Wed.Nov 15, 2017

Sprint Review Tips for Product Owners

Roman Pichler

Involve the Right People. Collecting feedback from the right people is crucial to make the right product decisions: If you invite the wrong individuals or if key people are missing, then you are unlikely to receive the feedback you need.

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How to Hire the Perfect Product Management Contractor – Webinar

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We are announcing our next Product Management Webinar, don’t miss your chance to learn all about the value of adding a Product Management Contractor and the best ways to make the hiring process an efficient success. How to Hire the Perfect Product Management or Product Marketing Contractor Hosted by AIPMM, featuring Brian Lawley Friday, December 1st, 9 AM Pacific Time Are you ready to finally get the right person for the job, without the headache? You’ll learn step-by-step on how.[continue

Market Definition and Sizing

Under10 Playbook

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain, American author and humorist. Sizing a market opportunity has always been problematic.

Advice on Building Great Products from Folks Who’ve Actually Done It


Today, every company has to be a product company. In the old days, you could dominate by owning distribution or by spending the most on marketing and advertising. You could win with scale and cut off your competition that way.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Basic dashboards used to be enough to thrill end users. But over time, modern capabilities have emerged—and bare-minimum features are no longer cutting it. How have analytics changed? And where do your BI offerings fall? Find out sophisticated ways to future-proof your application. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Daniel Harvey – User Research When Your Customers are not Your Users

Mind the Product

The trash heap of history is littered with the corpses of unicorns. Most companies talk a good game of customer centricity and design, but aren’t doing the hard part: user research. The Cult of the Designer. Design’ as a concept is now widely discussed and debated without real understanding of what it actually means. At the core of this disconnect is business’ “Henry Ford mentality” of not asking what the customer actually wants.

More on Product Management Roles

Under10 Playbook

And now for something completely different. part 2. Allan Neil of Ready Product Radio challenged me to debate my pal Saeed Khan on the topic: Is the product owner role separate from product manager or are they the same?

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


productboard, the all-in-one product management solution, launched today on Product Hunt the Portal, an all-new interface that bridges the divide between the product teams and marketplace. productboard Portal enables product managers to get the pulse of their customers. Since the dawn of their profession, product managers have been charged with investing limited resources into building the right. Source. Company