Fri.Oct 04, 2019

Justify Your Product Decisions and Get Stakeholder Buy-in by Teresa Torres

Mind the Product

In this closing keynote from #mtpcon San Francisco , product discovery coach Teresa Torres shares her insights on how product managers can co-create solutions with stakeholders and better manage expectations. Teresa starts by pointing out that we all find comfort in getting the right answer.

Learning from Failure: Product Manager Style

The Product Coalition

Every seasoned product professional knows that success only comes after a series of failures. To innovate, we have to try new things, not knowing 100% if they will work or not. We should embrace failure, and that starts with learning from error. When Products Fail Every PMs worst nightmare!

Why All Free Plans Are Not Created Equally


SaaS free plans. If you’ve been shopping around for a customer analytics program, you’ve probably noticed that many companies offer a Free plan. Free plans allow you to see how a product works with your data and what insights you can gain from your data.

Product Operations: Why Now?


We’ve all heard of sales ops, marketing ops, revenue ops, and DevOps. These operations functions have been prevalent in the B2B SaaS tech space for what seems like forever. Now there’s a new ops role on the block: product ops.

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How to Apply Best Practices from Site Reliability Engineering in Your Organization

Speaker: Liz Fong-Jones, Principal Developer Advocate,

Modern software organizations build increasingly complex distributed systems with many moving parts. As senior software leaders, we often struggle with noisy alerts, grumbling between Dev and DevOps, slow incident resolution and many other related pain points. It’s hard to figure out what to do with this increasingly difficult problem, yet it’s clearly our responsibility to deliver features and production quality. We are excited to be joined by Liz Fong-Jones, who has a deep understanding of what it takes to implement SRE-type practices in many different kinds of organizations. She brings together a picture and set of practices under the umbrella of Production Excellence that provides a clear and practical plan for senior software leaders.

Why are some Sprint Retrospectives so safe?

The Product Coalition

‘The dog ate my homework’ and the other awesome reasons that sprint goals aren’t achieved. Picture: A genuine retrospective being held somewhere right now. It’s the end of the Sprint and your team has just finished the Sprint Review.

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You Do Not Need User Stories

The Product Coalition

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Software Piracy in China


China’s reputation for its heavy use of pirated software is well established. According to the latest Revulytics Compliance Intelligence data, China topped our list of Top 20 license misuse and piracy hotspots.

Understand Your Competition

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Dear Strategy 096: Communicating Both The “Why” and The “What”

Dear Strategy

This week’s question is… Dear Strategy: “How do you build a strategy that all levels of an organization can participate in and support – making sure to communicate the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’?”. Read The Full Blog Post. Subscribe to Our Mailing List.

The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics

By embedding predictive analytics, you can future-proof your application and give users sophisticated insights. The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics has everything you need to get started, including real-world examples, steps to build your models, and solutions to common data challenges.

Don't ask users what they want

The Product Coalition

You must be wondering what this topic is all about. I mean, don't ask users what they want? But how will the product team know what users want and what to build for them? But relax, read and let’s see if you agree with me or not. So I say again Don’t ask customers what they want.

Why Human Skills Are Increasing in Value

The Product Coalition

Tech is cool. Everyone in product can agree on that. We’re taking technology to new heights, always innovating and making life easier, healthier, cheaper, and more fun for millions of people.

About Product Management at large organizations

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Keeping Product Managers relevant & aligned helps ensure the growth of the organization Continue reading on ». startup management-and-leadership process product-management business-strategy