Wed.May 05, 2021

Core Concept: The Product Trio

Product Talk

One of my goals for 2021 is to create short explainer videos for key concepts related to continuous discovery. This is my first one. I’d love to hear what you think. Is this helpful? Are there other core concepts you’d like to see me explore? You can share your comments on Twitter or YouTube.

The real superpower of product designers: Get comfortable with uncertainty


Designers have many superpowers, but one underrated one is that the work of design leads one to become more comfortable with uncertainty. How does this impact the product development process? Thread I learned this lesson almost immediately after receiving my first shiny new design assignment.


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Upsides to unshipping: The art of removing features and products


Teams are praised whenever they release a new feature (or product) to their customers.

Top 7 Promotional Methods for Your Products in 2021

The Product Coalition

As marketing techniques are evolving every day, you might think that there are different options when it comes to promotional methods. However, it becomes tough to find out, which is effective and will work for your business.

How to Accelerate Product Sales Virtually

Everyone sells online these days, but outselling the (virtual) competition requires following a few key principles. Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie shares his insights on resonating with buyers in this short video.

Product Love Podcast: Shay Howe, VP of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign


This week on Product Love, I sat with Shay Howe, VP of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is an email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM software platform for small- to mid-sized businesses.

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The 5 Best Onboarding Workflow Software in 2021


When you first hear the term onboarding workflow software, you might think, what is a workflow? If you tell your partner to get something from the fridge, that is a workflow. Basically, anytime data passes between people and/or systems, a workflow is created.

What Basecamp’s implosion teaches us about organizational culture

Radical Product

“Learning from mistakes is overrated,” according to the co-founders of Basecamp who wrote the New York Times bestseller Rework. Instead, you should be “learning from your successes.”

Leveraging Customer Data to Inform UX Decision


Image source: Pexels User Experience (UX) is one of your most vital tools at your disposal for securing higher conversion rates. With the right UX, you can streamline your potential for ecommerce success and boost your revenues. However, no approach to UX is complete without the use of data.

ONE THING on Strategy as the Connective Layer

Product Culture

In my first VP Product role, my company had a charismatic founder with a strong vision of where he wanted the organization to go. But the vision was high level and long term, like the top of a pyramid.

The State of Product Leadership Report 2021

Delivery is the top success metric for product leaders. But should it be? This is just one of the findings in this year’s State of Product Leadership report. Download the report to discover more ways product management is changing in 2021.