management

Product Bookshelf

42 rules to live by for product managers. Great insights and product principles for being a great product manager and making better products. 42 Rules of Product Management edited by Brian Lawley. Each encapsulates a key principle of effective product management.

How to Manage Product Research in Agile Mode

One of the challenges that kept ailing me in my formative days as an agile product manager was the lack of resources for research. As a result, product research depended massively on the team’s resourcefulness and our ability to leverage existing, easily available research material.

Agile 62

How to Manage Product Research in Agile Mode

One of the challenges that kept ailing me in my formative days as an agile product manager was the lack of resources for research. As a result, product research depended massively on the team’s resourcefulness and our ability to leverage existing, easily available research material.

Agile 62

3 Types of Product Managers: Builders, Tuners, Innovators

Sachin Rekhi

As the product management role has become far more popular here in Silicon Valley and at technology firms in general, we’ve started to see specialization in the role begin to emerge. I’ve had the opportunity to serve in many distinct product roles as well as lead hiring for such roles as well.

Market segmentation: 5 signs you’re doing it right

Product Management 2.0

Many of us in the field of technology product management are so familiar with market segmentation principles that we take them for granted. Roxar sought to expand its product offering and its target market to address the cloud back-up software market segment.

How important is product management for your startup?

The Product Coalition

Are you trying to wrap your head around the role of product management and why it is important for the venture? Still confused about the concept of product management? What is Product Management? It is the cornerstone of product management.

Tying Strategy to Your Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

We’ve all heard about “strategic” product roadmaps. A roadmap is a plan for your strategy that maps out the direction of your product. Ideally, it’s a high-level visual summary that helps product managers get everyone on the same page. Describe your vision and strategy.

Dear Strategy: 034 Technology Driven Strategy

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “As a product development team, how can we best reinforce technology-driven strategy?”. The key qualifier to this question is that it’s being asked by a member of a product development team. And, because of this, I need to start my answer by saying – please make sure that a technology-driven strategy is, in fact, what the organization wants you to reinforce. . Not every product strategy will be technology-driven.

GV’s Kate Aronowitz and Vanessa Cho on leading through design

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” to “I’m having to influence my product manager. Vanessa: The second bucket is really just focused on the product strategy. We spend a lot of time talking to CEOs or heads of products or even design leaders. How do we interact with the Head of Product?

SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers


The rise of the SaaS model in the product space has been swift, to say the least. So as product managers, knowing how to manage only traditional, on-premises software no longer cuts it. Here’s who we spoke with: Evan Michner , Principal Product Manager at Atlassian.

Still prioritizing features in a spreadsheet? Here’s why that should scare you.


How product management has fallen behind in the new era of product excellence In 1878, the world was introduced to something that would forever change how people would communicate. That product was the telephone. Undoubtedly, the speed at which we innovate is crucial and customers want nothing but the best from your products. Product Management Is Stuck In The Past Technology has changed a lot in the past few decades, and with it people have changed as well.

Branding Yourself as a Product

Pragmatic Marketing

You are a product. And if you are the product, why not manage your personal brand like a product? Your Career and the Product Lifecycle. Just like in a product lifecycle, though, there will be times when your industry and technology evolve. What you need is a product strategy. How do you leverage your skills to ensure a triumphant product launch and continued relevancy and success? Before you can manage your product, you have to launch it.

What you need to think about in your first 60–90 days on a new job: product management (leader)…

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What you need to think about in your first 60–90 days on a new job: product management (leader) edition I’ve recently transitioned into a different role and have spent some time thinking about how to start this new job. Understand or build the mission and vision for the product ?—?goals,

What is Product Management?

Sachin Rekhi

The role of product management in technology firms is a critically important one that is often misunderstood. Product management boils down to owning the vision, design, and execution of your product. Your strategy can change over time and it may require updating your vision.