Fri.Jul 12, 2019

Can Product Culture Save Media? by Anita Zielina

Mind the Product

Anita Zielina’s keynote at this year’s MTP Engage Hamburg addresses the question of whether “product culture” can save the media industry.

The Write Stuff: Using Software Analytics to Educate Customers


There’s nothing like the power of the pen. Or, in the digital era, there might be nothing as convincing as words created by computer pixels. For software companies, the influence of words lies in the content created to educate customers on how to make the most of their products.

Mid-July Product Update


We’ve launched some features that we think you’ll love! Take a look at our mid-July updates and announcements: New Funnel Builder Features. Introducing Historical Funnels. Print Mode for Reporting. …and product enhancements! At Indicative, we value our customers’ feedback.

Join us for productboard’s July Happy Hour in San Francisco!


You’re invited to productboard’s monthly Happy Hour in San Francisco! Join us Thursday, July 25th at our office on Market Street for summer BBQ, craft beer, and networking! RSVP now. This month we will host a round table discussion on Product Excellence. Come ready to share your thoughts on what makes products excellent as well as some examples of your favorite products! Source. Company

The Product Growth Engine

Speaker: Dave Martin, Founder, Right to Left

How do you create sustainable growth? Do your product and feature releases achieve the desired results? In this talk, Dave Martin, founder at Right To Left, will explore how human bias repeatedly hinders product success and causes teams to miss out on their potential.

Chapter 6/17 -How to define MVP

The Product Coalition

Chapter 6/17 -How to define MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Previous : Chapter 5?—?How How to Create Unique Value Proposition for your Product? Next: Chapter 7?—?Writing Writing User Stories [Back to- Product Management 101 ] MVP is all about solving the problem by the most basic solution.

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Chapter 8/17 : How to Test & Validate MVP

The Product Coalition

Chapter 8/17 : How to Test & Validate MVP Prev : Chapter 7?—?How How to write User Stories? Next : Chapter 9?—?How How to design great UX?—?Fundamentals Fundamentals of Product Design [Back to- Product Management 101 ] Once you have defined the MVP, it’s time to test the MVP with your customers.

Chapter 9/17 : How to design great UX? Fundamentals of design

The Product Coalition

Chapter 9/17 : How to design great UX? Fundamentals of design Previous : Chapter 8?—?How How to Test & Validate MVP? Next : Chapter 10?—?How

UX 78

Chaoter 11/17 : How to conduct Usability Testing?

The Product Coalition

Chaoter 11/17 : How to conduct Usability Testing? Prev : Chapter 10?—?How How to run Design Sprint Next : Chapter 12?—?How How to develop Product Roadmap [Back to content page ?—? Product Management 101 ] As a Product Manager, it is critical to understand how users would interact with the product?—?How