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How to Create a Mobile App Marketplace like Airbnb

The Product Coalition

The concept of ‘sharing is caring’ is relatively new, but trendy and its popularity has skyrocketed recently. Since everything has moved online in 2020 as you probably know, such services have become the best place to find what you need or lend something that you don’t.

Building An Accidental Business | Cesar Kuriyama | BoS USA 2019

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Cesar Kuriyama // 1 Second Everyday.


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Future of Healthcare Applications in the Clinic Industry

The Product Coalition

Through the form of mobile applications, healthcare technology enables users to keep informed of their body, alert ailment’s symptoms, and offer the highest quality of healthcare services.

5 Critical Product Manager Skills For Extreme Success + How to Master Them. Interview with Shobhit Chugh – Ex-Google Product Manager helping PMs Fast-Track Their Career


So you are a Product Manager. Have you thought what skills do you need to succeed at your career though? Shobhit Chugh – Ex-Google Product Manager helping PMs fast-track their career – says it’s time to treat your career like a product!

Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide - A Product Manager’s Handbook

Adding embedded analytics to your software doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. This guide is the perfect companion for SaaS product managers. It will walk you through the process of choosing the right analytics provider step by step.

Customer Onboarding: Ten Product Development Lessons You Can Learn from Heineken

The Product Coalition

How Heineken and xDesign Applied Customer Research and User Testing Techniques to Build Digital Services Continue reading on Product Coalition

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The 10 Books Every Product Manager Should Read

The Product Coalition

Building a value-driven mindset will put you on a successful path as a Product Manager. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». startup software-development agile leadership product-management

Books 91

Profile: MaryAlexa Divver, Director of Product at Public


Name: MaryAlexa Divver Role: Director of Product Company: Public What’s the best way to keep your team motivated? Consistent and in-the-moment feedback. I have regular touch bases with people on and off my team but I think feedback in the moment ends up being the most impactful.

Tackling the Product Growth Question

The Product Coalition

Using Data to Decide What to Build Next for Spotify Radio Continue reading on Product Coalition ». data-science product-analytics ux startup product-management

UX 91

Are Distributors The Future Of Distribution?

Forrester's Customer Insights

I made a prediction in January of 2018 that IT distributor disruption would continue. It was obvious that industry consolidation was accelerating, major distributors were diversifying, and private equity was getting more interested in transforming the industry.

B2B 47

Product Management: Guide to Thriving as a Product Manager

As more organizations move from project to product thinking, Product Managers are occupying increasingly crucial roles. Download this guide to learn tips and strategies that will help you grow into a strong Product Manager and thrive in the position.

Product Bugs: A Comprehensive Guide?—?Bug Reporting [Part 3]

The Product Coalition

Product Bugs: A Comprehensive Guide?—?Bug Bug Reporting [Part 3] This is Part 3 of a comprehensive guide to product bugs. This part of the guide focuses on product bug reports. It provides templates and examples that you can take and apply straight away.

Virtual collaboration tips to fire up your remote team


Remote work at its best is amazing. The productivity is sky-high, zero morning traffic jam, better flexibility — not to mention casual Friday every day. In fact, remote work is proving so popular; it’s risen 44% over the past five years. And it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

7 Ways API & SDK Solutions Help Product Managers Move Faster

The Product Coalition

Today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape favors short feedback loops and requires roadmap flexibility to pivot and solve customers’ most pressing problems as they arise. As a result, the best product managers thrive on their ability to move quickly, minimizing time to market for feature releases.

10 best podcasts for product managers in 2021


In a recent article, I shared my favorite product management-related reads. But while nothing beats a good book, what about those times when you want a quick fix of product wisdom on the go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Books 57

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

Curated Content – A low down of news and views from the month of February

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Regular BoS Newsletter readers will be familiar with our “Curated Content” section. Every week we collate the most interesting stories from the SaaS world and send them to out in our Newsletter. We know our community of SaaS founders are busy – they don’t have time to scour the internet for niche software news and articles all the time. That’s why we do it for them. If you want to join this community of very clever people you can sign up here.

Conversations in Tech: Journey of the UX Writer


Introducing Conversations in Tech. The growth of the tech industry has created various new roles in recent years. For example, new specializations like user experience (UX) researchers , UX writers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, etc.

ProductPlan vs. Roadmunk


Why Do You Need Roadmapping Software? Roadmapping software has emerged as a core need for the modern product manager.

ONE THING on Far Out!

Product Culture

How far out should your roadmap go? Generally, the pace of change and development is directly related to your product’s stage of life and the maturity of its market.

Re-Thinking Translation for Business Growth in a Digital-First World

Effective localization is critical to business expansion. But traditional translation processes can't keep pace with today's agile, omnichannel realities. Read our eBook to discover the limitless possibilities uncovered by agile translation management.

ProductPlan vs. Roadmunk


Why Do You Need Roadmapping Software? Roadmapping software has emerged as a core need for the modern product manager.