Fri.Nov 18, 2022

How to Optimize the Digital Customer Journey

AB Tasty

When a customer browses an e-commerce website, they’ll pass through various phases of the digital customer journey and encounter multiple touchpoints. Curating a unique experience is vital to ensure your customer’s needs are met during the entire user journey.

Why product managers should not be data-informed by Jens-Fabian Goetzmann

Mind the Product

In his digital breakout session at #mtpcon London 2022, Jens-Fabian Goetzmann explained why product managers should make data-informed decisions and balance quantitative and qualitative research. [.]


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The Product Manager Development Framework I Never Had

The Product Coalition

My first foray into managing products started around 6 years ago. It was a long time until I had any guidance on how to build products well. I was left mainly to learn from my mistakes. Now, I have the amazing responsibility of coaching other Product Managers.

MTP panel: Managing your stakeholders

Mind the Product

In our Prioritised member session this week, our panellists had an in-depth conversation on how to manage your stakeholders when building products. Read on for a recap of this engaging discussion! [.] Read more » The post MTP panel: Managing your stakeholders appeared first on Mind the Product.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

Faster Management Decisions Can Lead to More Ease and Better Results, Part 4

Johanna Rothman

If we want more ease and better results, we need to be able to change when the world changes. Yet, we don't always notice these changes, so we don't create options and experiment. Too often, we feel as if the world drags us down. We double-down on what we've been doing.

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Your Top 10 from Pulse Europe 2022


Sadly, Pulse Europe 2022 has concluded, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on our and your favorite moments. Take a look at some of the special shoutouts on social media from this year’s exciting event. Marija Skobe-Pilley, Customer Success Leader EMEA, ClickUp.

How GAS app went viral and made $1M in 10 days with a team of 4


A former Facebook manager just launched an app that overtook giants like TikTok & Instagram to be #1 on the App Store. He made $1M in 10 days with a team of 4 people. Gas App.

Six Takeaways From Pulse Europe 2022


Here are our top Pulse Europe 2022 takeaways from Gainsight’s Adam Joseph , Regional VP of Customer Success, EMEA.

The Benefits of Delta Testing Enable You To Do More With Less


Delta testing is the modern user testing solution that answers the unique demands of today's customers, products, and development styles. More specifically, delta testing is automated, saving tons of time

How to Gain a Competitive Edge: A Deep Dive Into Supplier Diversity Programs

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

In this exclusive webinar, Rod Robinson, SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence, dives into the key benefits corporations are seeing emerge from their supplier diversity programs and how you can gain invaluable competitive advantages with a supplier diversity program of your own.

Meet the Productboard team behind the transformation: solutions architect


Productboard’s global Professional Services team talks transformation We’re here to answer some of your most pressing questions! As a team, the most frequently asked questions we get are “tell us what your other customers do?”