Mon.Oct 18, 2021

What metrics are the most important for your product?

Inside Intercom

The SaaS industry is full of advice on the perfect product metrics to gauge your users’ activation, engagement, and interactions. But how do these concepts translate into real product improvements?

How Can Product Managers Capture Frugal Customers?

The Accidental Product Manager

When customers cut back on spending, product managers have to go to work Image Credit: The arrival of the Covid-19 virus has upended the lives of most of our customers. Many people have lost their jobs and just about everyone has been forced to stay home.


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SaaS Growth: Metrics, Strategies, And Trends – The Ultimate Guide For 2021


How can you influence SaaS growth? To answer this question (and take action), you basically need three things: Metrics – so you know how fast is your SaaS growing and what do you need to do to improve the growth rate.

A Framework for Decision Driven Research


A UXR-tested and approved framework for doing more focused and impactful user research to enable better, more efficient decision-making

The Practical Guide to Using a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics

Read about real-life examples and see quantifiable results by leveraging a semantic layer to unlock data for AI & BI at scale.

Building an MVP for Early Stage Startups with Kaustubh of Spark Studio #FWDRadio


Kaustubh shares his views on how early stage startups should go about building an MVP in the most low-friction manner possible. Kaustubh Khade is the Co-Founder at Spark Studio. He was earlier Associate Vice President and Director of Product Management at Byju’s.

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Getting Started with XState, React and Typescript (Part 2)

Modus Create

In part 1 , you learned about the concepts behind state machines, how to create a basic working machine using XState, and integrate that into a React component. In the second part, we will make our traffic light run automatically and turn it ON and OFF.

Beating the drum of your product strategy tune by Megan Murphy

Mind the Product

In this keynote from #mtpengage Hamburg 2021, Megan Murphy, VP Product at Hotjar, shares how she communicates and enforces Hotjar’s product strategy in her day-to-day work.