Sun.Nov 20, 2022

SUNDAY REWIND: Mastering the problem space for product/market fit by Dan Olsen

Mind the Product

This week’s Sunday rewind is Dan Olsen’s talk from mtpcon San Francisco on mastering the problem space for product/market fit. In it, Dan, author of The Lean Product Playbook, tackles the key components of product/market fit and how to achieve it.

Conversations with Chief Innovators: Bialek

Modus Create

Welcome to Conversations with Chief Innovators, in which our CEO Pat Sheridan discusses innovation in business with transformational leaders across industries. In the fourth episode, we bring you Raj Banga , Director of Technology Innovation at Bialek Environments. Watch the full episode below.


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Annualized Contract Value: What Is It, How To Calculate It & How To Increase ACV in SaaS


Did you know that Annualized Contract Value (ACV) is one of the most critical yet underlooked SaaS metrics? SaaS companies try to monitor a lot of metrics. However, it also makes it easy to overlook important metrics while focusing on vanity metrics.

Data Science Product Management 202: Intermediate Concepts

The Product Coalition

Lessons about Building AI/ML & Data Science Products Continue reading on Product Coalition ». startup data-science entrepreneurship machine-learning product-management

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

10 Real-Time Customer Engagement Techniques That Drive Loyalty and Retention


In today’s world, real-time customer engagement is one of the most important ways to ensure continued business growth and customer success. Real-time customer engagement refers to the ability to provide contextually relevant interactions at the speed the customer wants you to.

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Marketing Roadmap: The Product Marketing Manager Guide to Success


How do you design a marketing roadmap that structures your project and keeps your team organized through the marketing lifecycle? A high-level strategic plan is the life force of a successful product marketing campaign.

Here’s how Labnol founder generates $10M/year in revenue with 0 employees


There is a founder who is doing $10M/year in revenue with 0 employees. Business: Google add-ons. Traffic: 5M visits/month. Installs: 40M. Here’s the breakdown of his business: 1/ The founder @labnol: • First professional blogger in India. Builds add-ons for Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Only full-time employee. Little competition as super-niche. Customers include LinkedIn, Disney, and the US Embassy. 2/ In 2004, Amit quit his tech job and started blogging to promote his skills.

How to Digitize Customer Experience For Your Product: Best Practices and Examples


Customer experience is so important for product growth and retention. How do you make sure you’re delivering the best of the best? Digitize customer experience to meet customers where they are – online.