Mon.Jan 17, 2022

If You Don’t Plan Your Time, Someone Else Will

Nir Eyal

Most people are stingy with their money and generous with their time. We cut coupons, split checks, and debate whether we should buy a 99-cent app. However, when it comes to our time and attention, we give it away to anyone who wants it without thinking twice.

QUICK READ: How do you innovate in a risk-averse environment?

Mind the Product

Enterprise businesses are often risk-averse, making it challenging for a product manager trying to innovate. How do you work around the problem? How do you learn to sell the dream and encourage your risk-averse stakeholders to innovate with you? [.]


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Product Managers Guide to API Developer Portal UX

The Product Coalition

Compass for new product managers for how to build an API developer portal | Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash With APIs-as-a-Product on a rocketship since 2005, there are many elements that product managers need to master in their Developer persona user experience (Dx) to win and protect their business.

UX 122

368: An example of engineering a disruptive product – with Konrad Heimpel

Product Innovation Educators

Lessons from disrupting the insurance industry – for product managers. Today we are talking about creating disruptive products that challenge existing industries. A classic example of this is the digital camera that disrupted the film industry and contributed to the collapse of Kodak.

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

API Monetisation: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

The Product Coalition

How your business makes money from its API is known as API monetisation and, it turns out, having a clear approach to API monetisation is essential for any API, in any situation, in any organisation.

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Quantifying Product/Market Fit

The Product Coalition

Product Can you tell if your product is on the right track? It’s easy to answer whether you have a product/market fit: can the revenue your customers pay for your product sustain (or even grow) your business?

User journey mapping: a complete guide (Examples and FREE Templates)

UXCam Bluespace

Learn experience mapping basics and benefits using templates and examples with mixed-methods UX researcher Alice Ruddigkeit.

UX 77

Behavioral Science is Product Management

Feedback Loop

Kristen Berman is the CEO and co-founder of Irrational Labs. “We We should study what people do versus what they say,” says Kristen Berman, the CEO, and co-founder of Irrational Labs, a behavioral economics consulting design and research firm.

What we’ve learnt

Business of Software Conference

We asked you our loyal BoS community members what measures we should put in place to make you feel more comfortable about returning to in-person conferencing in 2022.

Knowing What Products Not to Build: A Case Study With NBC Universal

Knowing what not to build is just as important as what to build when it comes to product development. Learn how NBC Universal saved millions by knowing what not to build and created a more cohesive customer experience with Feedback Loop.

The 'As the World Churns' Customer Success Podcast is Live


The genesis for our new podcast, "As the World Churns " is two-fold: Saving a customer from the dark depths of churn can feel like melodrama. News & Announcements


Top 9 Product Onboarding Best Practices for 2022


When designing an onboarding system , it’s more efficient to look at the product onboarding best practices established by other businesses than it is to try to do it all alone.