Wed.May 27, 2020

The difference between product analytics and marketing analytics—and why you need both


This post is written by Semetis , a data-driven marketing agency located in Brussels, Belgium. Semetis works with different types of businesses, from start- and scale-ups to blue-chip clients, to help them grow and accelerate the digital side of their business.

A Decade in Product – a Retrospective

Mind the Product

This year doesn’t just mark the start of a new decade, but also the 10th anniversary of the first ever #ProductTank (and my 20th as a Product Manager).

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How To Define an Outcome-Based Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 7 Steps


What is a Minimum Viable Product? A minimum viable product is a collection of product features and capabilities that are required (at a minimum) to deliver a solution the market is willing to pay for. The easier it is to quantify the value, the more likely the solution will succeed.

Stories from the ProductTank Community – London Special

Mind the Product

It goes without saying that ProductTank London community is very special to all of us at Mind the Product.

From Build to Buy: The Path to Better Analytics for Your Application

Speaker: Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Logi Analytics

Making the transition from building your analytics in-house to investing in a third-party embedded solution can be complicated.Watch this webinar with Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics, for tips on making the transition as smooth as possible, and getting on the right path to better analytics for your app!

Hear Me on Techie Leadership Podcast

Johanna Rothman

I had the chance to be on Andrei Crudu's Techie Leadership podcast. He asks questions about successes and failures as a leader. When we're on podcasts, it's tempting for us to tell stories about other people. I do have plenty of stories about leaders in my consulting experience.

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Kanban Best Practices & Cheat Sheet

Agile Velocity

The Kanban Method is a powerful way for Agile teams and organizations to visualize work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and achieve measurable operational improvements in throughput and quality. This article is a Kanban cheat sheet identifying best practices , meetings , and key terms.

SQL Funnel Analysis: Discover Your Most Profitable Conversion Path With These 5 Steps


A business analyst will tell you that funnels are a crucial part of understanding a customer’s journey from their first site visit to revenue generation. As a Customer Analytics platform, Indicative understands that this is only the tip of the iceberg for funnels.

Making an impact as a product manager: Is it as easy as it sounds?

The Product Coalition

Triggered by recent conversations and a personal experience, the realization that this question has popped into the product managers’ mind… Continue reading on

Feature Flags vs. Feature Branches


Which is a better approach to developing, testing, and delivering new code: feature flags, or feature branches?

The North Star Playbook

Every product needs a North Star. In this guide, we will show you the metrics product managers need to tie product improvements to revenue impact. If you are looking for a more-focused, less-reactive way to work, this guide is for you.

How Do You Combine a UX design Process with AARRR Framework?

The Product Coalition

This is an answer that I gave to a question asked on Quora. Since a lot of UX designers and Product Managers have trouble connecting the… Continue reading on ». design-thinking product-management lean-ux lean-startup conversion-optimization

Retail Apps: 2020 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks


If you’re like me, your shopping habits have probably changed a bit (or a lot) over the last few months. I searched online for about two hours today for dumbbells to buy since the gyms are still closed, and had zero luck.

Product Management?—?Is it an art or a science?

The Product Coalition

Product Management?—?Is Is it an Art or a Science? Photo by Alex Kondratiev on Unsplash Whether Product Management is an art or a science is an unresolved debate I’ve had with several people over the last few years. Everyone has a different perspective based on their experiences.

Product Love Podcast: Lisa Reeves, SVP of Product at Zenefits


Product Love · Product Love Podcast: Lisa Reeves, SVP of Product of Zenefits This week on Product Love, I sat down with Lisa Reeves, the chief product officer at Zenefits.

How to Choose the Best Embedded Analytics Solution to Modernize Your Application

If you are looking to modernize your application to improve competitiveness, then one of the quickest wins you can have is to embed sophisticated analytics that will wow your existing and prospective customers.

So you’ve been promoted to Head of Product. What to start doing now.

The Product Coalition

Congratulations on your promotion! Transitioning to Head of Product can be daunting at first, shifting focus from feature sets and user… Continue reading on ». product-management product leadership startup ux

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Cambridge University Lectures Online Until Summer 2021

Business of Software Conference

Cambridge University lectures online until summer 2021. This is a big move by one of the leading universities in the world and exemplifies the effect that crises can have in enforcing and driving through change in this case digital transformation.

How Can You Add Value to Your Business by Developing an App?

The Product Coalition

The number of apps in the Google Play Store is 2.87 Million and 2.2 Million apps in the Apple app store. This shows the demand for apps in the market. Does it make you think do I need one for my business as well? If yes, the thought came very late.

The Hardest Question SaaS CEOs and Leaders Have to Face Now


I don’t know about you but life these days is confusing. Every week is full of mixed signals. Case counts are dropping in some places. And they are flaring up in others. Therapies look promising. Until they don’t. The stock market is soaring. Yet unemployment is too.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

29. Here’s why you need a technical backlog

The Product Coalition

Product owners and their development teams always face the same problem: the product owner advocates for new features, while the developers demand time for refactoring. The technical part often gets neglected, causing technical debt to pile up.

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3 Ways Gainsight PX Drove In-App Engagements for Pulse Everywhere


Resourcefulness has become a business imperative. As we began planning for Pulse Everywhere , the virtual version of our annual Pulse conference, we knew how important it was that we do our best to capture the feeling of the live experience.

Agile Movers & Shakers (6)

The Product Coalition

The Agile Movers & Shakers Interview w/ Christiaan Verwijs & Barry Overeem Today we welcome Christiaan Verwijs & Barry Overeem.

Agile 78

Spring Release 2020

AB Tasty

We're thrilled to introduce some cutting-edge, AI-powered functionalities as part of our Spring Release. This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as Spring Release 2020. Uncategorized AI & Automation Personalization

The Product Manager's Guide to Retention

This book walks through multiple aspects of retention, including why it’s so important, how to best measure it, and how to set goals for the different stages of retention. It also provides strategies for improving retention across the customer journey.

How we managed to bring down the bounce rate of mobile traffic from 61% to 22%

The Product Coalition

Explore Miroverse, the new Community Templates Gallery


Explore Miroverse, the new Community Templates GalleryEvery day, Miro users are creating and collaborating in ways we’d never dreamed up. It’s only by seeing all these projects in the wild we get a glimpse into the possibilities.

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Digital Acceleration & Amplitude?s Funding Milestone


Despite these turbulent times, Amplitude has reached a milestone achieved by only.00006% of startups: After raising our Series E round, Amplitude has now joined the unicorn club.

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How to build excellent products in the age of remote work


COVID-19 has forced product managers to suddenly figure out how to work remotely. In many cases, it has not been an easy transition for this multifaceted and cross-functional role.

Just launched! 2020 Customer Education Benchmarks and Trends Report

Based on a survey of more than 250+ external education teams, Skilljar has compiled this report on current trends including budgets, integrations, team structure, and more. In this report, see how companies across a variety of industries are building, optimizing, and measuring their training programs.