Sun.Jan 17, 2021

How Product Can (and Can’t) Speed Up Development

Mironov Consulting

Half of the calls I get from CEOs include requests for Product Management to boost productivity in Engineering (aka Development aka Makers). To ship more stuff, faster. To hit more roadmap dates. To reduce some fictitious cost-per-feature financial goal. To get more for less.

This is How You Need to Pick the Right Metrics for Your Product

The Product Coalition

This article will provide definitions on what metrics are, a framework for categorizing them, and recommendations of four basic rules to… Continue reading on Product Coalition ». okr analytics metrics kpi product-management


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Your Problem Isn’t the Leaky Bucket, It’s the Clogged Pipe

The Product Coalition

The leaky bucket is a known metaphor in sales. If your funnel isn’t converting well, there is no point in adding more leads into it, since they will not convert and there is no gain here. But the truth is, that not only will it not result in a positive impact, it can also actually cause you harm.

B2B 106

Things to Know for Every Entry-Level Ethical Hacking Professionals

The Product Coalition

Source: As the digital world is growing by the second, there is a constant need to protect and secure everything it encompasses. There has been a significant rise in cybercrimes making the company’s security vulnerable.

PROJECT TO PRODUCT: Building the Right Thing in the Right Way

Old and out-of-date project management principles are still very much in place in countless organizations. However, organizations are finding the solution to their problems, and the solution is Product Agility. Download this whitepaper to learn more!