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Five Habits of Highly-Effective Product Teams

Mind the Product

How do you develop an understanding of what will set a product up for success throughout your organization? This blog looks at what actions product managers can take to ensure their teams are investing their time wisely. “If If you build it, they will come” is not an effective philosophy in product development, but time and again I’ve seen and been on teams where we spend months building a product without ever talking to a customer to validate or refine our idea.

This Is The Most Important Skill Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Nir Eyal

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Create Your Own Product Community


One of the best parts of working in product is the community: the like-mindedness, the ease of conversation, and the camaraderie around the struggles and victories we experience on the job. So, a few months after I joined my 11,000-employee company in October 2018, I looked for a place where I could meet my fellow. Read more » The post Create Your Own Product Community appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo. Best Practices Communication Community Product Teams Team Building


Online Survey Design: Key Elements of Effective Questionnaires

UX Studio

Whether you have a question about the product that you are offering, about its features or just simply want your customers opinion about something, most likely you will create a survey. In this article I will talk about survey design best practices and how to design a survey that will bring you useful results. Although it can be time consuming, in order to create an effective questionnaire, you need to consider a few survey design guidelines: Target audience. A Clear objective.

UX 66

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

A case study in competitive usability testing (Part 1)


We revisited our old Domino's vs Pizza Hut UX faceoff, this time with 20 test participants, to see what we would find – not just about the UX of ordering pizza online, but also about how to run competitive usability tests, and how to use quantitative data in a competitive UX study. The post A case study in competitive usability testing (Part 1) appeared first on TryMyUI Blog. Practicing UX Research TryMyUI Comparative Usability Comparative Usability Testing Competitive UX How-To quantitative

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Not in time and distance, but people have started measuring distance using battery icons


The study of London commuters found that respondents viewed their daily trip in terms of the time and distance between charging points for mobile technology. “People no longer think about their destination being 10 km away or 10 stops on the tube. They think about it being 50 per cent of their battery away,” as per the study by Cass Business School.

Hey Product Manager, Can I Ride Your Bike?

The Accidental Product Manager

There is a lot of promise to new bike sharing services along with a lot of risk Image Credit: Jussi-Pekka Erkkola. If you lived in a modern city, how would you chose to get around town? Yes, you could always walk – however, that’s going to take a lot of time and you are going to be tired when you get where you are going. There are cabs / Uber / Lyft and these all work, but they can quickly become quite expensive.

Indeed Seen?—?Product launch failure

The Product Coalition

Indeed Seen?—?Product Product launch failure So I received an email today about the launch of the new experience called Indeed Seen. As a Product Manager, I have always been curious and I love to try new products and learn about their onboarding and UX experience and always keen to learn. Being super enthusiastic and excited to try I went ahead and clicked the CTA “Check it Out” It was a brand new UI with bold colours, statistics on success rate, jobs, number of members etc.

Managed Services KPIs: How Do You Compare Against Benchmarks?


As a managed services provider, it's important to regularly gauge your performance of your managed services organization against industry pacesetters while maintaining the health of your operation. But which managed services KPIs should you be measuring in order to stay ahead of the competition, and what does healthy performance look like

Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention

Why do your users churn? In this guide you'll learn common product pitfalls and how to fix them.

Completely agree, I think it’s a mix of trying to hook you back into the app and also notifying you…

Michael J. Fordham

Completely agree, I think it’s a mix of trying to hook you back into the app and also notifying you of recent events that you’d probably be interested in seeing. However, does it warrant a notification? I’d argue no, as it’s not something directly personal to you. It already has a breakdown of what you missed while you were away, it would be nice if it put those things there and didn’t bother notifying you about it. social-media

That’s really interesting research, I’d love to hear more about it if you end up posting about it.

Michael J. Fordham

That’s really interesting research, I’d love to hear more about it if you end up posting about it. Personally I feel as though if someone was notified but couldn’t respond it might make people more anxious. What I’ve often thought might be nice is if you could schedule batches of notifications for certain times, e.g. if you want to do focused work in the mornings, you could schedule notifications to be delivered at 12pm.