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Product-driven Growth: A Love Story


Picture this. You walk into an electronics store. An associate appears, asking how she can help. You tell her that you’re a hobbyist photographer looking to purchase your first drone. You’d like to try before you buy. No problem, she says. Follow me.


Sustainable Pace in Product Management

Roman Pichler

What is Sustainable Pace? Sustainable pace is an important agile principle. The Agile Manifesto defines it in the following way: “The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.”

Pursuing a Product Management Career: The #1 Skill

Proficientz – Product Management University

There are many skills that are important for success in a product management career, but there’s one that stands head and shoulders above all the rest. Apply a little deductive reasoning to get there. Let’s start with the ultimate goal of a product manager.

How to Put the ‘Executive’ Back in Executive Business Review


If I had to make a list of the things that preoccupy my thoughts, I think Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) would probably come in fourth, behind my family, my company, and the Fermi Paradox.

The Ultimate Embedded Analytics Guide

In today’s ambitious business environment, many companies are taking an embedded analytics approach to capitalizing on the value of their information. Learn all about embedded analytics in this guide by Sisense, including a general overview of embedded analytics, the different approaches to embedding BI and analytics, and the benefits and challenges of the most popular BI solution technologies.

Sales velocity: the simple equation that will help you hit your number

Inside Intercom

When making a plan to hit their quota, most sales reps look at how much potential revenue they have in their pipeline. The larger your pipeline, the more revenue you’ll bring in. Right? Not so fast.

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3 Key Traits of Successful Product Designers


What exactly is product design? And how do you differentiate between a good product designer and a great one? Today we’ll look at the scope of the role of product designer as well as discuss a few traits of great product designers. But first, a hypothetical: If you were the product manager for a car-stereo manufacturer, would you want your products to have clearly marked, easy-to-reach “off” buttons on their control panels?

Agile Toolkit Podcast with Bob Payne

Johanna Rothman

Back at Agile 2018, I had a chance to record a podcast with Bob Payne. The recording is Johanna Rothman – Agile 2018. We discussed my experience report with Mark Kilby, the geographically distributed agile teams book with Mark , and my roadmapping session. I’ve known Bob forever. I think of him as a friend and as a colleague. You can tell in our conversation. You can also tell it was close to the end of the conference. I didn’t quite miss any words, but we were both tired.

Agile 45

Join UserTesting at NY Product Conference on November 10, 2018


Product leaders, it’s time to take your product management game to the next level, and the NY Product Conference is just the place to do it. This year, talented and inspiring product leaders from across the country will gather in … The post Join UserTesting at NY Product Conference on November 10, 2018 appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Popular Product

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