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What Qualities Make a Product Great?

Mind the Product

What are the qualities that make up a great product? It pays to analyse them and consider how they all work together to make a product successful. I remember once being asked in an interview: “Could you name a product you think is great?” I put on my “thinking deep thoughts” face and stare at [.].

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“On the Box Thinking” to Build a Better MVP

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If you can’t clearly identify what will ultimately make your product sell BEFORE you build it, you won’t build what will sell. Before the Product MVP (Minimally Viable Product) is specified, Product Managers need to establish another kind of “MVP”. Here the acronym stands for: M essaging, V alue proposition, and P ositioning. Think of it as the “Marketing MVP”. These “MVP” elements are foundational to strategy and absolutely critical to the product’s ultimate commercial success.

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Book Excerpt: What Do We Do Now? By Randy Silver

Mind the Product

As the COVID-19 crisis began hitting home, a lot of the conversations I had with product people started to take the same tone. It quickly became clear that many people were dealing with the same basic questions. There was also a lot of confusion about how to move forward. As a result, I sat down [.].

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Strategic Frameworks to Manage in a Post-COVID-19 World

Pragmatic Marketing

In technology circles, the term “disruption” conjures images of positive shaking of the status quo by derivative, innovative offerings that make the user’s life easier. COVID-19 has absolutely disrupted markets and society, but the current disruption has nothing to do with classical market forces or any underlying technology.

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

TEI 284: The Disney way of innovation – with Duncan Wardle

Product Innovation Educators

The strategies the Disney Head of Innovation used to bring products customers love to life. Last year I was at a product management conference in Orlando and the keynote speaker discussed leadership at Disney. It got me interested in how Disney innovates. A few months later I found out about Duncan Wardle, who was the Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney for many years.

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