Sun.Sep 27, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion: Are You Sabotaging Your Product Success?

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“Diversity and Inclusion” are some of the hottest topics in the Tech industry. Unfortunately, there is not much discussion surrounding the even more severe lack of diversity in the product management function, particularly in the representation of Black Product Managers.

The Rise of The Story Brand

The Product Coalition

Clarify your message so customers will listen Continue reading on Product Coalition ». marketing product-management business storytelling design

Getting Real about Customer Delight: The Strategy of Emotional Outcomes


It’s all the rage, and is often the reason we get out of the bed each day – we want to delight our customers in everything we do. I’d bet that at least 75% of those reading this post would say that “Customer Delight” is somewhere in the top 3 stated goals of their company for the year.